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Name and Format: Lemon Ice Tea (Tornado Juice) – Concentrated flavor 20 ml in 60 ml chubby bottle – received by the manufacturer

Batch: LTO518

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 20-04-2020

Devices: Smoant Charon TC 218 W + Geekvape Peerless RDA single alien clapton coil 0.5 ohm (Ni80 26 awg x 2 + Ni80 32 awg) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

If there’s a thing I know for sure it’s that the most experienced vapers, those who have been in vaping for several years and have made vape a real passion, are very particular subjects… Sometimes they assume habits and strange and inexplicable behaviors, other times they are compulsive and maniac; it would be very interesting to trace a sociological profile and maybe one day we will try to do it …

For example, in terms of taste, the vapers seem to be almost all “seasonal” consumers. During the spring and throughout the summer they divert their choices towards e-liquid, lighter and less structured, fresher and tendentially fruity. Fruit salads, tropical juices, fresh drinks and thirst-quenching are among the most popular choices to bring under the beach umbrella.

You will understand why today, I am so eager to try one of the latest creations of the Italian brand Tornado Juice: Lemon Ice Tea.

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This is the official description of Lemon Ice Tea:

What do I bring you? A lemon tea with ice please! We are facing a perfect companion for the summer, refreshing and tasty, sweet and fresh at the same time, you will be helped in the sultry days and summer nights.

Lemon Ice Tea is sold inside a cardboard tube that houses a 60ml unicorn bottle, filled with 20ml of concentrated aroma, to which add 40ml of vegetable glycerine possibly (if you desire with nicotine). The final liquid composition will be approximately 70/30 VG/PG. The very lively and colorful label shows all the main info of the product, from the lot number, to the expiration date, passing through the quantity of flavor (propylene glycol), up to the main manufacturer info. In short, everything required by current legislation.

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To the nose it is incredible how a delicious lemon tea scent comes out of the bottle. With a strong initial citrus scent, it is joined by a few pressures on the bottle, an inviting note of tea, creating exactly the aromatic profile that we all know well. But the question that I ask myself now, before venturing into the vaporization test is: will this tea really be faithful to the queen of summer drinks? And above all, Lemon Ice Tea will be more similar to a typical industrial cold tea or a more genuine home-made one? There is a difference, I assure you, try it yourself.


So here I am at the first puffs of this new creation by Tornado Juice. One, two, three puffs, I rubbed eyes and I see myself sitting in the shade of a large palm, among the tables from my favorite chiringuito. I refresh myself while sipping a giant glass of cold tea, while I watch the sunny beach absorbed on a hot August day.

This is the feeling that Lemon Ice Tea gives me … How can one not love it from the first virtual sip?

A subtle but incisive lemon tip inaugurates this incredible vape welcoming the pulsating heart of the e-liquid, represented by the herbaceous and slightly bitter notes of the tea. And it is precisely the tea ingredient that makes the difference between the Tornado juice product and the rest of the world. As far as I can hypothesize that all the ingredients present in the creation of Tornado Juice are of a “molecular” nature, I can assure you that their perception is absolutely natural and genuine. A real homemade tea!


In this tea I’m really able to appreciate the unusual spicy nuances, in my opinion thanks to the parsimonious use of the sweetener component. The sucralose in fact, barely perceptible, rounds and makes the whole drink more lovable, just as it should be in reality, and does not stun the taste experience of the infusion, which in the expiration tickles the palate revealing tantalizing fruity veils with a slightly astringent taste.

I appreciate the perfection of the aromatic balance: all the ingredients of the bouquet are shown with the right intensity. Lemon, tea and sugar calibrated in meticulous doses to bring out the best of this summer drink. The fresh touch during exhalation is the regal gem that frames an aromatic work worthy of remaining in time… The ice effect obtained probably with menthol methyl lactate (Koolada), gives a thirst-quenching effect without ever allowing to cover the taste pleasant drink. The result is a lively, clear and very fresh tea, but fortunately without the alien Koolada dosages very common in e-liquids from Malaysia.

Choosing to try a common recipe can be very risky, the banal nightmare is always around the corner; but if you can achieve it with a maximum degree of fidelity to the real product, then there is only to take off the hat … No, we are in the summer, then better keep it to avoid insolation and remember to drink a lot to quench your thirst. Do you still have doubts about what to choose?

Suggested dilution: About 30% = add 40 ml of vegetable glycerine base inside the bottle containing the aroma.

Steeping time: Ready to vape.

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Pro: Product that clears the boundaries between reality and the virtual. Simply perfect.


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