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E-liquid review: Lemur – Origins (Twelve Monkeys) 50ml received by the manufacturer PREVIEW

Batch: LMR040020718

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 65VG – 35PG

Expiry date: 02/2020

Devices: Rx200 + Druga dual coil 0,18 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

The term “lemur” derives from the Latin word lemures, which indicates the nocturnal spirits of Roman mythology. It was the great witty eyes of the lemur, as well as its typical verse, a suggestion of a John Edward Gray so apt name for these cute records. In reality, that of lemurs is an infraorder of the suborder of the Strepsirrhini, primates which are common exclusively in Madagascar.

That said … The reviews dedicated to the launch of a new Origini line of the Canadian brand Twelve Monkeys, continue. The e-liquid that has the pleasure of knowing for The Flavourist readers is Lemur.


The Origins line is a fascinating line, based on simple top notes, with an exotic touch. We are discovering it together and that of today is the penultimate review, in world preview, agreed with Twelve Monkeys. In a few days, these e-liquid will finally be available in shops all over the world.

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Lemur described by the manufacturer:

The Lemurs have just the right fix for those hot days in the jungle. Tangy lime and lemon intermingle in wonderful synergy! Smooth citrus notes on the inhale and a light, gently cooled exhale.

780px Ring tailed lemur and twins

The Monkey Mix Twelve Monkeys format welcomes 50ml of e-liquid concentrated to 0 nicotine. The vaper can then add 10ml of base to achieve the desired nicotine gradation. It is still possible to add 10ml of base to 0 nicotine or vap 50ml of e-liquid concentrate.

The packaging is of excellent quality. Perfect for dripping, but just as convenient for tank sprayers. Convenient to carry in your pocket. It does not lose a drop. The appearance of the Origins line labels is pleasant. Modern, elegant and complete in the security information reported in different languages. A product perfectly aligned with the latest European standards. Clean and essential in the graphics, as you can see from the images. Very beautiful labels that capture the light with a great effect golden background.


Lemur’s olfactory test presents us with an e-liquid with a distinct floral frame and soft citrus notes, absolutely unobtrusive. The olfactory cues do not hide a light sugary background. Already at the nose the nostrils are tickled by what we expect (it is not difficult) to be koolada.

My Druga is ready to get to the heart of this review. Absolute sweetness. An inebriating, but delicate citrus fruit, stirred by the freshness induced by a meticulous koolada. What Twelve Monkeys presented in Lemur’s description is confirmed by a delicate and fresh aspiration. You have to admit it … thinking about the meeting between two citrus fruits – like lime and lemon – you would expect an intense acidity, but that’s not what the Canadian producer seems to have thought for us.

oranges grapefruits lemons citron

Lemur has the grace of a sophisticated, modern and particularly sweet lemonade. A sweetness that undoubtedly undermines the acid character of the ingredients, but already starting the selection of the molecules used to trace the profile of this recipe, it turns out to be the delicacy and … the “sustainability” of these fizzy notes to vape at certain temperatures. Here with a dripping atom we can decide to contain the temperatures in a range between 40 and 50w limiting ventilation, or decide to have fun, without loss of taste, well over 80w ensuring vapors a good airiness. Lemor does not make a turn! Aromatically perfect, however different, in different interpretations.

pink lemonade

The role of the koolada (very delicate), but also of the particular sweetening of this e-liquid, play a fundamental role for the success of this recipe. Especially when we talk about high temperatures. Of a cloud chasing that remains attractively anchored to the flavoring chasing … that we of The Flavourist (of course) prefer. Technically perfect (or almost). Lemur reveals a research aimed at protecting the taste I really appreciate. A simple e-liquid in the recipe, but tasty and fun. Mischievous. Perhaps, I would have appreciated a fresher idea. The amount of koolada is well measured, but with greater vigor this e-liquid would have been a real bomb.

mint ice cubes ps 2

All, approaching an e-liquid with citrus notes, we fear annoying assonances with the classic lemon-flavored dish soap. We immediately point out that Twelve Monkeys has made a real prodigy in this sense and that Lemour distinguishes itself from other products tasted in the past. This Canadian brand has managed to return graceful citrus notes that recall the lime, lemon and sugar juice without being intrusive. The floral frame and the fresh impact of Lemur allow very long sessions of vaping, giving a pleasant feeling of freshness … and good in mouth.

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ico 5

Pro: Technically perfect for a delicate, citrusy, fresh vape … in flavor chasing.