As the saying goes, the thrill never stops, here for you another delicacy by ToB: Lemon pie!

This new concentrate flavour by the Italian brand – and I say this with pride – is an absolute exquisiteness, on my personal taste.
I like to define it a high-class and extreme delicate aroma, where the two components – cake or shortcrust pastry and lemon – have “mutual respect” and each one does not overrun the other. Everything melts in a very natural taste – and we all know the risks of creating e-liquids using lemon flavouring components.
On vaping it’s very tasty and soft, never sharp; the cake arises on the inhale while the lemon emerges gradually and becomes clearer on the exhale.
In the end, some seconds after vaping – it’s not easy to experience it – you may feel a very pleasant scent in your mouth.

On my opinion it’s a must try.


Recommended dilution: 9-10%

Steeping time: 7-10 days

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