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E-liquid review: La Menthe – Botanics (Vaponaute) 10 ml

Batch: L16S4104

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 60VG 40PG

Expiry date: 04/2018

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dual coil 0,24 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

We close the circle on the reviews of the new Botanics line  by Vaponaute. Many of you have shown curiosity about this line and this liquid in particular, La Menthe. A minty, or … the “dark side of vape”.

The Botanics line seems to have wanted to touch the most sensitive areas of vape. He did it with a liquid at the cafe, with a tabaccoso … and with a minty liquid.


La Menthe Vaponaute

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Ironically I took the liberty of speaking of “the dark side of vape”. The sad legacy according to which the mint can quell the urge smoker, has the scientific foundations that I intend to deal with at another time. Since the dawn of vape, the minty aroma has been for many an inevitable traveling companion. Unfortunately … some “fanatics” not svapano more! I saw people looting shops online to buy menthol crystals to produce … the bomb! Brain explosion Himalayan. This is all very nice and part of a fanaticism that unfortunately has more quality indices related to the concept of “power” … that taste and real pleasure.

Of Vaponaute, in addition to the indisputable experience, we also know of a certain fondness for mentholated accents. In many of their recipes we have documented the aromatic traces in elegant robes and measured. Never predictable. La Menthe it may appear, therefore, a simple liquid, but … but it will be just like that? Time to time.

Meanwhile … here is the La Menthe description:

Fresh & Complex. Menthol, chlorophyll, peppermint and spearmint in perfect harmony.

Not expecting much olfactory examination, before unscrewing the cap. It took a few seconds to change my mind. The top note is expressed in a very soft, almost velvety. The spearmint, which precedes a slightly bitter note of chlorophyll. The frame is undoubtedly mentholated, but chlorophyll and spearmint, already smell, mitigate the olfactory bouquet. A bouquet influenced by the cooler features and articulated peppermint. Only evidence of vape will give us more clues. The perceived is elegant and impressive level.

The Mint fanatics will appreciate this my consideration: I do not see any presence of Koolada (additive). I perceive at the olfactory level only appreciable scent of menthol, in a soft robe and resinous. Menthol (remember) is extracted essential oil of peppermint. Great. The Koolada is almost tasteless and is an additive capable of conferring to the recipes a simple “ice” effect.



It is the first puffs to confirm these perceptions. Menthol is great and ties in perfectly with the other ingredients giving a freshness to which you get used to without suffering a intrusiveness, often typical of poor quality fluids. Liquid that only the “power” entrust the fate of their recipe. Spearmint and peppermint, are showing noticeable in the aroma tail. The entire breath is affected by chlorophyll. A complex known to spot, if you do not know, but – I assure you – is the most valuable feature of La Menthe. It makes it confidential, recognizable. The best products, especially those that seek to inspire naturalness in taste, aroma chlorophyll, associated with mint and menthol, never fails.


Chlorophyll is a green pigment present in almost all plants, algae and some bacteria; in the plant it has the purpose of absorbing light required for the synthesis of carbohydrates, which takes place starting from water and carbon dioxide (photosynthesis).

The chlorophyll, in this case, is an extract that gives the recipe a slightly herbaceous note intake and stabilizes the perception of a liquid mint. A plant. The recipe of La Menthe also relies on the classic blend of spearmint and peppermint, softness and “hotness” mentholated. The spearmint is a perennial plant of the family laminaceae, also known by the name of “spicata mint” or “Roman mint.” Various uses of this plant in folk medicine, herbal medicine and cooking. As well as those of peppermint, much more aromatic. E ‘is this which plays a tonic action on the nervous system, stimulating it. Antineuralgic and decongestant of the upper airways, is often used as a flavoring in mouthwashes, toothpastes and herbal teas of all kinds.



But the dosage of each ingredient in this recipe to make the pleasant and valuable La Menthe throughout the day, doing – I must admit – a tonic, even invigorating mood. Elegant, fluid and not too invasive, despite being pretty damn cool to the first puffs. Herbaceous notes, not always present in liquid menthol, are valuable and bind perfectly with the slight resin built around a valid menthol extract. Undoubtedly the result of a Vaponaute search of the best crystals. Also in the nose, it is inevitable to perceive a classic and much sought balsamic effect. La Menthe gives a feeling of relief, but it goes slowly svapato. A compulsive vape, which tends to heat the atom, exacerbates herbal notes exacerbating the perceived aroma and the taste flattening.


The aromatic persistence of La Menthe is pleasant and helps to smooth out the initial feeling of excessive freshness. The language continues to pinch a long time … and that’s that brain stimulation become manifold. The taste lasts and its persistence is really intense and prolonged. A few e-liquid comes to that. Vaponaute has well thought out the sweetness of the overall aromatic structure. Although a mentholated, La Menthe, seems a liquid “meditative”. From svapare through 3/4 puffs filled and slow, and then surrender to the lingering taste perception. Only in this way it can be vaped throughout the day.

La Menthe reminds me of another product of Vaponaute. Under The Sea! Look at the review (among many) here on The Flavourist. Two very different recipes, but La Menthe seems to recall that part mentholated that characterizes the extraordinary Under The Sea. But everything in this recipe “essential” seems enhanced and refined … better conceived and designed to meet elegant and refined connoisseurs of this kind . Mentholated few manage to be really tasty and to transfer a complex aroma of La Menthe. Its scent surprises when vaporized. Notes more angular and pronounced alternate with softer note. I do not recommend exceeding the 30 / 35w. Besides this power the aromatic score, inevitably, it compresses and simplifies. Enjoy it slowly surrendering to his vigorous character. Let La Menthe to lead you in the tasting. If that’s your thing … you can treat yourself to something elegant.



ico 4

Pro: A complex and refined recipe … and yet it is a pure mentholated.

Cons: Nothing to report.