The natural alternative to cigarettes! An innovative liquid for electronic cigarettes, which favors your health. The truly free alternative to propylene glycol! Do not just take our word … Taste the difference!

Our experts have worked tirelessly to offer a natural alternative to what is currently on the market. When we say that our product is without Propylene Glycol, we mean that each ingredient, used for the composition of the final mixture, it is free. Do not just believe our word, but read testimonials and certificates of experts below, before you try for yourself the difference!

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E-liquids type: 10 ml
Base composition: VPG 50/50
Nicotine: 0-4-8-16 mg/ml

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    The sweet and subtle flavor Oak Tree will get you in a relaxed, sunny afternoon in the southern United States. Its traditional flavor will leave you satisfied with every breath.

    Virginia by McFlavors is one of those tobacco e-liquids that apparently seems a bit banal and impersonal, but that in the long run turns into an all day that is hardly given up. The e-liquid is characterized by its straw-colored and slightly woody tones able to tease the palate at every puff and to win it for its graceful and lovable background frame.
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    Take a firm stand with this traditional mixture and strong flavor that will bring you back to the years when you could appreciate the real tobacco! A primitive mixture and masculine, with its thick aroma will fill of flavor.

    A firm, full and absolutely surprising tobacco! It strikes from the smell test releasing the classic “perfume” of the opening of a pack of cigarettes and then conquers at the vape because it provides a realistic tobacco experience and worthy of the best tobacco extracts. It has everything a good tobacco e-liquid should have: body, character, aroma, woody and sweet notes that follow and balance each other very well. Unique!
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    The pungent sweetness of black licorice has been a favorite flavor for generations. Try this strong and deliciously sweet aroma!

    In inspiring Ritzia presents the elegant strength of black liquorice, which with extreme aromatic cleanliness takes the scene without hesitation. In the heart of the puff, a fresh and vigorous breath enriches the bouquet together with a pleasant and unexpected sensation of sweetness. The vape offers an alternation of incisive and delicately soft cues that give the sensation of biting real and fresh gummy liquorice!
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  • RITA

    An exquisite blend of the sparkling flavor of fresh mint that stimulates all the senses with every breath. This refreshing and bittersweet flavor, with a slightly bitter tip, is a must for lovers of menthol!

    Rita is a light mint, refined and at the same time spicy. Its lively taste penetrates the palate from the first puff, maintaining a calibrated freshness throughout the vape. The aromatic persistence is medium intense and satisfying. The flavor is very reminiscent of the lively taste of mint “confetti” from a well-known Italian brand. Soft awakening of the morning senses. A must for who loves this kind of e-liquid.
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    The slim and elegant flavor of the vanilla flower is the true essence of this aroma. His nuanced flavor will ensure you a pleasant feeling of lightness.

    Orchid is an unusual vanilla e-liquid. Those who expect the classic sweet, creamy and soft liquid will be disappointed. In this circumstance, McFlavors’ flavourists wanted to explore other aromatic dimensions deriving from the extraction of real vanilla berries. Orchid has a more raw and unexpectedly sweet taste in vaping. Only in the expiration phase and in the post vape aromatic persistence emerge all the universally recognized roundnesses of this wonderful Mexican orchid.
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    A mixture of classic and traditional flavors carefully selected, the perfect taste for smokers who enjoy the strong flavor of tobacco.

    Dry, firm, sometimes rough and strong. National is the tobacco for those who want to receive analog tobacco sensations with no-frills. Even without the combustion of traditional smoke, this e-liquid is the most faithful thing that can be to a real and traditional tobacco smoke. Domineering in all the phases of the puff, it preserves an irreproachable aromatic constancy and above all, the lack of particular aromatic deviations, makes it the perfect all day for all those who prefer to vape strong tobacco tastes.
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    Aroma coffee-flavored, rich and enveloping, it will delight you with its heavenly flavor. The sweet and velvety texture gives every svapata the same feeling the first morning coffee.

    Kikko shows an unmistakable and very realistic smell of roasted coffee bean. At the vaping species during the inspiration and the central phases of the puff, the pleasant olfactory sensations are lost a little, in favor of a dry but not well defined aromatic timbre. The tail notes instead find a more recognizable aromatic profile and leave at first a pleasant toasted sensation with evident notes of hazelnut shell, and in the aromatic persistence at the end of vaping, the feeling of having just finished sipping a bitter espresso coffee.
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    This sweet and carefree aroma will tickle your senses and take you back to nature. Its light texture ensures relaxing and enjoyable experience.

    With Dolcezza you get lost in a timeless aromatic fairy tale. Its sweet taste, although probably not suitable for long sessions of vaping, charms at every puff, overwhelming the papillae that seem literally immersed in a sea of ripe strawberries. Moreover, during the body notes up to exhalation, the flavor of the strawberry is flanked by the evident slightly spicy and spicy nuances of cinnamon, for an aromatic combination to say the least sensual.
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    Here is the full taste of the sea! A nice mixture of tobacco and liquor in barrels is what you need to release your more adventurous side!

    In this tobacco mixture the rum is the true protagonist of the bouquet, and manages to take the scene from the first puff with its vaguely sweet but equally penetrating scents. The tobacco in our opinion suffers a bit from the boldness of the liqueur component, thus remaining slightly hidden in the rear areas. The result is a mix with connotations that are still tasty and very summer, always delicate but with a more than good post aromatic persistence on the palate. Blond and bland tobacco, ideal for vaping on modern entry level systems.
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