E-liquid review: Key West Sunset (Kind Juice) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 1063

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 100% VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Hcigar VTinbox + Maze V2 RDA dual coil 0.35 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50mm) with japanese organic cotton.

Kind Juice is a Floridian brand specialized in the production of high quality e-liquids using exclusively natural extracts and ingredients. In Italy this brand is virtually unknown, since it’s not present in the usual distribution channels which distribute the  e-juices from overseas in our country. Abroad, especially in the UK and of course in North America, Kind Juice is not only a well-known a brand but also a brand with an excellent reputation.

The picture below shows the general characteristics of their e-liquids; Personally I can tell you that among all the liquids and brands I have tried, Kind Juice is definitely the most green brand I have ever encountered. All Kind Juice products (100% max VG) are obtained by extracting the ingredients from their natural referent – fruit, plant or whatever – Glycerin itself is guaranteed 100% natural and it is produced from plants grown without any pesticide and extracted without chemical solvents.

Reassuring premise for anyone who wants to approach the world of vaping in the cleanest and healthiest way. And what abut the taste?


Directly from their main line called Nectars, today we will talk about Key West Sunset:

This is not your average Peach vape juice. On first vape you will taste the flesh of the plump southern peach, then comes the juicy pulp in the middle, finally as you exhale you taste the difference in peach as you get closer to the pit. For dessert, touch your lips together for a little candied sweetness.

Key West Sunset come in a 30 ml amber glass bottle with childproof cap and dropper beak. The label has a cute young and exotic style that recalls a forest and a tropical jungle and transmits quite well the sense of a natural product. The information on the bottle is quite generic and scarce: with regard to the ingredients, it tells that the liquid contains vegetable glycerin and concentrated aromas from botanical organic extracts.

The only warning information refers to the presence of nicotine. However, it indicates the nicotine level and the content in ml of the product. An expiration date is not indicated.


The olfactory test is more than satisfactory. Key West Sunset emanates a very inviting scent of true peach! Absolutely real and convincing also because it is perceived that the notes of the fruit are not accompanied by any flavor enhancer or sweetener: no trace of added sugars or anything else.

For the vape test I set up a dual coil Maze V2 RDA in bottom feeder. I choose a medium-low power of 35-38 watts with a good atom airiness and I immediately feel exactly what I perceived on the smell few minutes before: a pure, simple, true and juicy peach!

The palate is gently tinged with the scented and aromatic notes of the fruit and I find myself wrapped in an intense and greasy cloud. On the inhale the notes are slightly more pungent than in the heart of the puff, when the scent of the peach becomes overwhelmingly and much more pleasantly aromatic. The heart of the puff is an exciting sensory experience that can make us understand the essence of this fruit and its so peculiar flavor: a perfectly natural combination of sweetness (more pronounced) and acidity (just a hint). A perfect balance in which acidic hints and sugary notes blend and coexist, in the same way it happens while eating the king of summer fruits. A juicy pulp of a real peach.


Just try not to be conditioned and drift (I admit it, it happened to me in the first few moments) under the influence of that kind of peach that the modern western system has introduced and spread in our perception, so that it is now assimilated to “true” peach. I am referring to the industrial dietary and cosmetic flavoring, ranging from the most common juices, yogurts and personal hygiene products with peach aroma, which have nothing to do with the real fruit, except for some molecules (in particular Decalactone) easily perceived by our smell even at very low concentrations. This process has also culturally affected our real perception of the fruit, making us identify as peach, what is not peach at all.


A true peach is made of many odorous molecules and compounds combining together, each one with a specific aromatic contribution. A real peach is what you experience vaping Key West Sunset because it is obtained from with a natural, cold extraction process, that can preserve all the fruit properties without altering them.

If I have to find a flaw in this absolutely delicious e-liquid is in its aromatic persistence, which, in my opinion, is just sufficient. When you find something so good and “real” you may want to be comforted by a good aromatic persistence also in the aftertaste. It is also for this reason that I recommend tackling and enjoying Key West Sunset as a pure tasting e-liquid. Love it slowly with deep and airy breaths and let the unique taste of this fruit trigger your taste buds, while you watch the dense flashy clouds floating in the air.

ico 4

Pro: If you are looking for a real good 100% pure peach juice, you have found it.

Cons: The global vaping market has been demanding for quite some time now e-liquid-recipes, what unfortunately Key West Sunset is not.