Name e Format: Le Rune (Vapor Cave) – Concentrated aroma 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch:  n.a.

Nico: 4 mg/ml

Declared base: 48 PG / 48 VG / 4 H2O

Expiry date: 03-2021

Devices: Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod Mod (coil 1.3 ohm – 12,5 watt output)

We start this week focusing our attention on the second of the four new tobacco flavors manufactured by Vapor Cave. After having dealt with Pitoti, today we will concentrate on Le Rune aroma. Be aware, however, that after this second review, you will have to wait a few more months before you can read about the last two aromas of the italian manufacturer, as unlike Pitoti and Le Rune, Bruma and Shaman need a longer steeping period. And it will be a long wait, given that from the official descriptions provided by Vapor Cave, the greatest expectations would seem to be answered precisely on these last two tobacco extracts.

When we told you about Pitoti, we also told you about the project behind these new Vapor Cave creations. We read from the words of the manufacturer: “From a crazy, utopian idea and research “in the field”, these aromas are totally and uniquely composed of extractions of self-manufctured raw materials (“from the field to the vapor”). Spent since the creation of a farm that was exclusively engaged in producing raw materials through “Total Natural” crops that can be used in our aromatic extraction applied to vaping. Thanks to a farm of just over 4 hectares, to the assistance of specialized agronomists and to the “crazy” hope of being able to work with self-produced raw materials, ahead of expectations, we propose these first 4 aromas entirely composed of aromatic extracts deriving only from raw materials cultivated by us.”

The aroma of the day is therefore Le Rune, which is thus told to us:

Estrazione in purezza di Burley “nostrano”. Burley air cured senza fermentazione e con essiccamento “veloce” in essiccatoio ad aria fredda. Grazie alla particolare condizione vegetativa derivante da altitudine (800 mt. slm), alla totale mancanza di concimazione sia chimica che organica (usiamo solo un poco di cenere di nocciolo) e all’affinazione priva di fasi fermentative, siamo riusciti ad ottenere un estratto con minime % zuccherine senza intaccarne il gusto e la completezza aromatica (e le coil ringraziano…).
Ne risulta un liquido ottimo sia come all-day che come “base” per mix.

Extraction in purityof an Italian Burley. Burley air cured without fermentation and with “fast” drying in a cold air dryer. Thanks to the particular vegetative condition deriving from altitude (800 meters above sea level), to the total lack of chemical and organic fertilization (we use only a little bit of hazelnut) and to the refining without fermentation phases, we were able to obtain an extract with minimal sugar percentage without affecting the taste and aromatic completeness (and the coils say thank to us…).
The result is an excellent liquid both as an all-day and as a “base” for mix.


An incredible aura of mystery hovers around Le Rune at the opening of the bottle … The scent is faint and therefore not easy to decipher. It often happens for the tobacco extracted aromas, especially for light tobaccos, such as burley, the only ingredient of this aroma. The notes that come out of the bottle tend to be neutral but I don’t miss a thin acidulous tip that in a certain sense “opens” my nose to the perception of a light grassy background. My nostrils are strongly stressed in the arduous task of perceiving more information and stealing other features of this burley. After several minutes I give up and leave it to be the vaping test to tell me more about this new burley by Vapor Cave.

Before talking about the vape test, I would like to dwell on the device used to carry it out. You see it in the image above. A Pod Mod ???
Yes, rest assured there is no image upload error; the vaping test was carried out with three different systems, a dripper, an RTA and a Pod Mod, and the reason is quickly stated: the manufacturer presenting this aroma, declares: “… minimum maturation … immediately to… I recommend mixing it at 10% with the base. (Also excellent for head-coil systems with 7% flavoring). “

So could I not even test it on a non-regenerable system, after having duly tested it on two rebuildable devices?

That’s why I will tell you about my experience with this Le Rune loaded inside the Vaporesso Aurora Play, one of the best Pod Mods of 2019 in the opinion of The Flavourist.


Le Rune’s puff is a sincere and noble vaping especially in the opening bars, when the coil (in my case the head inside the pod) is at the beginning of its life cycle. The puff appears clean and linear and the base, rather dry and vaguely woody, tickles the palate, throat and taste buds with each shot. The aroma, however, surprises for an unexpected vivacity that is expressed through delicate grassy scents able to give the vape also a discreet roundness.

The burley notoriously known and used as “flavoring” tobacco because it is able to bind very well with the most varied types of tobacco, here it shows that it can live brilliantly in solitude with its simple, clear and transparent character. Le Rune is a blunt aroma, direct and knows how to be appreciated for being very balanced. This is why the manufacturer defines it as an all day vape. A profound natural sense pervades me at every snort.

But as I write, I realize that in addition to the time several milliliters of e-liquid have passed and with them also the performance of my pod has changed. Now I begin to perceive a certain aromatic transformation. Now I seem to notice a strengthening in the aromatic structure of the e-liquid that goes hand in hand with a feeling of greater roundness. The puff is more full-bodied and dark, a clear sign of the decay of the head inside the pod.

The point is that even in the presence of this metamorphosis, the yield is so good! I am delighted with the “feeling” of change, noting the evolution of the aroma in my pod mod. I perceive an e-liquid with greater vigor than the initial cues and the grassy bed appears more humid and full. At times Le Rune seems to me to have even a few hints of “smoky” …

Le Rune has brilliantly surpassed the 10 ml ceiling within my Aurora Play and even in this circumstance I cannot fail to notice that the flavourist Gigi Scolari is the winner, overcoming the challenge of tobacco extracted on head-coil systems.

Perhaps to some “very strong tobacco addicted” I think they hair will have risen to read that Le Rune, thanks to its minimal sugary charge, can be easily vaped on non-rebuildable systems. But for The Flavourist this test was important, because I don’t believe that to be a vape fundamentalist can help this sector. I am a long time vaper and above all I am a vaper who likes so much tobacco extracted e-liquids since the times when this type of e-liquid was a rare commodity on the market. So why deprive non-rebuildable e-cig users of the pleasure of being able to experience the true taste of tobacco without having to trash a pod or head-coil every 2-3 milliters?

It’s nice to bask in the idea that from now on I can, if necessary, go around with a mod pod loaded with a real extracted tobacco!

Suggested dilution: 7-10%

Steeping time:  ready to vape; suggested 15 days

Pro: A very natural, clean, linear burley that works great even in head-coil systems.

Cons: Not suitable for those looking for more consistent organic tobaccos and with greater aromatic nuances.

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