Name e Format: Mango Ice – Joy (PGVG Labs) – E-liquid mix series 50 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 670

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 03/2021

Devices: Geekvape Aegis 100 W + Vandy Vape Pulse X RDA dual fused clapton coil 0.27 ohm (Ni80 30 AWG x 3 + Ni80 38 AWG) with Vapefly Firebolt Cotton.

The summer for vapers is known to be made of lighter and fresher e-liquids. It goes without saying that during the summer months, the liquids most appreciated by the vapers public are the so-called fruity ones, or the e-juices that emulate the formulations of famous drinks and cocktails and also some light and/or flavoured tobaccos. On the other hand, at this time of the year, the strong tobacco and especially the creamy and desserts that usually dominate the scene for the rest of the year go a little dormant.

In the large family of summer e-liquids and with a fruity base, in the last two years we have witnessed the affirmation of certain tastes in particular that have “laid down the law” among consumer choices; one of these is certainly mango.

This is why today, in conjunction with the beginning of summer, our team wants to offer you a new mango e-juice produced by the Canadian company PGVG Labs: Mango Ice belonging to the Joy line created by the flavourist chef Yanick Boyer.

We met Yanick in Verona and we can assure you that he is a unique character! His liking then is literally contagious! But come back to talk about Mango Ice, and we immediately begin by saying in large letters that this is not only a very inflated recipe, but in all sincerity also very simple. But we Know also that there are few vaper that during the summer they give up having a good mango e-liquid. Let’s try to understand if the creation of Yanick Boyer is worthy of the right consideration.

Let’s start as always with the official product description:

An immersive assortment of mangoes with a tangy punch.


The smell test of Mango Ice reveals an inviting and very realistic perfume of mango that is released with strength and naturalness with each pressure of the bottle. This is what strikes us about this e-liquid and goes beyond the obvious consideration of the fact that we are dealing with a recipe that is as simple as ever. How faithful and natural will the mango from PGVG Labs’ Joy line be? The question is basically all here.

Being an e-liquid in the VPG 70/30 composition, I chose to carry out the vaping test with a Vandy Vape Pulse X RDA, hoping it could give me the right size, airiness and aromatic fullness.


Mango is the king of exotic fruits, considered by some ancient cultures as a fruit endowed with divine powers. Will this Mango Ice be divine too?

After having dripped the first drops inside the Pulse X, I begin the tasting and immediately discover an e-liquid that strikes me positively, confirming the high degree of naturalness perceived on the smell. I can immediately notice how the Yanick Boyer creation deviates a lot from the many mango recipes currently on the market and almost always characterized by extremely sweet stamps, overpowering aromatic loads and a devastating effect in some cases. In Mango Ice Joy instead reign grace and balance and, since inspiration, all the naturalness of the exotic fruit emerges without hesitation. Moreover, this e-juice, and above all in the first instance, appears to be not very sweet, but it shows this characteristic with pride, because the discreet sugar component seems to be provided with the natural sweetness of mango.

Perhaps also for this reason the perception of mango is at a level of fidelity very high with the real fruit; it is a mango that leaves light nuances that recall peach and pineapple flavors typical of the true flavor of this fruit. There is no space here for external sweeteners.

I say this with absolute conviction: if it didn’t have a color that was almost completely transparent, I would say that we are in the presence of an extracted mango e-juice.

The aromatic score, as simple as it is, enhances the quality of the raw materials used and the work of the flavourist in making a summer liquid, tasty and absolutely not cloying. The most well-known and widespread “super sweet e-liquids” made in the USA and perhaps even more made in Malaysia fortunately here are only a meager hallucination.

At the end of the vape, Mango Ice surprises me with a slight pungent, almost spicy tail note, given in my opinion by a “splash” of citrus molecules that produce a sort of energizing effect to the recipe, a touch of vivacity that breaks a little the soft rhythms of mango. Finally, the bouquet, thus packaged, is framed for all the phases of the puff by a very delicate ice effect, which gives the right refreshing and “thirst-quenching” sensation to the e-liquid. And in my opinion it should always be in this way an “ice” recipe.

Pro: A super natural mango recipe!

Cons: A very simple recipe, perhaps too much.

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