Name: Limit MTL RTA Renaissance Edition (Kizoku) – Atomizer – received by Heavengifts

Type: RTA atomizer and premade coil atomizer

Colors: Black, Gunmetal, Gunmetal sandblasted, Stainless steel brushed

Price: ~ € 33

Renaissance, Kizoku’s Limit RTA redo the look

The Kizoku Limit atomizer (brand belonging to the Chinese manufacturer Vapeonly Technology), after a muted start on the Italian market, has earned a considerable and well-deserved consideration over time, proving to be a real revelation and one of the best low cost atomizers for MTL vape in the current year. By virtue of this success, the manufacturer has decided to make a sort of limited edition, a choice that will make happy many vaper collectors. Thus was born the Limit MTL RTA Renaissance edition that Kizoku offers in a well-kept and elegant package that we immediately go to observe.


1 x Limit MTL RTA Renaissance Edition
1 x spare glass tube
1 x PC tank, top cap and drip tip
1 x screwdriver
3 x screws
1 x cotton pad
1 x KCL1 coil (0.7 ohm)
1 x User manual
1 x Warranty card


Just like its predecessor, the Limit Renaissance edition is also built in 304 stainless steel and has an engraving with a floral subject that in the manufacturer’s intentions should be a reminder or rather a tribute to the Italian Renaissance Age. The design is certainly very pleasant and refined, but it must be said that to the touch the engraving work is poorly finished due to the lack of an appropriate and fundamental sanding work on it (I hope it is an imperfection present only on the sample versions for youtubers and influencers). The 510 pin (not adjustable) has been improved in our opinion as it has been made a little more protruding, as well as the airflow control ring whose rotation now appears more contrasted than in the first version. Unfortunately we have to note a second imperfection on the main drip tip (the one combined with the “floral” version) which has a very slight lateral play due to two slightly too loose o-rings.

In conclusion, the construction quality of the Limit Renaissance, in the presence of an aesthetic improvement, while remaining good, is slightly lower in our opinion than that of the previous version, betraying a little the expectations and expectations on this new device.


The Limit Renaissance is a compact device with a diameter of 22mm, with a height of about 52 mm and a weight of 54.5 grams in the “renaissance” configuration; with the polycarbonate tank the atom is 54 mm high but its weight is drastically reduced to just 36 grams. The capacity is 3 ml in the standard version and 2 ml in the TPD version.

The atomizer is made up of eight pieces but it must be said, to reassure many readers, that it is not at all necessary to disassemble them all for the usual washing and cleaning operations. Starting from the top we have the 510 drip tip, the top cap, the upper part of the vaporization chamber, the glass tank, the lower part of the chamber with chimney, the deck, the ring for air regulation and the base. In the configuration with polycarbonate tank, the atom is made up of drip tip, top cap, tank, vaporization chamber with chimney, deck and base with airflow control ring.

The main feature of this atomizer is that it can be used both as a rebuildable (RTA) and as a head coil atomizer. To switch from one configuration to the other, simply unscrew the deck and replace it with the coil. To make the product as attractive as possible and absolutely performing, the manufacturer has decided to prepare this atom for the BVC Aspire Nautilus series coils, without a doubt among the best on the market for MTL vape. With the Renaissance edition, however, Kizoku has taken a further step, making the KCL1 coils in the 1.8 ohm version and 0.7 ohm one, in the aspect, needless to say, completely identical to the Aspire coils.

The deck is a single coil with opposing turrets with a 2 mm diameter hole under the coil. The space between the two turrets and the holr size for the cotton mustache suggest the use of a 2.5 mm diameter coil with a value around 1 ohm. The chimney is rather small and has three slots at the bottom for the e-liquid entering. In the upper part, the chimney ends with a 3.5 mm hole, which perfectly connects to the hole of the drip tip. The bottom air control has been designed to be used with different combinations: you can choose between a slot that is completely open and can be partialized to your liking, or you can adopt the solution with single holes (all with a diameter of 1.2 mm ) choosing from a minimum of 1 hole up to a maximum of 6 open holes.


The use of the Limit Renaissance in the head coil configuration is as simple as you can imagine, as the coil must simply be unscrewed/screwed on the base and wait a few minutes after loading the liquid into the tank. What if instead if you use the rebuildable deck?

The Limit Renaissance like its big brother, in RTA configuration, requires a minimum of habit to use rebuildable systems, not so much for the positioning of the coil (very simple and intuitive), but rather for the cotton operations. In fact, a minimum of caution is required on the portion of cotton that must emerge from the small side slits of the trays. It is important not to press the cotton too much into the trays, leaving a minimum of space necessary for the e-liquid to rise towards the coil.

The e-liquid refill on the Limit Renaissance (top refill) is very simple with whatever tank is used; the stainless steel configuration is also equipped with a childproof system to prevent accidental opening of the atom. To fill the tank, simply turn the knurled ring of the top cap counterclockwise, and slide it by pushing at the small arrow drawn on the atom body. At this point, a filling slot will appear, equipped with a silicone (anti-leakage) membrane, where the spout of the chosen e-liquid bottle must be inserted. If you otherwise use the PC tank, simply unscrew the top cap and use one of the two large refill slots at the top of the tank. The solutions adopted by the manufacturer, although not new in the world of RTAs, have been made with great meticulousness and precision.


Because of its “dual” nature, it seemed necessary to test and analyze the performance of the Limit Renaissance in the two possible configurations, with coils and as rebuildable atomizer (RTA).

Test with Kizoku KLC1 coils

We used the 0.7 ohm KLC1 coils (12-20 watt vaping range) and the 1.8 ohm KLC1 coils (8-12 watt vaping range). The draw is precise and silent and the hit is far from negligible. No condensation problems or e-liquid leaks. Finally, the most important thing, the aromatic performance appeared very similar to that of an Aspire Nautilus 2s with its proprietary head coils, even if it seemed to us that the KLC1 coils are slightly less long-lived than the Aspire coils.

Test with rebuildable deck

As seen in the review of Limit RTA, the performance of the Limit Renaissance Edition with rebuildable deck is also excellent in our opinion. We are in the presence of a very silent, fluid atomizer with a laudable hit. The draw can vary from restricted flavor chasing to closed and contrasted MTL vape. In our tests, never a leak, never an annoying hiss or gurgling and absolutely no condensation problems under the drip tip. It is difficult to ask for more from an atomizer which, despite its simplicity, is capable of aromatic performances that border on perfection.

Thanks to a rather small vaporization chamber, the Limit is an atomizer that tends to be “dry”, and is therefore able to exalt itself with complex and slightly sweet fruity e-juices and with medium-strong tobacco blends. We are faced with an RTA that more than amalgamate and unite, tends to facet the components of e-liquids very well, which probably makes them lose a little bit with the creamy and tobaccos flavored e-juices, notoriously in need of atomizers capable to round the e-liquid aromatic structure. In the comparison between the two types of tanks, in our opinion, the “floral” stainless steel version wins the challenge because it is able to better dissipate the heat generated inside the small vaporization chamber.


The designers of the Limit Renaissance, on the wave of the success of the first Limit, have created a special edition Limit very pleasant from the aesthetic point of view but with some constructive imperfections. On the other hand,the aromatic performances do not change and remain of the highest level, both in a rebuildable and coil configuration, because this is, let’s always remember, a dual use atomizer, an aspect that makes it a very palatable device for a very large vaper audience.

Recommended to: Newbies, skilled and hardcore vapers.

  • 9/10
    In the Box - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Design & Build Quality - 8/10
  • 9.5/10
    Features - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Coiling, WIcking and Filling - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Performances and Flavour - 9.5/10

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