Le Classique Botanics Vaponaute – Review


When Vaponaute produces a tobac e-liquid , there is to be careful. Le Classique is a “tabaccoso” inserted in the new line “Botanics”. Recall that On the Storm (line E-Journeys) thereof Vaponaute received the “Mention of Honor of Best Of 2016 The Flavourist. A tobac liquid , as we shall see, from totally different concept. How different is the line in which it is inserted . Great expectations.

Le Classique Vaponaute


Here is the official description for Le Classique:

A blend of blond and brown tobacco over toasted & sweet notes.

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The smell the vividness of different aromatic notes alternate with darker notes. Honey, caramel and molasses in a beeswax frame are only olfactory similarities to describe the aromatic character of Le Classique. The warm scent of a full-bodied tobacco, perhaps a mixed Burley in common Virginia, do not fail to amaze us. You have the feeling of having access to a smoking room which for decades has hosted tobacco, pipes, but also a certain aroma culture linked to almost herbal scents. The perceived overall is warm, rich and very structured. Not particularly elegant from the olfactory point of view.




Devices: VP box XVI + Origen Little BF 0.62 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Without exposing this tabaccoso to excessive power (between 22 and 26w), proceed to the tasting. Deep aspirations and slow reveal the tastiest role of Le Classique. I can finally enjoy a great body and structure “tabaccoso”. Well recreated and credible fragrance bland tobacco (blond and brown) immersed in a drop of amber honey. Caramel and beeswax aromas incorporate tobacco, characterizing it and building an aromatic structure which remains alive for long in a considerable aromatic persistence. A very elegant e-juice.

mano blender

As vaped, nose, appear invasive air. Honey and tobacco have a strong scent and wax glazes bee distinctly underline the character tabaccoso of Le Classique. And yet … and yet … it seems to be in a beauty salon during a waxing! It is just such a “reflection” which will spread to many at first taste. Give it time and it will repay you. Le Classique is left better understand after a few ml, revealing harmonic and great character. In the past I have already had the opportunity to try some similar products.


Fragrant, shady and spicy – could be enough adjectives to describe this new creation Vaponaute. Anyone who has a few years of vape more than others, will recognize a not entirely unprecedented tabaccosa basic, but well-appreciated by the warm flavors of this recipe. Le Classique is what one should expect from a true “tabaccoso”. Fulfilling, realistically tied to the tobacco world, but also tasty. The sauce that recalls a beauty center. In fact, the care and meticulousness of Vaponaute recalls the work of medieval apothecary.


Precisely this is his strong point. This honey sauce, caramel and herbaceous perceptions that turns it into a tobacco sometimes sweet, sometimes dry and toasty. The mixture is perfect, the quality of ingredients is high, but most of it is indisputable that it is a rich tabaccoso all day. The acid control and the proper balance between sweetness and flavor – that act in favor of expressiveness of different ingredients – confirms the research and development capabilities of Vaponaute.


Nothing, in this recipe, flows into the world dell’edibile (food). The scope is apothecary and tabaccoso. The tobacco characterizations remain within sniffing perfumes realistically perceived a fine subjected to a certain “care”. Processes characterizing in use for centuries. Le Classique is not (thankfully) a tobacco that looks like a dessert. It is inspired – and worthily evokes – a classic blend of tobacco. Many of us are well aware of how much this is a difficult thing to achieve.

The Flavourist voto 4,5

Pro: Great work of research and development for a product for the lovers of elegant classic tobacco e-juices.

Cons: A bit invasive from an olfactory point of view.


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Name and Format: Le Classique – Botanics (Vaponaute) 10 ml

Batch: L16S4501

Used Base: 40 PG / 60 VG

Expiry Date: 05/2018