Name and Format: Jazz Cremoso n.8 (T-Svapo) – E-liquid 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 200211

Nico: 4.5 mg/ml

Used Base: 47.5 PG / 47.5 VG / 5 H2O

Expiry date: 01/2023

Devices: Asmodus Mini Minikin 50 W + Aspire Nautilus 2s with coil 0.7 ohm

We unveiled it just a few days ago, for 2020 such a special and incredible year, the team of The Flavourist decided to propose a Special Edition of the annual Italian Vape E-liquid Award, dedicating it to the tobacco e-liquids. The name chosen for this special edition is somewhat evocative, if we want a good omen so that the health emergency that involved the entire planet can cease soon: #VITA Prize, or Vape Italian Tobacco Award (VITA in italian means LIFE).

For today’s review I decided to talk about a new tobacco manufactured by the historic Lazio company T-Svapo, a name that certainly needs no introduction in Italy especially for those who, like myself, have a nearly ten-year vaping experience.

The range of T-Svapo products is very wide, both for the flavors offered and for the formats, ranging from the classic concentrated aroma in 10 ml bottles, to the Mix&Vape e-liquids, to the shot series aromas to end with the classic e-liquids ready to vape. Today I will concentrate on the test of an e-liquid ready to vape in the 10 ml TPD format, Jazz Cremoso n. 8. The packaging of the product is particularly pleasant and original, as well as complete and perfect are the information from any point of view, with a drawing of watercolor spots on dark pink shades present both on the label of the smoked bottle, and on the cardboard box that houses the bottle itself.

Directly from T-Svapo official website, I report below the description of Jazz Cremoso n.8:

Un morbido tabacco avvolto da cioccolato, nocciola e arachidi

A soft tobacco wrapped in chocolate, hazelnut and peanuts


The smell test begins with a pleasant scented mix of peanuts and hazelnuts that emerges with good intensity from a shy tobacco background. The tobacco base seems to emerge in a discreet way and appears far from intrusive. It is the creamy and dried fruit structure that, in terms of intensity, wins the nasal test, even if to be honest, there is never the feeling of imbalance between the tobacco base and the other ingredients of the mix. Overall it seems to me that I am in front of a medium intensity liquid but at the same time quite harmonious.

For the vape test I decided to use the atomizer with headcoil that better than anyone else can reveal the characteristics of a synthetic tobacco with a rather complex aromatic structure: I am obviously referring to the best-selling and highly reliable Aspire Nautilus 2s.


On inspiration, the tobacco base is easily perceptible and stands out for its linearity and extreme aromatic cleanliness. It is a soft base with a delicate floral-like note, ideal for welcoming the support of the flavoring components of the recipe, which on the contrary are more enveloping and full. This fusion makes this e-juice a true flavored and creamy tobacco and it can be noticed without difficulty from the first puffs.

The tobacco bed is wrapped in the heart of the puff by a tasty mix of hazelnuts and, secondly, peanuts. The hazelnut component provides a touch of dryness to the Jazz Cremoso structure, while the peanuts contribute to the amalgam of the bouquet, providing a more sweet, round and particular tone to the blend.

The puff is full-bodied and makes harmony and balance its winning weapon, with a composed  and elegant impact on the palate.

A soft milk chocolate appears almost on tiptoe at the end of the puff and leaves its traces during the exhalation, supporting the return of tobacco with the right time. Of all the quartet elements of Jazz Cremoso, the chocolate in my opinion is the most shy element, it marks the times and rhythm of the band, it’s its touch that gives the creamy imprint to the whole mix, but honestly I would have slightly more present and enterprising favorite.

I am sure that the choice of the manufacturer in this sense is wanted, just to avoid running into the easy mistake of making the blend too sweet and kneaded. The choice of T-Svapo certainly goes in this direction: avoid the easy excitement for a too chocolatey e-juice to outline on the contrary a more stable and never tiring recipe.

In this sense T-Svapo offers an essay of all its many years of experience. Jazz Cremoso is a balanced and tasty tobacco e-juice and above all it is able to satisfy a wide range of palates. It is pleasant for both lovers of pure tobaccos, as the tobacco footprint is clear and easily perceptible, and for the vaper more prone to recipes in which tobacco is only one of the elements that accompanies other flavoring insertions. It may seem strange but it is so.

It satisfies, does not tire and releases a pleasant post-vaping sensation. Jazz Cremoso: those like it call them all-day e-juices, but it is a little more than the others…

Pro: A deeply harmonious synthetic flavored tobacco suitable for an all day vape

Cons: The chocolate remains (intentionally?) in the background


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