E-liquid review: MangGrapes (The Kingdoms) by Sifu Brew Syndicate 30 ml

Batch: n.d.

Nico: 6 mg/ml (0,6%)

Declared base:  50%pg 50% Vg

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: IPV Mini 2 + Bellus dual coil 0,42 ohm (Kanthal A1 0,40mm) with Japanese organic cotton.


Today we are going to continue the tests of The Kingdoms line Syfu Brew Syndicate. An innovative line with a surprisingly aromatic quality. I would say almost a “new way of svapare”, especially fruity liquids.

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The sniff test immediately draws us into the world The Kingdoms. I have the feeling of being hit by a fresh wave of fresh and fruity scents and colors. Very soft notes of grape juice are imposed on a thin creamy mango scent. With this line, with the aroma grapes already tried in Horny Grapes, I go on the safe side. The same smell test does not show hints of bubblegum, gum arabic or others like that.

The Kingdoms now is for me synonymous of clean flavors and aroma. An innovative way of understanding the fruity liquids. But we’ll see how the real star of this recipe is actually the mango, in a particular dress.

And in fact the vape of MangGrape turns out to be a perfect example of fruity balance, always, sweet and fresh in typical Syfu Brew Syndicate style. While remaining fairly distinguishable, the two juices have a very graceful blending. Greedy and left largely to the grape liveliness. This sugary grapes, reminiscent of a Brachetto, uses the darker and sour notes of mango to build an extravagant combination, up to let us believe that it can be a single fruit.


The koolada and especially fluffy nourish these perceptions, playing between liquid and creamy fruity. Peaks of sweetness from the prolonged aroma difficult to find in European fruity liquids. To experience a fat and fragrant, rich and colorful plus vibrant exotic connotations you may need a really long inhale: the pleasure will be guaranteed. The mango flavour expresses an extraordinary creaminess by the progressive atomiser temperatures. It becomes inevitable to get caught in compulsive vape and aromatic persistence is amazing. Aspiration gives us all the liveliness of the fruit mix, while exhaling mango frames the experience further strengthening the initial freshness.


Syfu Brew Syndicate created fruity liquids ultra sweet and fresh, that could be vaped in cloud and flavor chasing. They are of frozen unique cocktails that do not fear the extreme and MangGrapes powers, while having a 50-50 basis behaves like a liquid from the cloud! We must understand what we use to call “frozen”? Simply are cocktails prepared in the blender with an alcohol base (certainly not in this case), fresh fruit, fruit juices and syrups. They are served with plenty of crushed ice and seals often fresh mint. Again, I have to admit all my amazement before the aromatic quality of the mix. An exercise not easy and which obviously must have to do with the choice not of simple aromas, but a careful use of extracts and molecules selected to provide a yield and a “satisfaction” fruity superior to other products. The dark days of fruity vape are over!

ico 4

Pro: Syfu Brew Syndicate confirms the wealth of content of this eliquid line. A line that looks to the future, rising temperatures, proposing fresh taste and high quality. The dark days of fruity SVAPO are over!

Cons: Nothing to complain.