Name and Format: Milano (Blendfeel) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: 19166600050001

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Used Base: 50 PG / 45 VG / 5 H2O

Expiry date: 09/2021

Devices: ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire RTA single coil 1.10 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) + Flash e-Vapor 4.5s RTA single coil 0.85 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Speaking of Milan, a famous slogan from the 1980s read: “It is reborn every morning, it beats like a heart; Milan is positive, optimistic, efficient; Milan is to live, dream and enjoy …, Milan to drink”. Milan, the nerve center of Italy that accepts the challenges imposed by the times and that, despite a thousand difficulties, wins them. Even in vaping, Milan is the symbol of an Italy that for a decade has wanted to look forward to the future, understanding and accepting the potential of a new, modern and above all much less harmful sector than analogue smoking.

The Milan to drink of the 80s is now also the Milan to vape.

Blendfeel, a Lombard e-liquid manufacturing company, as well as a flagship among manufacturers in the Po Valley and throughout Italy, wanted to dedicate a tobacco flavored concentrated aroma with the same name of the city of Milan. Aroma Milano belongs to the “Aroma di Tabacco Selection” line (Irish Black, Pays, Double Spicy, US Rose) and is sold in a 10 ml amber glass bottle to be mixed at 10% in a recommended base 40 PG/50 VG/10 H2O or in a 50/50 base.

Milano Blendfeel

Blendfeel officially describes its Milano aroma as follows:

Torniamo in patria, nella Milano che corre ma che riesce a fermarsi per gustarsi la vita. Perche´non assaporare il gusto di un amaro agrumato che inebria una miscela di tabacco americano? Ecco Milano un altro connubio aromatico particolare e sfizioso impossibile da non assaporare.

Let’s go back to our homeland, to the Milan that runs but manages to stop and enjoy life. Why not savor the taste of a citrusy bitter that elates a blend of American tobacco? Here is Milano, another particular and delicious aromatic combination impossible not to taste.


Milano tobacco aroma presents itself on the smell with an intense but at the same time delicious scented note of citrus fruits among which the hints of orange undoubtedly stand out. Just the orange, sweet and lively, stands as the absolute protagonist of the test, dominating the olfactory scene far and wide and consequently relegating the tobacco component of this creation to a very marginal role. Throughout the course of the nasal test, the tobacco mixture mentioned in the description struggles to emerge except through a faint vegetal background nuance. I immediately go to the vape test to better understand the characteristics of this Blendfeel aroma.


For the vape test I will again rely on a pair of German atomizers with different characteristics, but precisely for this reason able to enhance the Milano aroma characteristics. I will be using ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire and version 4.5 S of the Flash e-Vapor.


The good olfactory perceptions are amplified in the vape test, indeed to be honest they are improved as in vape they open, better enhancing some facets remained hidden during the nasal test. From the first puff, Milano offers a tasty and pleasant and above all sparkling vape experience! Yes, you got it sparkling, precisely because on the palate you perceive a light sparkling note that, joining with bitter-sweet nuances, surprises and fascinates me, making me immediately think of the pleasant experience of sipping a prosecco.

There is no doubt that in creating this aroma, Blendfeel has thought of paying homage to the economic capital of Italy, with one of its most recognized and irrefutable distinctive elements: the aperitif. And Milano by Blendfeel from the first sip, oops excuse me, from the first puff, remember no ifs and buts, a sparkling spritz garnished with a nice slice of orange.

Spritz agrumi

And what about tobacco? Although this e-liquid is in my opinion slightly (and I add deliberately) unbalanced towards the flavoring component, it is not difficult during the vape to identify the delicate tobacco background finishes. They emerge already during the inhalation, but become more vivid and present in the heart and at the end of the puff, and are placed side by side with skill and elegance with the bitter, sweet and sparkling notes of the cocktail. They are mainly vegetable and soft tobacco hints, typical of light tobacco leaves and, even with the help of the manufacturer’s own description, I deduce it may be a blend of Virginia and Burley tobaccos.

virginia american blend

Virginia and Burley compose a sort of American blend (even without the presence of the Oriental) which in the economy of this aroma does not play a mere scenographic role but on the contrary contributes to slightly thicken the bouquet giving it greater body and aromatic consistency. The most experienced will notice it for sure but even if it were not so, never mind, because what always counts, is the final result that in the case of Milano is certainly commendable.

The aroma just for how it was built, for its aromatic range so sunny and wide, lends itself well to being vaped not only in MTL but also in flavor chasing, and I assure you that it does not disappoint at all, because with greater airiness it manages to give greater breath and exaltation to its already prominent flavoring components.

Milan to drink, Milano to vape, Milano that puts a good mood.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 2-3 days

Pro: A lively, lively and sweet flavored tobacco that puts you in a good mood.

Cons: Unbalanced towards the flavoring part, consequently not very suitable for pure tobacco purists.