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Name and Format: Lasker’s Rule (Five Pawns) – E-liquid 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 013 – boccetta 151/300

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70VG

Expiry date: 07-15-2020

Devices: Lost Vape Therion 75W + Ammit MTL RDA single coil 0,80 ohm (Ni80 28 awg 0.32mm) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

When a few weeks ago I started to apply myself to the new “Blue” line by Five Pawns, I deliberately chose to leave the review of the e-liquid Lasker’s Rule as the last one, because it is something really innovative and unique in the ever more boundless panorama (and increasingly leveled) of vaping. The “Blue” line of Five Pawns, for those who do not know yet, is already innovative in itself because it introduces the ingredient sea salt in its recipes. But Lasker’s Rule goes beyond …

Before starting to talk about it, I remind you that, although the manufacturer has sent us e-liquids of this line in the “ready to vape” version, in Italy the new Five Pawns are marketed in the aroma shot series format (20 ml of concentrated aroma to which add 40 ml of vegetable glycerine and if you want a nicotine boost).

Regarding the packaging of the product, we have already had the opportunity to weave the praises on several occasions, since it is something extremely sober, cared, elegant and above all complete from the point of view of information for the vaper. Chapeau!

laskers rule

Tabiya and Magnus, the previous “Blue” e-liquids that we reviewed, have shown how great Five Pawns has managed to create two products not only tasty but above all “different from the usual” because the manufacturer has enriched the classic dominant stamp sweet and creamy of vaping, with the concept of “savory”.

And Lasker’s Rule is certainly the most absolute emblem:

Baked and ripple cut potato chips are dipped and covered with creamy, decadent milk chocolate and sprinkled with artisan sea salt. This sweet and savory combination takes a page from an old potato chip brand slogan, “Bet you can’t eat just one.”

I read the official description of Lasker’s Rule and I realize how ambitious and full of expectations this formulation of Five Pawns is. A recipe that promises, if well structured, to overturn and radically change the market addresses of e-liquids manufacturers for the coming years. And beginning to smell Lasker’s Rule from the bottle, I realize I can say what I just said without fear and with even more force.

emanuel lasker

Finally something radically new as well as absolutely realistic. A very faithful smell of baked potato escapes from the bottle supported by a slightly sketched creamy frame. Maybe definitely the most impenetrable wall of super creamy overload of sucralose, will be break dawn?

Are you curious to know how Lasker’s Rule behaves at the vaping? Can not you imagine it yet?

The atomizer chosen for today’s vape test is Ammit MTL RDA by Geek Vape.

ammit therion

During the first puff, a light note of elegant chocolate caresses the palate, leading the way to the undisputed star of this recipe: the potato. Impossible not to be surprised by this extravagant but sublime aromatic partnership. It is amazing … An incredible sensual experience for the palate!

In the kitchen, from the hot oven, some tasty potatoes sprinkled with rosemary have just been baked. Unmistakable scent… My palate feels the same sensation, is pervaded by that scent and I really identify with that baked potato baking tin! Almost a surreal realism…

patata ciocccolato

The aromatic balance that governs this recipe is unexceptionable. You notice it very well after the first puffs, when you realize how enviable is the intersection between the various aromatic components. The rich flavor of the baked potato with a note vaguely earthy, carries with it sweet and tasty scents of chocolate. Sweet and salty, they live harmoniously inside a refined aromatic structure that no one had ever dared to offer.

sea salt02

The sweet taste is accompanied by more lively and tasty tones, slowly disappearing until exhalation and intriguing aromatic persistence, where the pinch of sea salt with which the baked potato has been sprinkled stands out. This enhances the exaltation of the natural and absolutely realistic taste of this ingredient that Five Pawns launches first in the vape world. We bet it will not be the last?

Lasker’s Rule, named like the famous chess player Emuanel Lasker, world champion in the early twentieth century, is a recipe that touches boundaries never explored, preparing to open new scenarios in the international e-liquids field.

And now let’s make space to the “savory”!

ico 5

Pro: For lovers of novelty and the unknown, the beauty of discovering a new world…

Cons: –

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