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E-liquid review: La Brune  – Bounty Hunter (Savourea) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 1510301

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 06/2019

Devices: Rx200 + DDP Thyphon singlecoil 0,18 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

La Brune by Bounty Hunter brand, produced in France by Savourea, is the product of today’s review of The Flavorist.

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La Brune:

La Brune nous offre des notes robustes et légères, florales et sucrées, d’un envoûtement sensuel.

La Brune offers robust and light notes, floral and sweet, with a sensual spell.

The packaging of the product complies with current European regulations. A standard for Savourea, as for other brands that want to operate on the UE market. Stylistically discreet and moderately elegant. Not a huge appeal perhaps.

la brune

The olfactory examination of La Brune does not offer particularly brilliant cues. A strong scent of juniper berry blends into basic herbaceous notes. There are no floral or sweet accents noticed by the manufacturer’s description. A pleasant scent that seems to hide a background of talc and caramel.

But let’s go live today’s review. During suction, the mouthpiece is dry and pervaded by a pleasant, warm and vaguely woody body. A thin simulation of tobacco that lets you see aromatics related to leather. They are instant in which the sum of these ingredients undoubtedly makes justice to the tabaic profile of La Brune. In exhalation, however, the presence of juniper is more pronounced. Juniper berries. Ingredient always used in tobacco to simulate a softer, dry mouth. Intriguing in taste. Penetrating in perfume. Ingredient well tanned by the manufacturer.

bacche di ginepro

The balance of the ingredients is excellent and leaves some additional aromatic stimuli linked to different herbs. Compared to the producer’s description, well beyond the juniper note, herbaceous notes are weak to characterize this recipe. The “floral” appearance appears to be an elusive feature merely linked to some peculiarities linked to the valid aroma of selected juniper berries. The Brunette is a little sweet, as it is right, and the hottest aromatic tones are in perfect harmony with the juniper head notes. The description of the producer seems to emphasize a sweetness that we do not perceive. Very delicate and little invasive. Certainly not a “sensory spell”.


While speaking of an e-liquid with 50/50 base, the mouthpiece appears pleasantly vaporous. The juniper, introduced by Savourea in this tabacco, provides a hit, a throb that will be particularly appreciated by those consumers who are still looking for e-liquid that can replace the sensations (not the taste) of an analogue smoke. This hit is attributable to the use of the juniper and harmonious mix of La Brune with warm notes and hints of herbs. Great work of the producer. The recipe, however, is largely consolidated and La Brune does not show a distinctive distinctive character.

By relaxing it I realize how much you appreciate in the long run, though it is not so inviting that it will drive us towards compulsive consumption. It is aromatically monotonous and definitely dedicated to vapers that prefer tasty simple tastes. An old style, much more elegant and technically guessed. A good palliative for those trying to quit smoking. One among many though! It is not Brune the tabacchic that will change our lives, but it could cheer up the days of many tasty nostalgics.

ico 3

Pro: Great balance of ingredients.

Cons: Banal recipe. Taste already known for years in the tobacco world … to stop smoking … maybe.