E-liquid review: Miami – linea Whatsamericavape (Blendfeel) 50 ml- received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 26 PG / 74 VG

Batch: 1615307050040002

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Expiry date: 19/12/2018

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200w plus + Recoil RDA dual coil 0.22 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50 mm ) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

After talking and telling to you our impressions on New York and Los Angeles by Blendfeel, we are now dealing with the third product of the Whatsamericavape line, which is a bit of a turn to the big productions coming from the other side of the Atlantic. Today we are going to talk about Miami.

I remind you that the Whatsamericavape Line is made up of 8 products in the double version “ready” or “concentrated juices”; At present, commercially available liquids are 7, and it remains just one e-liquid to be unveiled at the end of next July. “Ready” products are in 50 ml bottle with nicotine 0 based on 70/30 VPG, while “concentrates” are based on 74/26 VPG and should be diluted with a “nicotine booster” of 5 ml to get 50 ml Product finals.

For the packaging information and the bottle I refer you to New York Review.

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As mentioned earlier in the two previous reviews, on the official site of Whatsamericavape there are no official descriptions of the products, but for each of them Blendfeel reports the hashtags that identify the core ingredients of each product; In the case of Miami today’s liquid, the following hashtags are reported:

#Peach&lime #Toasted #Custard #Caramel #Sweet

Miami has a distinct contrast between creamy and pungent notes of citrus fruit that seem to create a spicy effect in the general scent of the liquid. I also note a background with a slight alcoholic velvet, which is accompanied by light caramel tips. Even in this case, as in the previous line products, everything seems mixed in American style. And how could it be different? Scents tend to blend and confuse each other.

At vape Miami, appears a liquid that, under the common remains of an American classic, conceals a somewhat complex and articulated structure, starting with the ingredients used and their singular combinations. My Recoil RDA, launched at a power of 70 watts, immediately gives rise to the complexity of this mix, suggesting from the first breath a set of unsound aromatic scents, the result of a somewhat unusual fusion between the various “components”.

In inspiration a pleasant terro-fruity sensation, framed by a discreet sugary base, opens the stage of this creation, revealing the lines of almost spicy nuances. Only after a few mouthfuls of insects you can feel the aromatic hints that determine the particular feeling in the snare: a peach, in my opinion, unmatched and almost woody, combines with a thin caramel veil. A very interesting scenario that can accommodate all the creamy fragrance, which emerges with conviction in the heart of the whip and creates a wonderful contrast of harmony.

All Miami’s aromatic structure lives on the perfect balance that Blendfeel has been able to deliver on paper-contrasting ingredients that are difficult to combine. Even the lime, which decides decisively in the tail notes, together with the custard cream and the scent of fishing, in short, the rest of the mix, gives a whimsical and vibrant vivacity to the whole e-liquid.

Exotic and extravagant, able to recreate with charm the “caliente” atmospheres typical of the beaches of Florida and its princely city. An e-liquid, in a soft and creamy frame, and with very balanced aromatic loads for a vibrant and colorful natural perception.

Very good also appears Miami’s aromatic persistence, exalted by the caramelized “sweetner” dose that creates the typical “dependence” of cloud chasing liquids. With this, I do not mean that Miami is specifically a cloud chasing liquid, in fact, it is a somewhat versatile product for any vape style. Certainly, his sweetness induces a certain compulsivity and as such is well-matched with a particularly vaporous and aggressive snatch.

An all-day summer to take under the umbrella, even if you do not have it in Miami …

ico 4

Pro: Intriguing exotic combination of apparently contrasting ingredients.

Cons: It’s a “cotton killer” e-liquid.