E-liquid review: ManggoKaw (The Kingdoms) by Sifu Brew Syndicate 30 ml

Lot: n.a.

Nico: 6 mg/ml (0,6%)

Base:  50%pg 50% Vg

Expiration date: n.d.

Devices: IPV Mini 2 + Bellus dualcoil 0,46 ohm (Kantal A1 0,40mm) with Japanese organic cotton.

Mint Cream 100%

And here I am at the second review request, with great courage, from the Malaysian brand Sifu Brew Syndicate for The Kingdoms lineManggoKaw.

I tracked down only two “reviews” videos for this liquid. The satisfaction and smiles of “tasters” augur well, but do not provide useful information to frame this liquid from the so enigmatic name.

Actually, something the name reveals it. The bouquet reveals a recipe mango particularly lively citrus notes. A colourful character and structured that only by vaping it I can understand.

The scent seems to go well beyond a simple liquid mango, although it is evident the fruity nature of this recipe Sifu Brew Syndicate.

It is a liquid 50vg 50pg and I believe that a Bellus, set as indicated in the introduction, is the most suitable atom in this review.

Needless to say that by dripping atomisers are equally advisable for ManggoKaw.


During the first few mouthfuls the aromatic perception has got to stabilise revealing, as expected, a structured recipe and very balanced. Only one of these notes appears to be slightly unstable, but we’ll talk later about this.

In a fresh and sweet base, stands a mango flavour to the unpublished influenced by a spicy ginger, lime juice and lemongrass likely.


The relevant quality of the aromatic notes are mango and ginger. The mango appears in a highly natural look, so as to perceive a fruit at the correct stage of maturity and without frills, but a typical sweetening.

Fresh frame to be left to menthol methyl lactate in a smart combination of mango and citrus notes that gives to the vape a touch of vivacity and “carbonation”.

Ginger strengthens the body aromatic mango making it intriguing and more exotic. This establishes a clear link with the other elements smoothing out the rough edges of citrus notes that otherwise might be too acidic. Perfect, effective and well measured.

A salad or a fruit salad, in which the secondary ingredients, they masterfully to enhance more and mango protagonist of one SVAPO velvety and fresh.

I can say that I am vaping a fruity prepared with great attention to detail.

ManggoKaw never bored and pleasantness results in aromatic persistence really noteworthy, although it is a fruity liquid.

In the moment of inspiration, the citrusy freshness proves to be less powerful than the previously reviewed Cloud Lycee.

It’s even possible to recognise a moderate minty scent that enhances the fruity recipe.

As usual, it seems that all this is effective for a powerful vape, but I admit that in this case, in my personal opinion, is more appropriate than an output between 24w and 36w.

Instill an important range within which ManggoKaw still manages to express the best of themselves. With a dripper I go so serenely over these powers.

I mentioned to a slightly aromatic note “unstable”. It could be lemongrass or citronella. A very interesting nuance, but sensitive for the temperatures.

I prefer fact perceive this variety of flavours within the powers above, with a generous air regulation. Each ingredient is so distinguishable in a fruity fresh dimension.

Just like Sifu Brew Syndicate apparently he has thought. The liquid is particularly flimsy, although a 50/50 basis.
The lemongrass is certainly a touch of genius.

In this case the recipe is rather articulated and well thought out. The overall quality of the ingredients it moved a fruity taste unusually fresh and youthful. Lovers of fruity kind should make a little thought about this…


ico 4

Pro: A recipe fruity structured and well managed that enhances every single ingredient proposing a young and fresh vape. High quality of the aromas. Very natural!

Contro: Excessive temperatures may flatten the taste, threatening to sacrifice some flavour combinations that few are able to offer.