As for Gambit apple my personal expectations were huge for Long castle as well, another clone of the famous Castle Long by Five Pawns.
Unlike the previous aroma, this one partially met my expectations; though the taste is not overwhelming, it’s nevertheless very peculiar, uncommon and pleasant to vape.

The flavour concentrate Long Castle is a very complex aroma, such as the mixture of which it is composed and it’s almost impossible to identify all the ingredients.
The original recipe of this flavour, as stated in the official description by the producer, contains a refined Kentucky Bourbon on the base, emphasised by coconut and roasted almonds, everything amalgamated and softened by Madagascar vanilla and caramelized sugar cane.

Now, let’s pretend we don’t know the composition of this unique mix, what is perceived on vaping is a particular taste, difficult to recognise and contrasted: on one hand vanilla and caramel – the sweet component of the flavour – on the other hand a reminiscent of hazelnut, but indeed it comes out to be roasted almond.

The coconut is almost indistinguishable because it’s in the background of the mix and only after you have been told (maybe) you can recognise it. And then there is that particular taste, pure and clear, particularly towards the end of the puff and that strongly characterises and pervades this aroma: the kentucky bourbon.

It’s undeniable, the mix is very peculiar, may not be to everyone’s taste, but in my opinion it’s worth a try because it’s everything but ordinary in the world of e-liquids and concentrate flavours.

Recommended dilution: 7-10%

Steeping time: at least 10 days

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