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E-liquid review: Molly (Modus Vapors)  10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: none

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: none

Expiry date: none

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dual coil 0,42 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 ga) with japanese organic cotton.

Modus Vapors is a US brand represented and distributed in Europe by DGC Brands Limited ( We will review Molly today. One of the two e-liquid provided by the manufacturer for our reviews.

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It is indisputable the desire of Modus Vapors to transfer charm to the packaging of this product. Mystery and curiosity envelop the portrait of Molly. A mistress? A fair? Or perhaps a Pagan divinity in a fantasy style that looks sensual and altruistic to us? What’s hidden behind that mask?

Modus’s official description partly solves our curiosity:

Strawberry sour belt candy.

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Behind that mysterious mask, in the depths of that look at him, fantasizing about those fleshy lips … here’s a strawberry candy ready to make us dream.

Modus Molly

Molly has an olfactory impact equal to his official description. Lace. Strawberry fragrance … of strawberry flavor. The impact is no longer inviting than others, in fact … it is rather disappointing.

The vaporization has a lazy and flat e-liquid. One of the most banal aromatic interpretations of a fruit, the strawberry, which we know very well has enormous potential. Cremosity, texture, abundant sweetness, allow a good strawberry flavor of exalted natural fruity characteristics, pushing them to the unreal for a superior and addictive taste. It is not unfortunately the case of seductive Molly, whose character is frightened of emotions. But the motivation of all this is precisely in its official description.


strawberry sour belts

The “strawberry sour belt candy” are strawberry flavored strawberry strips. Very sweet and full of aroma. Their aromatic impact is always unnatural, but very powerful. Well … we are not talking about a particularly fine product of the confectionery industry.

But Molly, the appalling Molly, is inspired by thisnot a juicy and sensual strawberry. The choice of a “sui generis” flavor, however, does not seem enough to evoke the promise of strawberry sour belt candy. Molly’s sweetening is not convincing and there is a lack of vaporization, the softness and aromatic vividness typical of these strawberry stripes, often garnished with what might just sound like sugar. Actually (in the original candy) it is a mix of sweeteners and stabilizers that, rather than sweetening the product, prevent the strips from sticking to one another, ruining the appearance. In truth, shape and appearance, they have no real connection with the taste of the product to which Molly is inspired. Just like her portrait on seductive packaging. No concrete relevance … and it would not be a novelty in the world of snatches.

In suction Molly shows this fruity character of synthetic strawberry from the acerbic construct. Relevant with the genus candy. The mix includes the inclusion of white caramel and thin gummy gums, very weak and ineffective. At vape, already consumed a few mls, Molly’s effect is boring and tends to dry mouth. All this to recall a strawberry sour belt candy?


ico 1

Pro: Straight strawberry flavors, but pertinent to the kind suggested by the product description.

Cons: The construction is unmatched in the candy genus. Not enough. This results in a product of an acrid, unfinished and boring taste.