Aroma review: Latakia (La Tabaccheria) 10 ml
Batch: 07/2015-05
Best before: June 2017

Base used: 50 vg – 50 pg
Nicotine: 6 mg/ml (0,6%)

Devices: IPV mini 2 + Tobh Atty 0,38 ohm (Kantal D 0,40mm) with Japanese organic cotton wick.

What? The Nth review about Latakia La Tabaccheria?

We are talking about one of the most appreciated Latakia extracts in Italy. A concentrate which, in a short time, managed to convince several aficionados and “slow vaping” rookies, to love it. Lots. Obviously not everyone.

Latakia by La Tabaccheria is thus described by its… “extractor”:

Latakia Tobacco Extract
Latakia is a tobacco belonging to the Fire Cured category. It it smoked with different wood and herb varieties which give to this tobacco the strongest aromatic properties in its class. It is used in almost all pipe mixtures as a garnish and even the smallest presence guarantees and intense and satisfying taste. The Latakia extract is an inseparable company for the most exigent vapers who are looking for an unique taste. Intense and aromatic taste.

But this is exactly the exquisite Latakia description!


The bottle is made of glass and it has a dripping pipette. It’s made to contain 10ml of “certified artisanal product, 100% organic”. So according to the label, along with a detailed series of infos for the consumer.
The composition, for example, reveals us the presence of nicotine traces <15% (less than 1,5mg per ml). This means that… that… please check the extensive description of contents shown on the producer’s website where everything seems to be explained in detail. Speaking of which, I appreciated a lot the presence of the child proof cap for the bottle, but I was wondering if it was the case to include, for the sake of consistence, to include some danger alert icons for the potential toxicity.
Reading the technical documentation enclosed, we see how low is this value is low and potential, so… even more acceptable the choice of a child-proof cap. In any case all prescriptions for the consumer’s safety are present on both website and label.
Available on the website: the “Safety Data Record”, the “Product Certification” and the “Patient Package Insert”, all available for consultation and PDF download.
A “certified artisanal product, 100% organic” ready to be described.

At a smell check (concentrate) Latakia by La Tabaccheria releases in an unquestionable way the typical sour and frank notes of an incensed tobacco as Latakia.
The incensation is indicative and we don’t seem to notice specifically distinct characters.
The concentrate is particularly thick and distinguished by its typical dark colour. A deep brown, rather torbid.
The particular density of this aroma, in the La Tabaccheria version, always amazed me. Very concentrated perhaps.
An incredibly high organic matter percentage.
Using a 50/50 base at 15%, the final result will be rather dense then.
I used it at different percentages from 5% to 25% on very different systems, on different steeping exposures. From “right now” to “40 days of Antarctic darkness”. My usual tests.
My Tobh Atty was definitely the atom which has familiarised the most with these aromas, so I will rely on it in this case as well.
On vaping, this Latakia is crystalline. Straight and stinging with slightly bitter notes supporting incense and ambrosia during the first puffing moments. As the coil starts performing will follow the presence of more sugary, smokey and spicey notes towards the exhale.
Not too dark, warm and always in balance between bitter and sugary tones. This smokey sweetness, which is peculiar of this concentrate, might leave some purists rather perplexed.
Taste it with no rush. Slowly inhale the vapour from the nose and finish the exhale from the mouth. You will then manage to grasp every note and aromatic variation, through this sweet incense sensation.
The liquid is so heavy and loaded that cotton tends to “flood” and the system tends to plod. Coil decading times are much superior compared to other La Tabaccheria products and, comparing through equal dilutions, to other brands. Something which goes beyond the coil crusting involving the cotton wick as well. An enjoyable aroma which claims a recoil to keep its bodily balance on track.
Latakia La Tabaccheria has a good aromatic persistence. A balanced and lively aroma in which Latakia tobacco expresses itself through less rude aspects compared to the ones I normally prefer. The most distinctive aspects of this La Tabaccheria extraction are played on that smokey sweetness which after a long while pleasingly “dries” the mouth out guaranteeing a soft and tastewise rich vaping.
It’s a Latakia jam.

Recommended dilution: 15% but this can be considerably lowered in relation to the atom choice.

Steeping time: from “right now” to “40 days of Antarctic darkness”.

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Pros: excellent if vaped immediately. The high concentration allows it, though there is a certain sweetness which can be harnessed, but not dissolved, by a longer steeping. I find it an excellent quality virtue.

Cons: its character makes it a Latakia which can be vaped throughout the whole day. I arrived to vape about 25ml a day, but I had to regenerate my atom eight times. After 3ml, though I used a low concentration, the impact on the coil was so dramatic that it started losing its performance. Weird enough, cotton wicks tend to suffer more with the density of this liquid.