Concentrated flavour review: Madeleine Miel – Les Duos line (Revolute) 20 ml

Batch: 21392

Expiry date: 05/2018

Declared base: 30% PG – 70% VG

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Devices: Eleaf iStick 60W + NarDa RDA (Kanthal A1 0.4 mm) 0.6 ohm with japanese organic cotton.

Revolute is a French company specializing in products (bases and aromas especially) for DIY Vape. The concentrates are widespread in France, but instead have a smaller presence here in Italy, considering the valid competition of leading our own producers.

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The Flavourist decided to try for you today a concentrate of the new Les Duos line of the French manufacturer: Madeleine Miel.

Have you ever tasted the “Madeleine”? We speak of the famous sweets tea-shell shaped by the typical buttery flavor and vanilla that resembles the taste of classic plum. A trick as simple as inviting and delicious, rich in butter and very very soft. They are so popular that they are also mentioned in the work “In Search of Lost Time” by Marcel Proust, and thanks to this quote, many call them the Proust treats; in short, it is impossible not to try them at least once and it is equally impossible not to fall in love.

On the site of a well-known French retailer, the aroma will be seeking to emulate the scent of Madeleine, it is presented as follows:

Moelleux à point, sucré à souhait, cette rencontre d’une madeleine et de miel ravira les gourmands nostalgiques de goûter d’antan.

Soft point, sweetened to perfection, this meeting of a madeleine and honey lovers will delight nostalgic taste of yesteryear.


Smelling Madeleine Miel surprise me positively because you can see sharp fragrance and softness of a Madeleine freshly baked! The flavor is unmistakable and absolutely loyal to the trick which is inspired, the buttery notes and light almond background are almost shouting to an aromatic miracle indeed leading me to think of an “organic aroma” … In short, a good omen for the upcoming vape test.

For a full aromatic taste, I entrust myself to a NarDa set for the occasion at 0.6 ohms so as to provide an exclusively centered on meticulous research of the flavor test.


Instead at the vape test this aroma disappoints enough and against all odds!

In inspiration the first thing you notice is a progressive reduction in the sense of soft buttery that the product transmits smell and thus resulting in increasing edginess that goes hand in hand with an aromatic perception more and more confused and less natural.

Startig to vape, It seems to feel a vague note of fragrant brioche, but soon disappears quickly, covered with a mix not very successful consists of honey and a hint of almond. The set shows strangely tending to dry, and at the same time from “synthetic” flavor. It’s like if the amalgamation of aroma of fresh almonds and honey (presumably chestnut) is the fruit of bad flavors or quality not exceptional or not perfectly successful balance. The puff returns the softness and sweetness promised by the producer and even sniff in olfactory headquarters. Double disappointment.

Unfortunately the situation does not improve over the course of the puffs and even the tail notes do not offer specific ideas worthy of note. The hope of a final aftertaste that saves this aroma is shattered in a constant sense of unnaturalness that is offered at svapatore, after perhaps a bit too deluded bewitching it with the sweet perfume of her bottle. Anyway at vape test, the full aromatic structure fully functional from the point of view of olfactory, collapses inexorably and aroma shows its limits by returning basically a barely perceptible background of almonds on a dry basis and pass me the term “plasticky”.

Madeleine miel does not degrade to the point of being totally graceless and invapable, but apparently conceived in a rather approximate way (too often the case with the spices in favor of e-liquid prepared on which the creative attentions producers focus more) and is far from being able to be considered a sufficient product.

Diluizione consigliata: 10-15%

Tempo di maturazione:  10 gg

ico 2

Pro: it smells good.

Cons: many, but especially the “synthetic” flavor.