Name e Format: Mascalzone – Tastefully Italian line (Dago E-liquids) – concentrated aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 004/19

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 40 PG / 60 VG

Expiry date: 04/2021

Devices: Vaporesso Gen 220 W + Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite RTA single fused clapton coil 0.25 ohm (Ni80 28 awg x 4 + Ni80 36 awg) with Native Wicks Platinum Cotton.

Italy is the world cradle of cooking and good food. Our country offers an impressive variety of dishes and recipes with deep historical and cultural roots. Italian Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most tangible symbols of our most ancient local traditions. From pasta, to the very famous pizza, passing through the many delicacies of the dairy industry and meat and cured meat industry, to conclude with an endless succession of desserts and confectionery products, such as the beloved ice cream or pastry creations of which Italy holds the absolute primacy. Italy in the world is cuisine and good food.

And remaining on the dessert subject, it is Italian, the most known and appreciated dessert in the world … You will have heard of it, it is called Tiramisù. A dessert that does not have ancient origins (its birth, as discussed and ambiguous, is placed around the 50s-60s in the Treviso area according to some historians, or in Friuli Venezia-Giulia according to others), but that in little more than fifty years of life earned the scepter of the most beloved dessert in the world.

Even the vaping sector has not escaped the temptation to replicate the tiramisù, and in recent years there are already several manufacturers who offered their personal liquid version of the famous spoon dessert. Today we discover the recipe for tiramisù by the italian manufacturer Dago E-Liquids, of which we have already reviewed here on our blog, Carlota and Ginebra e-liquids.

The Tiramisu by Dago is called Mascalzone and is thus officially described:

Una nostra interpretazione di uno dei dolci più amati in Italia, il tiramisù.

Our interpretation of one of the most popular desserts in Italy, the tiramisù.

Dago’s aromas are sold inside a cardboard box, containing a 60 ml chubby gorilla bottle, filled with 20 ml of propylene glycol aroma. To obtain the liquid in its final composition, it will be necessary to add a base of 40 ml (with if you desire the presence of nicotine). The packaging of this line is exquisite and well-made, made of bright and colorful graphics with exemplary attention to detail. A style worthy of the masters of packaging from US. Congratulations!


The Mascalzone smell examination presents a bit all the notes and perfumes that characterize a real tiramisu dessert. In fact, since the first sniff my nostrils capture the notes of an excellent bitter cocoa powder well backed by a sweet creamy component; the whole is framed inside a coffee ground and light alcoholic insertions. The general olfactory picture is not only very pleasant but absolutely realistic, it gives the feeling of being in front of a fresh portion of tiramisù.

The bouquet’s ability to make people understand and recognize almost all its components is more than ever appreciable. Although not new, the recipe from the olfactory point of view is very tasty and natural.

After the excellent smell test I rush towards the vape test, relying on the surprising and perhaps slightly underestimated Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite, a rebuildable 23 mm atomizer able to express itself at best with different types of e-liquids and in particular in flavor chasing vape.


During inspiration Mascalzone enhances the notes of a sweet and rather sugary coffee and the amazing ones of unsweetened cocoa. Its powdery consistency can be really perceived, especially when the bitter cocoa is combined with the emerging creamy base, whose aromatic load is modest but still recognizable. Soft, sweet and velvety with a very slight hint of sweet cream, this cream has all the appearance of a mascarpone cheese even if, as we said, it is always a little muted especially at moderate wattages.

In the middle phase of the puff, all the aromatic perceptions gathered during inhalation are consolidated; the coffee and cocoa mix with the slight creamy contribution of mascarpone, acquires greater body and satisfies the palate with every puff.

What is striking about this very articulated recipe is the ability to transfer a praiseworthy feeling of naturalness, showing itself to be well balanced and at the same time equally well faceted and never botched. Only the coil and the cotton deterioration (rather sudden as in all such liquids), generates an inevitable and slight flattening of the aromatic structure of the mix.

Even the tail notes offer interesting aromatic cues, in my opinion they represent an enrichment for a recipe already in itself very articulated and multifaceted. During exhalation, in fact, the palate captures delicate anise-based nuances that make it clear how the coffee of this tiramisù was prepared and appropriately corrected with a sprinkling of Sambuca liqueur. These are subtle nuances but not impossible to perceive, especially from the most refined palates accustomed to vape this kind of sophisticated e-juices.

Mascalzone is without a doubt an excellent interpretation in liquid form of the much loved worldwide dessert: tiramisù. Dago manufactured a balanced, harmonious and well-nuanced recipe that in my opinion has only one weak point: the presence of mascarpone cheese is secondary if you vape this e-liquid in restricted flavor chasing (wattages not exceeding 30-35W). To have a deeper imprint by the mascarpone cheese, it is necessary to increase the vape power to make the whole bouquet creamier, but in that case you are going to loose the sublime flavor of cocoa powder which at higher dispensing powers tends to “get lost” in the depths of the mix , “cooked” by the higher atomizer temperatures.

Subtleties that do not in any way affect the overall value of this e-juice, one of the best tiramisù vape recipes ever tried in so many years.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: 1-2 days

Pro: Realistic, natural and well-faceted: an excellent tiramisù with a sublime cocoa powder.

Cons: In flavor chasing the mascarpone appears a little subdued.

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