E-liquid review: Manic Mint (Cuttwood) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 112316-44

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 80VG – 20PG

Expiry date: 12/2017

Devices: Rx200 + Druga dual coil 0,22 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

From the Reimagined Series line by CuttWood, today I have the pleasure to review Manic Mint. This line, special for the producer, is mixed and bottled in an ISO Level 7 Clean Room.

The aromatic “reinterpretation” is the driving concept of this selection. Previously, reviewing Outrange Orange, of the same line, I have already expressed strong doubts about the ability of CuttWood to reinterpret … an ingredient. An ingredient … not reinterpreted! instead you can work on a recipe that communicates something new or special, revolving around an ingredient.

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Manic Mint:

Ice cold peppermint with a twist as only Cuttwood could reimagine.

The olfactory examination of Manic Mint does not disappoint the expectations. The mentholic note aligns with what we know to recognize as peppermint, but the frame from which this aroma is wrapped can give us an olfactory experience that we can not certainly define as taken for granted. A fresh sweetish body that hardly hides the influence of a decisive addition of ethylmaltol. A little dress of candy … and mint, delicate in herbaceous aromas, but robust in the biting candy interpretation.

mint ice cubes ps 2

At the vaping test, Manic Mint proves to be spicy in the menthol aspect, but in his own way … and almost disappointing. The herbaceous notes, typical of a quality menthol, are vague. I would not call it a quality peppermint extract. A light aroma that certainly would not enchant a fan of this kind of e-liquid. A “maniac of mint” … it would be disappointed.

But it is necessary to deepen the test to frame exactly the peculiarities of this recipe. As emerged from the olfactory test, the mentholic lightness is characterized by a sweet wisely oriented towards the candy style. A mint candy !? Almost. Light and with a cheeky stamp, even if it is not lacking in verve. It is the scent to charm, to transfer a sense of satisfying sweetness, but puffed after mouth a certain sense of dissatisfaction emerges. What would you expect from an e-liquid called Manic Mint !? This is precisely the problem.



Before that between the lines of this review will find the term … “trivial” I would like to present a correct reading of this product. Manic Mint will be a disappointing liquid, if we think of the premise inherent in his name. It is certainly not a “re-interpretation” of peppermint. But broad-spectrum, from a certain point of view, it is an excellent all-day mint. The menthol content is so light that it is long tolerable. Compared to other products, which play all their charm in a few ml, then inevitably tire; Manic Mint lets himself be appreciated for longer. Of course … it is very trivial in taste, almost irritating, but this … manages to last long and this aromatic banality extended over time, can be considered a merit. It is not an evil e-liquid. Technically it is well done, if we forget the expectations raised by the manufacturer’s description.

proprietà benefiche della menta

The fanatics of the mantles. True maniacs that we know well, can safely avoid it. Manic Mint will not be able to charm you. On the contrary … every common mortal could appreciate its lightness, delicacy, sweetening and that light scratch of ethylmaltol … perhaps the only magic touch of a recipe … banal!

ico 2

Pro: An all day menthol without praise, but well done.

Cons: Total lack of inventiveness … in a line that promises to reinterpret ingredients that are fascinating.