E-liquid review: Lemon Curd Mr. Meringue (Charlie’s Chalk Dust E Juice) 60 ml

Batch: me3l0203

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 02/19

Devices: Rx200 + Shingen 0,21 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

I review today Lemon Curd, a current best seller in the vape world. Who is behind the brand Mr. Meringue? In fact it seems this is just the famous, and California, Charlie’s Chalk Dust. We are not sure. This habit of many American brands to create product lines which is given its own, and strong identity, it often causes difficulties.

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The packaging of the product is enriched with very beautiful illustrations and funny, giving the product a strong character, in his elegant way. The 60ml bottle is a “bottle” and the safety information are slim. The minimum wage for a California product. Yet, the space would not fail.

Lemon Curd mr. Meringue

The Lemon Curd description is just taken from its packaging:

A swiss heritage eleganly trasformed lemon by pie. Word renowed. Frenc pastry chef Philippe Meringue.

Cloud of tosted meringue atop a pool of buttery and bright lemon curd.


One of my favorite cakes, for what may interest you! The olfactory examination of Lemon Curd moved citrus notes strong and pungent. The heart of lemon curd, a lemon custard, is perfectly perceptible through fragrant creamy notes rich and inviting. As a background, subtle glazes of ethyl maltol remind the meringue of this exceptional dessert topping. The interpretation, olfactory level, close to perfection.

I’ll be right to entrust the Shingen dripper, configured in dual coil. For the experts do it yourself and aroma ingredients of the vape world, but also of the food, it will not be difficult to recognize the sour aroma. A generic citrus aroma, in this case strengthened by a more specific and precious lemon extract. The perfect fusion of citrus notes with the creamy texture of Lemon Curd, makes vape true and strongly reminiscent. It ‘just a tart lemon meringue cream. As perceived since olfactory examination, a double sweetening, which aligns well with the citrus notes, recreates the taste sensation of the gasket to the meringue. And ‘the maltol, in this case, the sweetener that allows the magic … and its interesting combination with creamy texture and citrus.

But I must point out that the first puffs, just the citrus character of Lemon Curd appear slightly invasive. After a while though, you do engage in the memory of most homemade lemon cream. Made with eggs! The use of a good lemon extract and sour, fails in this case, also to evoke the typical aromatic note of lemon zest. Just what mothers and grandmothers left in the cream during cooking. The Lemon Curd of which we speak has a really strong character citrus … just as it should be.


lemon-pudding-sliderThe overall fragrance perceived almost manages to simulate the part of the pie that represents the dough. This cake has the same basic pastry for a tart. The balance of ingredients is almost perfect. The tart lemon meringue cream. In particular, the fusion between ethyl maltol and citrus notes reminiscent of creamy to perfection cooking the meringue in the oven together with the cream. … That is a very different result from simple garnish with meringues ready a tart lemon cream.

crostata limone meringaIn the aromatic persistence, we will perceive all the richness of content of precious top notes of this recipe. For The Flavourist But we need to brake a little enthusiasm. The use sour aroma, even if well-managed, is obvious. The recipe is well interpreted and rich in flavor, but the sour flavor is synthetic. At low power, the sour is more percepobile … but this is not an e-liquid from coud chasing. Using an atom from dripping, we recommend to be careful at the time of the dry coil. Just the citrus notes tend to cover right now … and let go with Lemon Curd is very easy. A good atom by dripping with top air ventilation system is a good choice. But do not overdo the power. The citrus notes become decomposed beyond 50w and taste dell’etilmaltolo distorts the good balance of high temperature ingredients. Unavoidable. Powers of between 40 and 50W will do justice to the producer work.

ico 4

Pro: the recipe is well interpreted. Rich and intense taste.

Cons: the sour aroma at low temperatures is evident, albeit justifiable.