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Recensione Liquido Pronto: Loud Cafe (Green Fog) 40 ml – ricevuto dal produttore

Base dichiarata: 20 PG / 80 VG

Lotto: S320517

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Data scadenza: 11/2018

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200w plus + Vandy Vape Icon RDA dual coil 0.18 ohm (Kanthal A1 22 awg 0.60 mm ) con cotone Native Wicks.

For today’s review, we return to Italy with our journey among  the Green Fog products, an Italian brand that debuted on the international e-liquids market during the 2017 edition of Vapitaly.

Loud Cafe is the object of our team’s tasting test, an e-juice from the Electro line, made up of 11 e-liquids marketed in the now well-known Mix Series format, in this case 30 ml + 10 ml Base, possibly with nicotine. This Line has a 80/20 VPG composition and are offered in comfortable PE bottles with a little beak tip dropper, perfect for any type of refill. The line is inspired by the world and the history of electronic music, synthesizers, rhythms and genres of disco, funk and pop from the 70’s to the present. The same graphics and packaging of the entire line, very basic and minimal, has a pleasing “equalizer” style.

loud cafe

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The producer describes Loud Cafe:

Did you think it was a common coffee e-liquid? Not at all! This aromatic bouquet comes from a completely unmistakable idea. Try to imagine yourself a 4 p.m, a neighborhood in Naples, the scent of coffee coming out of the neighbor’s window; add a touch of caramel, cocoa and so much milk foam. Nothing better to keep you awake until the night goes down!

Loud Cafe on the smell has the unmistakable flavor of a delicate stained milk. Its scent is perfectly identical to a glass of hot milk to which is added a few drops of a steaming espresso coffee. It sounds like a soft and sugary mix of good value but does not reveal the other components mentioned in the official description of the manufacturer.

We will find out all this in the usual dump test that will be performed with the generous Icon RDA by Vandy Vape.

latte macchiato 2

During the puff, in the inspiration stage, you get first with sharp notes of fresh milk that inaugurate a soft and sweet vape. A natural, properly sweetened milk that lets you penetrate gradually from what is the main ingredient of all e-liquid: coffee.

Loud Cafe is a typical Italian espresso. He is the main ingredient of this creation. But unlike what you might imagine, it is not a fussy element within the bouquet, in fact … Its presence is rather discreet and it is maintained as a constant background at all stages of the void. The heart of the vape is rich and tasty. After the milk, just spotted by reading coffee notes, come minimal cocoa accents, which tends to reinvigorate the mix by adding robustness and intensity. The aromatic balance is guaranteed by the presence of a sweetened component (cane sugar?) which, in addition to sweetening the e-juice, makes it even more natural. My palate doesn’t perceive the caramel touch announced by the producer, although my personal perception of cane sugar could conceal just the presence of the caramel.

The taste of Loud cafe brings us into a rustic dimension without ever losing the typical elegance that distinguishes the brand’s products.

During the exhalation phase, the coffee reemerges more sharply, showing an intriguing, bitter and softer note that persists well at the end of the vape and gives us an intense feel of warm and full liquid.

smok tfv8 bigbaby

Despite its high content of vegetable glycerin, I think Loud Cafe deserves to be tasted at average wattages, it’s better do not exceed 55-60 watts. Although it does not look unpleasant to high powers, I have noticed at high wattages, a reduction in appreciation of the aromatic nuances of the mix and an enhancement of the coffee flavor becoming darker and toasted, almost burned.

A good hot coffè and milk, ideal to taste in autumn, maybe in the morning just after breakfast to keep the feel of a hot coffee just after drinking it or after dinner, for a reassuring, warm and intense vaping moment.

ico 4

Pro: Refined milk with coffee with a light touch of espresso.

Cons: Perhaps lacking a bit of creaminess.