Name and Format: Joshua (Sang Real by Angolo della Guancia) – Concentrated aroma 20 ml – distributed by Svapodromo

Batch: 75302

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 01/2022

Devices: Kizoku Kirin tube mod + Kizoku limit MTL RTA single coil 1.2 ohm (Nichrome 80 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

In January, we inaugurated the 2020 e-liquid reviews with the big news of the new brand Sang Real, born from the collaboration between the manufacturing company Angolo della Guancia and the well-known distribution brand Svapodromo. Sang Real is a line of three flavored extracted tobacco aromas: Josephes, Joshua and Tamar. The format in which they are marketed is the classic shot format 20 + 40, 20 ml of aroma inside a 60 ml chubby gorilla bottle. 40 ml of base will be added to the aroma (at the discretion of the user, the nicotine presence) to obtain the liquid ready to vape in the recommended composition VPG 50/50. The graphics of the labels are very accurate, made in an elegant fantasy-vintage style.

After talking to you about Josephes, today I am ready to deal with Joshua, described in this way on the official distributor’s website:

Joshua, il primogenito. Tenebroso come il Kentucky, speziato come un ricco American Blend, tagliente con le sue note aspre e piccante come lo zenzero. Non lascia spazio alla dolcezza, nel suo sangue scorre l’Audacia.

Joshua, the eldest son. Dark as Kentucky, spicy as a rich American Blend, sharp with its sour and spicy notes like ginger. It leaves no room for sweetness, Audacity flows in its blood.


Ginger is the predestined protagonist of the smell examination, its energy is released when the bottle is opened, making itself appreciated for its highly stimulating aroma. Some harsher notes are added to the vivid cues of ginger, in a general picture that tends to hide the tobacco structure of this e-liquid. I have to let a few minutes pass, necessary to get my nostrils used to the hints in the foreground, before I can perceive in the background slight shades of leather, which clearly recall the presence of Kentucky tobacco.

Unlike what happened in the Josephes smell test, in the case of Joshua, the sense of smell is all the preserve of the flavoring element of the e-liquid, unequivocal and brazen. On the other hand, it was difficult to imagine a different scenario in the presence of such a lively and impertinent ingredient like ginger.

I therefore expect that in the decisive vape test the balance will change, showing deeper and clearer tobacco footprints.


After the usual tests with three or four different atomizers, I decided to carry out the official test of Joshua with the Kizoku Limit MTL RTA. It is rare that I spend so much on an atomizer, but in this case I make an exception, strongly reaffirming what has already been said in the product review: it is an unbeatable atom for its value for money.

The vaping opens on inspiration with a short but intense note of leather that immediately brings the recipe on a more tobacco-like track than the smell test. In this note I recognize the prowess of a good Kentucky tobacco, although the smoky shades that usually characterize it are almost imperceptible.

To the shady hints of tanning, I can perceive in the central phase of the puff, energetic nuances of ginger, undoubtedly the main ingredient of this blend. It is a spicy ginger, very lively and also stimulating what is affirmed at each puff of Joshua. Natural and sweet, unusually sweet. In fact, the particularity of Joshua (and perhaps also its only small defect) lies in the fact that it presents a very harmonious ensemble between tobacco and flavoring elements, which stands out for its incredible roundness of taste. Yet there is ginger, some would rightly say… But Joshua’s ginger is substantially devoid of its hotness part to the full advantage instead of its exotic tones.

I reread for a moment the official description of the product and find that Joshua’s tobacco score would be composed not only byKentucky tobacco, but also by a classic American blend (Virginia, Burley and Oriental) and I guess that probably the presence of these types of tobaccos, although not directly recognizable in vape, contributed greatly to smoothing the spicy nuances of ginger, while leaving intact the aromatic intensity that we all know.

At the end of the puff, both in exhalation and in the light but very pleasant aromatic after vape persistence, delicate vegetal hints and a very light smoked puff touch the palate intersecting once again with the spicy vaulting of ginger.

The taste buds and palate remain perfectly clean with Joshua, always ready to face a new tasty and vibrant puff.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 2-3 days

Pro: Lively and fresh combination of ginger, Kentucky and the tobaccos of an American blend. Perfect for a summer vape

Cons: The spicy note of ginger is missing.