Name: Kirin (Kizoku) – Pod Kit – received by Heavengifts

Type: Mechanical tube mod + disposable atomizer

Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Gold

Price: ~ € 45

Kirin, a pod kit with mechanical tube: just a product for the entry level market?

After the surprising dual use Limit atomizer, able to work both as RTA and with Aspire Nautilus premade coils, the Chinese company Vapeonly Technology created an entry level kit branded Kizoku, consisting of a mechanical tube and a disposable atomizer. The Kirin (the name is that of a creature from Chinese mythology), is a kit designed essentially for MTL vape and/or restricted flavor chasing, and aims to bring less experienced vaper closer to the use of mechanical tube, much appreciated by hard vapers.

Let’s start and take a look to the contents of the beautiful and accurate packaging.


1 x Tube mod
1 x Tank (1.2 ohm)
1 x Spare tank (0.5 ohm)
1 x 18650 extended tube
1 x 18350 battery
1 x Warranty card
1 x Manual


The Kirin tube is made entirely of 304 stainless steel and has a very compact and attractive design especially in the 18350 configuration. I know that the aesthetics of a product is a purely subjective matter, but I will not hide from you that the Kirin, in my opinion, especially in the mini version, it’s really beautiful. I think its workmanship is also excellent, no manufacturing imperfections, perfect tightening, fire button integrated in the tube structure, absolutely minimal and more precise and effective than ever. This tube has been well cared for in every detail and to be honest it does not seem at all a cheap tube of 35 euros (the kit is marketed around 45 euros), also because it must be considered that it is equipped with a mosfet and that it is supplied with an extension tube for 18650 batteries.

Even the Kirin tank, although it is a disposable product and which, except for its unscrewable base, is made of PCTG (Polycyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate modified with glycol), it seems to me well built and very well matched aesthetically to the tube; together they undoubtedly form a stylish and impressive pod kit.


Immediately some numbers on this kit: the tube, whose diameter is 24 mm, in configuration 18350 is 50 mm high and weighs only 50.5 g (just under 75 g with battery inserted); in 18650 configuration the tube height becomes 80 mm and the empty weight is slightly higher than 75 gr (120.5 gr with battery).

Overall, the kit in height measures just over 80 mm if used in the mini version and about 110 mm in the 18650 version. It is natural that the judgment on its portability depends strongly on its configuration, maximum in my opinion in the mini version, however good if used with 18650 batteries. The more than positive opinion that the Kirin deserves in terms of ergonomics is indisputable; the tube is extremely easy to grasp thanks to its small size and slightly flared shape.


The Kirin mod is a mechanical tube equipped with a mosfet which regulates the switching on/off (five close clicks) and which, thanks to the presence of a LED light (visible through three transversal slots on the tube body), provides information on the state of the battery charge (white for optimal charge, red for low charge). The base of the tube (see photo below) is adjustable (by unscrewing or screwing it) to optimize the battery housing inside the tube itself. The Kirin mod provides a constant output power of 3.5 volts.

The Kirin tank (2 ml capacity) is an atomizer that consists of a 304 steel base with air adjustment ring, a PCTG tank body with integrated resistance and a 510 drip tip with steel lower part and upper beak in delrin. The airflow system is very versatile and well made and can count on two slots of the size of about 8 x 1 mm. It is possible to use the Kirin airflow with single holes (from 1 to 5), or with the two air slots (which can also be completely partialized).

The e-liquid refill takes place from the bottom after having unscrewed the base of the atom and having removed the silicone cap. The hole for the refill is of medium size, comfortable enough for almost all types of bottles; in some cases it is necessary to tilt the tank slightly to avoid the bubbles air formation inside it. Ultimately I can say that this is a refill system in the market average even if it must be said that there are more practical and immediate systems.


The simplicity of use relating to this kit is very high. The tube does not require any type of operation except that of turning it on and/or off; for the tank it has just been said that the only minimal difficulty can be linked to the e-liquid refilling operations, to be carried out from the bottom, after removing the atomizer base. Nothing complicated for charity, but I repeat that on the market there are devices with easier refill systems. Maybe it’s the minimum price to pay for owning such a beautiful and impactful combo.


I tested both tanks supplied, using the mod in 18350 configuration and using the Vapcell 18350 1100 mAh battery supplied in the package.

Tank with mesh coil 0.5 ohm 

By virtue of the 3.5 volt constant output declared by the manufacturer, with the 0.5 ohm tank, the output power is 24.5 watts, an ideal power for restricted flavor chasing vape. Unfortunately, however, with this output power, the battery life appears rather limited and it is difficult to overcome the first e-liquid tank.

The single hole airflow can only be used with all five open holes, because the drip tip tends to heat species with a close puffs series. The ideal use is certainly with the the two air slots completely open, and in the latter case the vaping is satisfactory in my view. More than good hit and good steam production, however never too tending to fat.

During my tests I had the feeling that the mesh coil of this tank works better with e-liquid in VPG composition higher than 50/50; with slightly less dense liquids in fact, I periodically found after some puffs some residual liquid in the mouth. Finally speaking of aromatic performances, I must say that I found them good, in the sector average; for those who begin to vape without a doubt a commendable starting point.

Tank with vertical coil 1.2 ohm

With the 1.2 ohm tank, the Kirin’s output power is just over 10 watts. Unlike what was seen with the 0.5 ohm tank, in this case the 18350 battery manages to behave very well and allows to vape and overcome (even if only slightly) the threshold of 4 ml of e-liquid. The ideal airflow with this tank is undoubtedly the one with single holes and from the tests carried out I believe that the optimal setup is with 2-3 open holes (with 1 hole the drip tip tends to heat a bit). The puff is very silent and fluid and the hit is also very good.

The tank, however, needed a few milliliter running-in phase to be able to return a taste as clean and natural as possible, unfortunately missing during the first puffs, characterized by an unpleasant plastic aftertaste. At the end of the break-in, after about 1 ml of vaped e-liquid, the tank began to provide cleaner aromatic performances, restoring the flavors of the tested liquids fairly well. Ultimately the performance of the 1.2 ohm tank stands above the sufficiency but is still lower than that of the tank with the mesh coil.


A kit designed for the entry level segment of the market and for users who want to have a combination of great aesthetic impact. For long-term vaper, on the other hand, this kit offers a mechanical mod with mosfet, aesthetically and qualitatively of high value and which can count on a truly enviable value for money.

Recommended to: Newbies, skilled and hardcore vapers.

  • 9.5/10
    In the Box - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Ergonomics & Portability - 9.5/10
  • 8/10
    Functions & Performances - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Ease of use - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Atom & Flavor - 7/10

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