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E-liquid review: Le Café – Botanics (Vaponaute) 10 ml

Batch: L16S4104

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 60VG 40PG

Expiry date: 04/2018

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dual coil 0,24 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Impossible for The Flavourist to miss the opportunity to test and review for you the new e-liquid Botanics line signed by Vaponaute. A line dedicated to traditional flavors, simple, reinterpreted by Vaponaute undeniable mastery. Today we will examine Le Café and in the coming weeks, we will complete the line with two other reviews. Instill … are only three. Le Café, La Menthe and Le Classique.

Le Café vaponaute

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The packaging of the product, as you can see from the picture, consists of simple PET bottles of 10ml, but what – in my opinion – makes them particularly valuable, is the accuracy in the safety information on them contained. Needless to say that the tactile dot, indicating the potential hazard of the contents, is always present. The label has a small arrow icon that invites you to open it. Inside we will find more information about the product. The main handthose on security shows, in full view, in the outer label.

Le Café2

Here is the description of the Le Café proposed by Vaponaute:

Strong & Smooth. A pure arabica expresso ideally balanced with a touch of milk foam.

Coffee talk more and arouses the attention of the Italian vaper and not. It is not easy for us to find a faithful interpretation of a mocha or espresso. From reviewer … in addition to various technical reasons, it would be considered case by case, I can only say that … despite high expectations, a liquid to the simple aroma of coffee is always quite tedious and hard to tolerate for the whole day. And all this Vaponaute knows. Even other brands, unless it is a flavoring ingredient, always tend to mix it to recreate different recipes. Recipes or interpretations at the cafe looking to a more international environment than perhaps we would like Italian.

The bouquet of Le Café immediately reveals a fresh look, elegant and delicate. A real relief signed Vaponaute. subtle hints of caramel and milk seem to dominate a sweet hint of coffee. My sense of smell also perceives the similarities with fruity notes in support of the perceived softness. Singular! The Cafè smells good – unlike other products in the cafe that often return a hint of asphalt (or rubber) burned. 



At the vape test, all the aristocratic elegance of style Vaponaute (I quote Joker Kappa) emerges through puffs filled with soft taste … and the strong? The strong following with a slight and emerging fragrant notes of coffee. Arabica Miscel they say. The first puffs fact seem to return to the palate elegant notes, well mixed, very similar to a milk toffee. Only later, the scent of coffee are revealed in the perfect taste liturgy (this is mine!) That, rather than replicating a sip of coffee, intends to expand and elevate the experience of vape to more courtly perceptions! Le Café. A sum of perfumes and harmonies in which the true essence of this e-liquid mature breath after breath chasing the changing top notes, but especially those in the queue.

cappuccino caffe

It is not easy actually to understand, in an interesting aromatic persistence offered by Le Café, which are the true tail notes. When you think you are entrusted with the valuable role of Vaponaute aromatic coffee, you realize that this vanishes in part leaving the mouth wrapped in an intense taste of milk. Sweet and mellow enough. It would appear to be sweetened with cane sugar. Extremely pleasant and not aggressive. In a growing succession of tasty and soft aromatic stimuli it comprises as wanted by Vaponaute to evoke a fulfilling moment everyday. But also and above all places and environments. Let’s face it … our very Italian coffee breaks are much more hectic than the imaginable. Our bars are places much less romantic and fragrant of “caféteria” French to which surely the Vaponaute craftsmanship is inspired.

caffe parigino

I perceived the smell fruity notes. The vape test, analyzing carefully the taste, it confirms the presence of interesting nuances of dried fruit to frame the coffee fragrance. An elegant device which enriches the perceived and gives more structure to the recipe. The vape express effectively soft notes (milk) and then drier and drier notes that strengthen the expressiveness of this recipe at the cafe. That note of caramel and toffee mentioned related to dairy hints. This is the strength that makes precious Le Café. Delicacy.

So keep it well in mind. Coffee and Italian expectations for this flavor also have a cultural appendage  which would be worth to take into account before making judgments. In The Flavourist we do reviewing the tire burned and buttery in Starbucks-style like a poetic and Paris Le Café Vaponaute.


ico 4

Pro: Precious and poetic reinterpretation of an experience. A Parisian Café! Vaponaute confirms brand able to exceed the expectations of tasting through a simple elegance and choice of flavors always well mixed.

Cons: Nothing to report. Sin have only 10ml.