Name e Format: Moka (Dago E-liquids) – Mix series e-liquid 50 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: MK0011119

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 11/2021

Devices: Vaporesso Swag II 80 W + Vapefly Brunhilde MTL RTA single coil 1.2 ohm (Nichrome 80 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

A few weeks ago I told you about Choko, one of the three new liquids presented by Dago during the last Vapitaly Pro in Rome and today, to continue with the absolute novelties offered by the young and brilliant italian company, I will try for you Moka, an e-liquid marketed in 50 ml mix series format to be completed with a 10 ml base to obtain the 60 ml of finished product ready to vape.

From the official description given by the manufacturer, it is clear how, exactly in the same way as Choko, also Moka is a creamy e-juice, perfect and suitable for the winter season:

Moka è una crema di vaniglia molto delicata, guarnita con del caramello e arricchita da lievi note nocciolate; il tutto poggia su un sottile sottofondo tostato di caffè.

Moka is a very delicate vanilla cream, garnished with caramel and enriched with light nutty notes; the whole rests on a thin toasted coffee background.


Moka on smell analysis immediately reveals a rich and convincing aromatic score. A toasted base subtends a tasty scent of vanilla cream, with a massive presence of caramel. The caramelized fragrance expands in the round on the whole aromatic structure, but does not prevent my nostrils from picking up small hazelnut tips right at the end of my test. Moka overall has a soft and round bouquet, in which it seems to reign absolute balance and the feeling of naturalness among its ingredients.

It is also true that this recipe does not give new  and innovative sensations, the recognized perfumes are quite common in the large e-liquids panorama, but before reaching hasty conclusions about the originality of the e-liquid, there is to face the essential proof of vape that promises to be very interesting.

For the vape test I rely on the quality of Vapefly’s latest creation, namely Brunhilde MTL RTA which for the occasion I set for a restricted flavor chasing vape.


The sweet and soft sensations perceived on the smell test, turn now on vape towards more indented coastlines, presenting aromatic coves very well hidden to my nostrils. In inspiration, in fact, sharp, nutty scents give the e-liquid an unexpectedly different tone; I appreciate the dry nuances of the hazelnut that penetrate the palate and thanks to a light background of roasted coffee, make the initial cue of Moka almost a tobacco stamp. A warm, intriguing and enveloping impact.

To the roasted and dried fruit notes at the beginning of the puff, a creamy base with naturally sweet tones is added in the central phases of vape. The apparent dualism between elements with profoundly different characteristics is solved by the presence of a consistent caramel coulis, which binds and harmonizes the vigor of hazelnuts and coffee bed with the roundness of a soft vanilla cream.

The amalgam between all the ingredients of Moka is unquestionably perfect and in addition the e-liquid is never messed up, and can be appreciated and enjoyed with pleasure for every single aromatic nuance.

The Moka sensorial experience is always pleasant and tasty, supported by an undoubted sense of high quality, although in this recipe I feel the lack of a hint of originality, a Dago typicalcharacteristic typical. Evidently Dago with this e-liquid wanted to focus on a proven recipe that was attractive to a wide and varied public. A creamy mix perfect for snuggling up on gray winter days. The added value is certainly in the high quality of the raw materials used.

Quality that shines through in the perception of every single component of the mix, from the freshness of hazelnuts, through the light roasting of real coffee beans, to end with the sinuosity of a vanilla cream with vaguely spicy features and with a filling of full-bodied caramel. No strange smell or chemical aftertaste, in Moka everything is so natural that it looks like an “organic” e-liquid; its ingredients could easily be all natural extracts.

The intense and full-bodied Moka vaping closes with a winking trail of caramel that gently persists on the palate at the end of vaping. An excellent all day, warm, enveloping and never too sweet.

What if Dago offered us a “reserve” version with some new unpublished ingredients?

Pro: Intense and full-bodied creamy recipe for the winter. Not very sweet but very natural.

Cons: Fairly common recipe.