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Name e Format:  Kentucky linea V by Black Note (Vaporificio & Black Note) – Aroma concentrato 10 ml – ricevuto dal produttore


Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Tesla stealth 40w + eXpromizer 3.0 0.98 omh (Kantal A1 27 AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

We return after a short period of absence to talk about aromas born between one of the currently most successful transoceanic collaborations we speak of Vaporificio Italian manufacturer who has received the burden of producing a line of tobaccos macerated directly from Black known American producer, from their collaboration great aromas were born that we have reconsidered in the past months, it is single tabaccchi no blend or mix. The natural tobacco through processes is cold extracted and bottled to consume to taste it with its unique characters without any contamination.

It seemed important to us to go back to talking about this line in a blatant way and we will do it by going to present one of the most beloved and most appreciated tobaccos in the world of Italian vaping, we will talk about Kentucky today. We all know that Kentucky is the symbol of one of the most popular cigars in the world, we talk about the Tuscan cigar full of tradition and taste, it is precisely this that we expect a unique and overwhelming taste that is substituted by the anological counterpart.

The aroma that comes to us in a 10 ml bottle, the colors of the labels, as we are accustomed by the producers, is perfectly connected to the type of aroma we are facing, the bottle wrapped in a light brown label reference to the Tuscan cigar. Here is the name and recommended dilution percentage: we speak 10%, with a maturation time of about 10/15 days. The result after mixing and after 15 days of waiting, is a dark liquid but not too much, a light and delicate brown, surely we aspired a more incisive color.

black note

This is the description given to us by the producers:

“Toscano” cigar is born from his “majesty” the fire cured Kentucky of the Toscana hils. It’s large leaves are dried through dense oak wood smoke , which releases a smoky, robust aroma with full and fragrant taste.

The description that the producer attaches to his liquid is really interesting and puts us in front of what will be the liquid in all its aspects and conveys the great passion that is behind its aroma, as mentioned before Kentucky, tobacco, unique and used for “the Tuscan” is cured by fire through smoking, this gives us hope for the proof of vaporization, we certainly expect a strong taste, concrete with overwhelming smoky fringes.

So we arrive at the olfactory test that immediately reveals itself in a very decisive manner, among the “fumes” that come out of the bottle you can find the only sensations of when you open a box of “Toscani” so below our nose is not found plus a plastic bottle, but the classic cigar that with decisive and almost intimidating lashes gives us its aromatic qualities. As suddenly we find ourselves in the place of smoking and burning notes accompany us in the path of care to which the leaves are subjected. Oak wood gives strength to a truly harmonious aromatic ensemble.

After a delicious olfactory test we pass with a fair load of expectations to the olfactory test. A quick refill and it starts. From the first puff we notice something that catches us by surprise: the aromatic charge is much lighter than the flavors we found in our initial test. In the initial phase the steam emerges with its creamy dryness in a very rich way the smoking is present but it poses in a delicate way almost touches us. The darker and more decisive part gives way to vegetal notes that lighten the aromatic intensity ulvers. Surely it is in the purpose of the producer to create a well-balanced and well-balanced liquid suitable for a daily vaping without exaggerating, allowing us to fully enjoy even the most delicate notes of the tobacco we are talking about. In fact, the final result is really aromatic, different from what we expected but still rich. The contestants in the game are well aromonized and complement each other the hardness given by the care to fire is heightened by its aromatic load by raising the part from the vegetal and green calls of the leaf, concedondoci after several decisive lashings alternated with more delicate lashes. In the final part of the svapata, however, the protagonist remains the dry component that dries out the taste buds after a delicate Kentucky drizzle.

As already mentioned, the Kentucky is used for the production of the Tuscan in this case instead the producer wants us to know the nature of these leaves as a whole and does so by slightly hiding its explosive force to leave room for delicately aromatic and dry notes.

kentucky foglie

The test also for this product has been carried out for several ml, here as we expected the duration of the coil was much lower than the products of the line the first aroma deception we perceived around 10 ml that made it necessary to perform a new regeneration.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: 10/15 gg

ico 4

Pro: A really well-balanced eliquid suitable for all tastes..

Con: .. maybe we will have preferred a small dose of “malice” more.