charlies-chalk-dust-logoE-liquid review: Mango Pitaya Pineapple (Charlie’s Chalk Dust E Juice) 60 ml

Batch: none

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: none

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dualcoil 0,22 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

The liquid that we review today is produced by Charlie’s Chalk Dust And Juice, but the name of the line (which has its own dedicated web site) is Pachamama. A line dedicated to the fruity taste. Pachamama means Mother Earth in Quechua language. A deity worshiped by the Incas and other inhabitants of the Andean plateau peoples. It is the goddess of the earth, agriculture and fertility. Deities or icon (in modern times) to whom I feel particularly attached. He recognized, as we know, from different cultures around the world.

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The Pachamama today reviewed is well described by the manufacturer:

Vaping this juice is like being in the tropics and able to smell and pick the fresh mango, pineapple and exotic pitaya right from the trees!

Pachamama 1

The box and the ball is quite elegant. A sober and inviting very cute. Absent the tactile dot for blind … but this, unfortunately, we have become accustomed. And yet … on the same bottle appear icons for security than in other American products, except by the European distributor, we do not find. We appreciate the effort.

Mango, Pineapple and Pitaya – are fruits that do not need presentation, but not everyone knows that the Pitaya is often called “dragon fruit”. A fruit-looking charming and very particular taste.



The bouquet of this Pachamama reveals a liquid from the clear character, undoubtedly fruity and slightly sweet. The fruity notes are difficult to separate while being distinguishable. Smell this fluid appears to confer upon the singular expression of each fruit the fate of the recipe. In fact … it is the Pitaya to stand out, but strangely, the nose, the fruity characteristics of each ingredient are not explosive as I expected. Desire to maintain a natural look of the ingredients? We’ll see. Pineapple and Mango are inexpressive and almost devoid of incisive olfactory characteristics to which we are accustomed. Spiciness and slight acidic glazes that I would have expected by now well aware of the different interpretations aromatic choices by producers in recent years. But maybe I think you understand the reason for this feature of the Pachamama today under consideration in The Flavourist.

Wismec RX200S

With the vaping test everything becomes clearer. Aeration limited, power below 40w, precautions are necessary when vape a fruity 70-30. As dense, it is not an e-liquid from cloud chasing. This Pachamama (Mango, and Pineapple Pitaya) is confirmed to be constructed on aroma Pitaya. Mango and pineapple aromas are supplied, useful to stabilize the perception of Pitaya. spicy notes, those of mango, sour notes, sweet and soft, the pineapple. Yet, these two fruits, appear to have lost their identity. Relegated to the role of “correctors” aromatic.



But in this product, sweetness and taste, are the true interpretations. The exotic impression of Pachamama is respected, while cheating in part the expectations of a diverse aromatic bouquet. exotic ingredients from made … little exotic. He would say: “every manufacturer plays a recipe in his own way.” Mouthfuls marked analysis and tasting, as in The Flavourist we used to do, reveal the lack of that intense and pleasant exotic spiciness of mango. Sin.  But this Pachamama is still a nice product that can affect the interest of many fans of fruity liquids. The interpretation of a juice … built primarily on Pitaya. Often, to help the understanding of this aroma, we talked about strong similarities with the aroma prickly pear cactus (or cacti).

The composition of the Pachamama today under our examination, is less sweet than you might think. The manufacturer seems to have wanted this to think of a target audience different from the cloud chasing . The 70-30 base is clear. Trying to raise the power of vape will notice some increase in sweetness, but also a strong flattening of taste. What I noticed, unfortunately, it is the emergence of a note reminiscent of bubblegum. Mild. Do not worry … it’s always the Pitaya in combination with a generic molecule fruity, often used as a flavor enhancer. In some mix, the choice of ingredients better able to mask the use of the generic molecule fruity taste. If I may make a judgment … I would concentrate more on sweetening and I would try to bring an aromatic expressiveness worthy of matured fruits in the tropical sun, conjuring up the best sense of the exotic recipe. more mature and luscious fruits. An exaltation of the base notes and aromatic persistence. Unfortunately, it is these two aspects, in part penalize this recipe Pachamama.


ico 3

Pro: interesting ingredients but poorly managed. The Pitaya is starring in a mix that could be much richer and more engaging.

Cons: Little character. Shortly exotic shades. Exotics are the ingredients, but not their expressiveness.