Name: Nautilus 2s Tank (Aspire) – Atomizer- received by Vaporoso

Type: Tank Atomizer

Colors: Stainless Steel, Space Gray, Black, Blue, Rainbow,

Price: ~ € 25

The Nautilus Aspire family never ends … Here is the Nautilus 2s!

The Nautilus atomizer is almost certainly considered the best tank atomizer ever dedicated to mouth to lung vape (MTL). Manufactured and marketed for the first time by Aspire about 5 years ago, this tank, still on the market, with its longevity and its appreciation, has irrefutably demonstrated its undisputed qualities.

The eldest son from the Aspire family was followed by its younger brothers: Nautilus mini, Nautilus 2, and Nautilus X; all of them have tried with alternating fortunes to be worthy successors of the major of the family, but none has succeeded completely in the intent. The Nautilus 2 was in my opinion the most successful atomizer among the successors of the Nautilus, but it was not exempt from small-big defects. Today Aspire, with the newborn Nautilus 2s, promises to have finally found the worthy successor of the good old Nautilus.

Ready for the Nautilus 2s test?

As usual, at the start of the article we take care to observe the contents of the packaging of the product received (in my case in rainbow color).


1 x Aspire Nautilus 2S tank
1 x 1.8 ohm BVC coil (installed)
1 x 0.4 ohm BVC coil
1 x Spare pyrex glass
1 x Extra drip tip
1 x O-rings
1 x User manual


From an aesthetic point of view the Nautilus 2s does not differ much from the pleasant bell shape already seen in Nautilus 2. Sweet and rounded lines that, at least these, had already marked a huge step forward compared to the first Nautilus version. Compared to version 2, changes the shape of the window to control the e-liquid level, now almost elliptical in spite of the previous circular. The two drip-tips supplied are combined well with the bell shape, both the steel one, longer and tapered, and the shorter and wider one in polycarbonate. Personally I must say that I find the solution with the first of the two drip tips more appealing from an aesthetic point of view, but it is really a matter more than ever of personal taste.

From a constructive point of view, the Nautilus 2s immediately gives a sense of solidity and enviable robustness as soon as you take it into your hands. The atomizer is made entirely of stainless steel, with the borosilicate glass tank. The processing of steel is perfect and free from any type of deburring, just as perfect is in my opinion the degree of resistance of the o-rings for the regulation of the airflow, for the sealing of the glass, the head coil and the drip tip.


The Nautilus 2s has a diameter of 23 mm, a height of about 58.5 mm (excluding the 510 thread pin), a weight of about 55 gr and a capacity of 2.6 ml in the standard version (there is also a TPD version with 2.0 ml of capacity). This tank completely disassembled consists of a deck, from which you can remove the air control ring, from a glass tank, and from the top cap.

An important new feature introduced with the Nautilus 2s compared to the Nautilus 2, concerns airflow control. In fact, this atomizer tank is equipped with a dual air management mode: the MTL (mouth to lung) mode for a very restricted puff, which includes five tiny 0.8 mm holes that can be selected in sequence from 1 to 5; the DTL mode (direct to lung), in reality we can define it as restricted flavor chasing, which provides a large buttonhole of the air. This novelty was introduced by Aspire with the intent of providing the vaper with a ductile atomizer capable of being used with two different vaping styles.

For this reason, in addition to the classic 1.8 ohm Nautilus head coil (10-14 watt vaping range), the manufacturer has also created a 0.4 ohm head coil (23-28 watt range) for a more airy vape.

The top cap features the new e-liquid refill system at the top. This is not a completely innovative solution, but it is certainly a proven and effective solution.


To proceed with the refill operations, it is necessary to unscrew (until the stop point) the dome of the bell and, in correspondence with a small cleat on the body of the top cap, you must slide the dome towards the outside (see the photo below). The operation is very simple and comfortable, and above all, thanks to the screwing/unscrewing system of the dome of the top cap, it is proof of accidental spills of liquid.


Since the Nautilus 2s was built with the intent of being used for both mouth to lung vape and a flavor chasing vape, it has been my duty to test the atomizer’s performance in its dual role.

Mouth to lung vape (MTL) 

The behavior of the Nautilus 2s with the 1.8 ohm head coil is unexceptionable. The puff is fluid, linear and sufficiently silent (there is only a slight hiss with 1 and 2 open holes). Considering its capacity, the e-liquid consumption is in my opinion in the market average for this type of atomizers.

But what struck me most during the test, was its the aromatic performance and also the amount of vapor emitted. If it is true that the eye always wants its part, well be sure that in this, the Nautilus 2s will not disappoint you at all. With just about ten watts you will witness the big production of clouds worthy of an airy dripping atomizer. Obviously the copious steam production should always be effectively supported by a quality aromatic yield, and this is exactly what happens with the Nautilus 2s in MTL configuration. The latest creation of the Aspire house proved to be really excellent in covering a wide aromatic spectrum, managing to make the aromatic facets well perceive even of rather complex recipes. The steam produced is not particularly fat and wet, so with this configuration, the Nautilus 2s seems more suitable for tobacco and fruity e-juices. The aroma of the puff in the heart notes is really superb, a little bland perhaps in the tail notes. In any case, its performances are of a very high level.

Direct to lung vape (DTL)

After installing the 0.4 ohm head coil produced specifically by Aspire for the Nautilus 2s, I am ready for the second test.

The increase in airiness together with an increase in watts (range 23-28 watts) does not result in a significant decrease in the atomizer performances. The power supply is constant and precise and the 0.4 ohm head coil feeds well even with rather dense e-liquids; you can also afford a composition VPG 70/30, but personally I would recommend not to go beyond a 60/40 to not drastically reduce the duration of the head coil itself. The puff is nice and linear just like in MTL mode, and even in this case the steam production is quite copious (obviously more than in MTL). The abundant steam emitted by Nautilus 2s in flavor chasing mode is on average dry and as seen for the first test, confirms the tendency to facet very well the aromatic components of e-liquid, preferring perhaps a little more aromatic nuances of fruity e-liquid and slightly less the roundness of the creamy ones. Overall, however, even with the 0.4 ohm head coil the performance of the Nautilus 2s is of very high quality.


Aspire, after some results not really exciting with some models following the timeless Nautilus, finally with the Nautilus 2s has hit the mark! The Chinese company has succeeded in manufacturing a new Nautilus able not only to match the performance of the firstborn of the family, but to overcome them thanks to its versatility. The solution of the new 0.4 ohm head coil, combined with a second drip tip and a second more generous air loop, gives the opportunity to the vapers to having fun between MTL and DTL vape.

It will certainly be one of the entry level top atomizers of 2019!

Recommended to: newbies and hardcore vapers.