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Name: Mfeng lapd Kit (Sigelei – Snowwolf) – Kit 

Formato: Dual battery 18650

Max Power: 200 Watt

Colors: all colors see the image

Price: ~ € 65

Mfeng lapd Kit the brand new and colorful atom battery and box kit made in China by Sigelei

Back today we talk about hardware and we do it with the new kit arrived directly from the Chinese manufacturer Sigelei that puts in the catalog a huge range of boxes and atomizers trying to establish itself in the market of electronic cigarettes, focusing on aesthetics and functionality. Sigelei uses its Snowwolf brand to introduce a large amount of hardaware into the market that have as a common point the white wolf that is recalled in the names, shapes and even in the details.

The new kit that lands directly on our pages is one of those objects that if shown in public can only attract attention, with an ecstasy of “or love or hate”. But let’s start talking about it together:


1* MFENG 200W Box Mod

1* WOLF Tank

1* 0.2ohm WF Coil

1* 0.16ohm WF-H Coil

1* Spare Glass Tube

1*MicroUSB Cable

1* Instructional Manual



Let’s talk immediately of the box, which as mentioned at the beginning in our description, certainly jumps to the eye for its forms, in the first beat in the front high we find an important display set in a black glass background well blended in the structure of the box, in the upper part of the glass we find the manufacturer’s logo, obviously, a stylized wolf. At the base of the structure we find the + and – keys for the management of the watts and the passage in the various menus. Under them the USB socket for charging. Turning the box here is the element characterizing a large wolf covered in gold with red eyes, the predator covers almost the entire central part of the box, which leaves no room for other elements. The fire button occupies the side of the box characterized by important plugs that facilitate the grip, the key is very precise and not signs of weakness. At a glance the box is divided into two parts from the frame that houses the fire button and that breaks the overall color tone of the box. The box seems to be covered with an almost velvety material that gives an excellent sensation to the touch

The batteries are inserted by removing the back part, the one with the wolf, through a small slit on the left side and the whole is held together by three magnets. The magnets are solid and the panel shows no signs of moving from its housing. The final result of the box is certainly excellent, the feeling of solidity is excellent is well assembled .. but do not be scared by the wolf!

1 1PZGH5292c


Surely the box does not excel for its portability, this is also due to its external metal structure, while inside there are plastic materials, certainly in the market we certainly find more concrete solutions, but everything is designed to be very convenient, the inserts tessellated with sides and the velvet-like coating “glue the box to our hand” and give us the fire button is reached well and is “clickable” both in the upper part and in the lower part.

The box measures 91.5 mm in height, is 49.0 mm wide and 30.0 mm deep, mounts two 18650 batteries that make it reach a weight of 250g. A weight certainly not contained, this is also due to the really successful construction of metal material that increases the weight but makes it really solid without forgetting the huge metal wolf plated in gold that looks at us as if we were his prey.


So we come to talk about the circuit and its functions, in general a circuit without infamy and without praise. The circuit is really simple to use, with 3 clicks we enter the menus that in the first place we find the submenu mode that selected with the fire button allows us once entered by moving with the + and – keys to select between 5 modes the temperature control for Ni200, Titanium, and SS, the classic power mode with the ability to deliver the delivery between Soft, Normal, Hard, the user mode then going to act on the delivery curve and the features of preheat. All this is quite immediate and with a few clicks you will be able to set the box according to your needs. In the first menu you can choose between screens with which we can change the brightness and the theme for the user interface that shows all the necessary information thanks to a good brightness and a good pixel density. Set instead allows us to set the energy saving mode that will limit the use of the battery and consequently lower the power supplied. All very simple!

Obviously the box is equipped with all the protection of the case both software and hardware in fact the chip mounts short-circuit protection, temperature protection, protection against unintentional activations. Furthermore, in the inner part of the rear panel, therefore, where the batteries are housed, we find an insulator that reassures us and protects us from short-lived shorts.

Speaking of battery management we say that we are in line with the other boxes of this range, given our latest experiences we would have expected a little more, say that for compulsive vapors a recharge halfway through the day will be necessary. The box is not equipped with fast charging, so as always we recommend the use of an external charger.

Concluding the circuit offers the classic basic functions, the chip responds well to commands and there have never been problems in delivery that is well calibrated according to the type of preheat set. A box that does the few things in a simple but practical way.

snowwolf mfeng 200w tc starter kit 1

We do not often use the temperature counter but a small test with a coil in the steel we did it for completeness and we can say that the box does not shine in this mode as in WW, if you are interested in temperature control surely this is not the box for you.


The box is really easy to use but the limited functionality is very good, its main feature, the keys do not miss a shot the large 1.3-inch menu is easy to consult and shows the strictly necessary information, I would define a plug and play box screw atom, refill, set the watts and .. enjoy.

SnowWolf WOLF Sub-Ohm Tank:

So we come to talk about the second element of the kit, inside we find the SnowWolf WOLF Sub-Ohm Tank, atomizer 25mm and 51mm high, available in TPD version with 2ml glass or with rounded glass to increase the capacity to 6ml. Equipped with top-up charging thanks to the comfortable leak-proof top cap and once unscrewed by access to a large buttonhole on the side for the liquid. A small clarification due to the atom does not lose but often unscrewing the cap to recharge the liquid in the upper part and under the drip tip we find a lot of condensation and a few drops of liquid The atom is designed for a lung pull and based on the resistance mounted we can get a more or less airy shot. The regulation of the air is entrusted to a ring on the base, the holes in spite of the resistances are designed for many watts and exclusively for a shot of the lung are smaller than the competitors, and that is why shooting with both resistors tested it is less airy, it is not a defect but it gives us the chance to experience a slightly contrasted pulmonary shot. The amount of steam produced is considerable and manages to return many aromatic notes that other atomizers of the category are lost. I found it really good on fruity liquids, returning body and roundness where others have failed.

kit snowwolf


The mod has as its strong point the simplicity of use and try with an attractive graphics to carve a place in the world of dual battery, certainly must like because the lines are weighed down by the animal decoration on the reto. The only shame for the really ridiculous duration of the resistors supplied because surely the atom has a great potential.

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Consigliato a: skilled e hardcore vapers.