E-liquid review: Las Vegas – linea Whatsamericavape (Blendfeel) 50 ml- received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 26 PG / 74 VG

Batch: 1715307045080001

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Expiry date: 28/07/2019

Devices: Wismec Predator 228 W + NarDa RDA single coil 0.55 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50 mm ) with Native Wicks cotton.

Today The Flavourist returns to take care of the Whatsamericavape line by the Italian manufacturer Blendfeel. After hosting on our pages the reviews of New York, Los Angeles and Miami (Best Italian Fruity E-juice 2017), now we are going to discover all the secrets of Las Vegas.

I remind you that the Whatsamericavape Line has 8 products in the dual version “ready” or “concentrated juices”. The “ready” products are in 50 ml bottles with 0 nicotine on a 70/30 VPG base, the “concentrates” are on a 74/26 VPG base and must be diluted with a 5 ml “nicotine booster” to obtain 50 ml of ready to vape e-juice.

For the packaging information, please go to the New York.

Las Vegas

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As mentioned in previous reviews of this line, on the official site of Whatsamericavape there are no actual descriptions of the products, but for each of them are reported the hashtags that identify the key ingredients of each product; in the case of Las Vegas, today’s e-liquid, the following hashtags are reported:

#Avana #FrenchVanilla #Caramel #Blackcherry #Honey

Las Vegas olfactory analysis shows an unmistakable tobacco base that emerges with elegant softness and makes its way through light alcoholic notes. The tobacco stamp is fresh and has a good roundness as it is wrapped in a delicate mix of honey and vanilla.

What the smell announces, the vape confirms; it does not always happen that way, but fortunately yes in the case of Las Vegas. And so it is that intense notes of honey and vanilla cover a light tobacco base, full of lively and herbaceous nuances, creating from the first puffs the sensation of tasting an aromatic cigar slowly passing it under the nostrils. If it is true that in the analog world of tobacco a flavored cigar is considered a product of low quality, it is equally true that in the variegated universe of vaping an aromatic cigar e-liquid, if well done, can become an absolute must.
smok tfv8 bigbaby

In this creation, all the ingredients seem to contribute equally to achieving the ultimate goal: a tasty american tobacco flavored e-juice.

During the various phases of vaping, Las Vegas shows all its convincing qualities. In inspiration, the tobacco component is the background to a riot of honey, caramel and vanilla. An intriguing blend with distinctly sweet tones. In this phase the honeyed nuances dominate the bouquet, with such an overwhelming fragrance that it also permeates the surrounding air in an indelible way. Next to the honey ingredient, a dense, fat vanilla cream is distinguished by voluptuousness, from which one can even perceive the presence of the egg in the dough. The presence of caramel is more timid, though it does not escape the taste buds, but seems to play a more rounding role within the mix.

The style on which the e-liquid is developed has an evident American kind, the various flavors tend to merge with each other but a noble sense of care and refinement means that the individual aromatic identities are not completely confused.

The heart of the puff amplifies the round and aromatic tones of the bouquet, adding occasionally slight acidic insertions that, mutually but effectively, break the univocal rhythm of the sweet trio. In its official description, the manufacturer indicates the presence among the various ingredients also of the black cherry, which in fact could be the architect of these light acidity tips. The combination cream-black cherry is not uncommon in the Italian confectionery tradition and personally in some situations Las Vegas reminded me the taste of “zeppole”; not so much in their fried dough base, but just in the garnish of cream and black cherry that surmounts them. But I can not even rule out that the acidity that occasionally creeps into the soft and fragrant aromatic structure, is due to the tobacco component that, thanks to its very young and herbaceous nature, can easily carry with it the finishes of this gender.

gold honey

The remarkable aromatic charge of Las Vegas spreads in every single moment of the puff, extending up to the very pronounced aromatic persistence. Normally this represents a limitation in the longevity of an e-liquid, a limit which, however, frankly I did not find in Las Vegas. If anything the remarkable aromatic charge of Las Vegas and its very sweet nature in my opinion reduces over time the feeling of naturalness of the product itself. If, at first glance, Las Vegas evokes an aromatic cigar beyond reasonable doubt, the prolonged use seems to make him gradually lose that feeling, translating the e-liquid towards a more common but still lively and captivating creamy genre.

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Pro: Do you want to try an American tobacco flavored made in Italy?

Cons: Tobacco flavored o creamy tobacco?