E-liquid review: Liégeois – MiNiMal line (Fuu) E-liquid ready to vape 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: MLI10-002

Nico: 10 mg/ml (nicotine salts)

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 10/2020

Devices: Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod Mod – CCELL coil 1,3 ohm

Those who have been following us for some time, will certainly remember the French brand FUU, a historic e-liquids and aromas Parisian manufacturer, a company that here on our pages has experienced moments of true glory with some premium first-class creations. Who remembers Sublime Cacao and Tartine for example?

Today we come back to talking about Fuu, starting some reviews of a new line designed essentially for pod systems and above all for those who are in the delicate transition phase from traditional smoking to electronic smoking. MiNiMal, this is its name, is a line of 17 e-liquids in VPG 50/50 composition with the great peculiarity of being a line with nicotine salts.

Speaking of nicotine salts, very soon we will talk about them in an article/interview with the Parisian company, which since 2016, one of the first in Europe, has started working on this type of formulations. An appointment not to be missed.

Now let’s go back to the new MiNiMal line and the e-liquid under examination today, Liégeois:

Gourmand complexe aux notes de crème, vanille, “classique”, chocolat noir et café.

Deliciously complex with a touch of cream, vanilla, “classique”, dark chocolate and coffee.

Before starting the tests on Liégeois, a brief note on the packaging of this line: cardboard box full of information both on the product and on the manufacturer and, to make matters worse, PET bottle with unrolled satin label bearing warnings, various info on the product and instructions for use. Chapeau.


Undergoing the Liégeois olfactory examination and I immediately notice notes similar to an American coffee on a creamy and vanilla background. The scent is certainly inviting and it is anything but banal and simple, indeed I sense a certain complexity, especially when after repeated pressure on the bottle, I begin to perceive vaguely bitter peaks that would make me think to the chocolate ingredient. It will also be a “minimal” line, but this Liégeois after the smell test, looks like a very articulate e-liquid and promises quite well.

Ready for the vape test?

For this test I chosen obviously a pod mod, and for the occasion I decided to rely on the Vaporesso Aurora Play, in my opinion one of the most complete and performing pod mods of this first half of 2019. If you want to know more, click here to read our review.


Here I am ready to start with my vape test, but without first having explained to you the meaning of the term “Liégeois” which literally means “of Liège”, but in our case is evident the reference to the “cafè Liégeois”, a French dessert made of coffee, ice cream, whipped cream and a sprinkling of chocolate.

Liégeois manages to communicate all its complexity well even in vaping and shows itself among the other with a good aromatic load. It is not easy to interpret it, precisely because its structure is rather complex. An e-liquid that does not seem minimal at all. In inspiration, the scenario is that of a good synthetic tobacco, dry and clean, which is accompanied by slight acidulous nuances.

The puff is less creamy than the olfactory evidence had foretold; the vanilla stamps are more hidden in favor of toasted hints of coffee which are added to the central phases of the vape with the dry tobacco notes. The e-liquid puff after puff, becomes more and more full-bodied and the acidulous nuances perceived in inspiration now delineate better, going to compose a delicate flavor of whipped cream, almost surmounting the coffee-tobacco that subtends instead the whole recipe. Frightened bitter bits of dark chocolate complete the aromatic picture of Liégeois.

Without detracting from the name of the line, this Liègeois has such a complex and refined taste that goes beyond the manufacturer’s intention to create a simple line, available to everyone and for entry level systems. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Liégeois is out of reach for everyone, but it is certainly something more and can earn a place of honor even in more performing vape systems.

The puff, thanks also to the presence of nicotine salts, is graceful and sufficiently soft even in the presence of a fairly high nicotine content (in my case 10 mg/ml). The synthetic sensation (because it is a “synthetic” e-liquid) is mitigated by the use of aromatic molecules of excellent quality and by the undoubted ability of the manufacturer to balance all the flavors present in the mix. The Parisian company produces a noble and more than ever lovable liquid, which will not struggle to satisfy the difficult tastes of those who are only at the first approach to the world of electronic cigarettes. The tobacco bed and the roasted coffee notes give that right dark touch and a certain familiarity with the world of analog cigarettes.

Pro: Articulated and refined recipe with nicotine salts. Much more than an entry level and minimal e-liquid.

Cons: Perhaps an e-liquid with more tobacco-like than creamy notes.