Name: Mulus (Aspire) – Pod Mod – received by Vaporoso

Type: Pod Mod, AIO

Colors: Shale Black, Lava Flow, Psychedelic Blue, Deep Valley

Price: ~ € 48

Aspire Mulus much more than an entry level pocket box

Although several months have already passed since its official release, today we are dealing with Mulus, an AIO system by Aspire which, using different types of coils, makes ductility its strong point. Do not be fooled by the competitive price of this AIO, pocket box or pod mod, if you like, because, although technically is an entry level product, this device has features suitable even for the most expert vapers.

We start as usual with observing the contents of the packaging of the product received.


1 x Mulus device
1 x Pod (4.2ml capacity)
1 x Coil adaptor
1 x Nautilus 2S mesh coil 0.7ohm (pre installed)
1 x Nautilus BVC coil 1.8ohm
1 x Tigon coil 0.4ohm
1 x Tigon coil 1.20hm
1 x USB type-C charging cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty card


The Aspire Mulus is undoubtedly a solid and quality mod and its constructive goodness is immediately palpable by taking it in hand: you can appreciate the robustness of the aluminum alloy shell combined with the pleasant design of the resin panel. On the upper part of the resin panel there is the large circular fire button, flush with the panel itself. The rear (removable) panel of the mod is completely made in black aluminum, has two large vertical windows suitable for e-liquid control level and also for the passage of air that reaches the internal coil. Under the panel we can see the compartment for the pod and immediately below, a rectangular display (0.5 x 1.9 cm) showing the battery charge level, the coil value and the vape parameters (volts and watts). The two function buttons “+” and “-” are positioned next to the display, while the battery compartment is visible on the right side. The anchoring of the aluminum panel to the body of the mod is possible thanks to three powerful magnets.

Aesthetically speaking, the Aspire Mulus presents itself with rather sinuous lines and a modern design, though not totally innovative; in fact, it is quite evident that this device clearly makes the verse to a box made in the USA of enormous success and very popular among the worldwide hard vapers. Good but not optimal in my opinion is the ergonomics of the mod that makes the best use of the rounded corners to allow a safe grip even for those who do not have very large hands. Unfortunately, however, it is the thickness and weight of the mod (far from negligible) that does not allow us to say that the Aspire Mulus is a pod mod with perfect ergonomics.


Aspire Mulus measures 87.2 x 50.3 x 23.4 mm for a weight with battery of approximately 156 grams. These numbers substantially confirm what was stated in the previous chapter, namely that we are faced with a very robust box but also with a moderate weight and size, although it is certainly not prohibitive to use it as a walking mod.

Unlike most of the mods on the market, with the Aspire Mulus the canonical sequence of 5 close clicks does not turn the box on/off but simply serves to lock/unlock it. Once the mod is locked and holding the “fire” button for about two seconds, the device will turn off permanently. When the device is off, you will have to turn it on again with 5 close clicks.

It is also possible to lock the “+” and “-” keys located under the aluminum flap; in this case it is necessary to press the “fire” button 3 times in rapid sequence. By holding down the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously, you access to the menu for choosing the three device vaping modes: watts, volts and bypass. To select and confirm the chosen mode, once shown on the display, simply press the “fire” button.

It is clear that the functional characteristics of the Aspire Mulus are not at all complex even if in our opinion they do not address a typical entry level user, this because the device offers the vaper the possibility of juggling variwatt, varivolt and bypass modes and therefore to personalize your vaping at least to a minimum.

The Aspire Mulus pod (4.2 ml capacity in the standard version and 2 ml in the TPD version) can mount both the coil of the Nautilus atomizer and those of the Tigon atomizer. To place the pod into its compartment there’s a spring-loaded 510 pin that holds the pod itself firmly in its position. However, some attention is required to correctly insert and fit the pod.


As we have just said, Aspire Mulus offers the possibility of using both the Nautilus atomizer coils and the Tigon system coils. In the first case, the coils must be screwed onto a small airflow control adapter and then inserted under pressure (plug & play) inside the pod. If, on the other hand, Tigon coils are used, they must be located directly into the cartridge (not with the airflow adapter). These operations must necessarily be carried out after having appropriately removed the cartridge from its compartment.

If the coiling operations require a minimum of care by the user, on the contrary it is very simple to proceed with the e-liquid refill inside the pod. In fact, it will be sufficient to lift the orange silicone cap and proceed fill in your e-juice. The total transparency of the cartridge allows finally to check in absolute safety the e-liquid level inside the pod.


The performances offered by the Aspire Mulus chipset are absolutely good; the mod is reactive, always precise and fluid in delivery and the 18650 battery offers an undoubted duration in terms of time of use especially if you opt for a MTL vape (coil Aspire 0.7 or 1.8 ohm and Tigon coil of 1.2 ohm). The low and flared drip tip with its 7 mm diameter hole is more suitable for a flavor chasing vape, but the 510 attachment on the pod allows you to use any 510 attachment drip tip.

Regarding the aromatic performances of the four coils in the package, we observed the following:

  • Aspire coil 2S 0.7 ohm: although the range of vaping indicated is between 20 and 25 watts, I can assure you that with this coil you can have an excellent vaping even in MTL, by appropriately adjusting the airflow. The qualities of this Aspire coil have long been universally recognized, and even within this system its aromatic performance is truly excellent with any type of e-liquid;
  • Aspire BVC coil 1.8 ohm: it is one of the manufacturer’s historical coils and after years of its first release it continues to be widely used on Aspire systems and beyond. Designed exclusively for a MTL vape (range 10-14 watts), it offers the best of itself in this range and keeping the airflow as closed as possible. This coil performs very well with dry and strong tobacco e-liquids and fruity liquids (VPG 50/50), while it does not particularly excel with sweet and complex creamy ones;
  • Tigon coil 1,2 ohm: coil designed exclusively for a MTL vaping with a range of action between 10 and 12 watts and e-liquids in VPG 50/50 composition. From our tests we have found this coil perfect for dry and unflavored tobacco e-juices;
  • Tigon coil 0.4 ohm: it is the ideal coil for lovers of restricted flavor chasing. The indicated range of vaping is 23-28 watts and can vaporize VPG 70/30 liquids well. The airiness (as we said previously, not modifiable) is perfect for a not too airy vaping DL and, around 25-26 watts, this coil offers very good aromatic performances especially with creamy liquids and also with some fruity recipes.

Ultimately we can say that Aspire Mulus offers a wide choice of head coils, all of which are able to offer aromatic performances that are certainly above the market average. In addition, the manufacturer has created an RBA base to be purchased separately (unfortunately it has not been supplied to us) that allows the more experienced vapers to make their own coils and to use on this device also organic tobacco e-liquids so appreciated in our country.


Aspire Mulus is a quality AIO system which, due to its characteristics, winks not exactly at an inexperienced vaper audience as to those who, after a first purchase, want to switch to a more complex and performing system, and also to the experienced vaper who will be able to use it as a very practical, comfortable and valid walking system.

Recommended to: skilled and hardcore vapers.

  • 9.5/10
    In the Box - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Features - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Coiling, Wicking and Filling - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Performances and Flavour - 9/10

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