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Aqua is a French brand specialised in clones of US Halo liquids.

Liberty is the clone of Halo liquid Long Horn. What is Long Horn and how does it taste like?

Producers defines it as a rich mix of fire-cured tobacco, which gives a robust flavour with an exceptional throat hit. The complex mix of fire-cured tobaccos coupled with Corojo and Cavendish offers an e-liquid with a deep taste, recalling the intensity of a light cigar.

From my point of view, Liberty is a tobacco (I would say pipe) aroma, very flavoured, scented/spiced (as all Halo products) with a dominance of sweet components and lightly alcoholic notes.

I think it’s best to leave this aroma steeping for a while as the scented and aromatic notes won’t be too sickly and blend in a more balanced and less invasive mix.

It’s “vapable” enough, personally I’m not crazy about it and it’s anyway too far away from a classic tobacco flavour.

Recommended dilution: 6-7%

Steeping time: at least 10 days.


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