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Name: Nunchaku (Uwell) – Kit with Atomizer Nunchaku tank – received by Gearbest

Format: Single 18650 VV-VW-TC mod

Max Power: 80 Watt

Colors: Metallic green, Stainless Steel, Full Black, Black & Gold, Sapphire Blue, Purple, Rainbow.

Price: ~ € 55


Nunchaku, the regulated tube mod by Uwell

Uwell, the manufacturer of the legendary Crown Tank, has always distinguished itself within the big panorama of manufacturers made in China for its incredible creativity and desire to amaze with stylistically new and innovative products. And so when he decided to try his hand at making its first mod, it did not fail in its creative spirit and presented on the market a particular mod: a regulated tube!

A return to the past? Will it make a trend? Will it mark the return to fashion of dear old tube with a circuit a few years ago?

Let’s start by looking at the contents of the package together.


1 x Uwell Nunchaku mod
1 x Uwell Nunchaku tank
1 x Extra quartz glass
1 x 0.25 ohm coil (installed)
1 x 0.4 ohm coil
1 x Pack of replacement O-rings
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x User manual

VapeK 000197 Nuchaku prodotto


The Uwell Nuchaku mod takes its name from the Japanese word “Nunchaku” which identifies a traditional weapon of the countries of East Asia, consisting of two sticks joined together by a short chain. In fact, especially in its two versions in black, total black and black and gold, the mod is very reminiscent of the weapon made famous all over the world by the great Bruce Lee.

The mod does not have the classic cylindrical shape of a mechanical tube, but it has a slightly rounded shape in its central part and this gives it a very pleasant and sinuous line with a modern and minimal look.

The body of the Nuchaku is made entirely of stainless steel with an excellent anodized finish. Holding in the hand the tube restores a feeling of solidity and robustness really incredible. The activation button, placed in the upper part of the tube, although presenting a very light lateral play, behaves very well and above all is easily reachable with any type of handle. At the bottom of the tube are the two buttons for navigation within the menu, the watt adjustment etc. and a small OLED screen of about 1″ with the classic info on power, battery life, resistance value and volts of supply. The screen is definitely vintage, do you remember the Provari or the Vamo?

uwell nunchaku 80w kit


The rounded shape of the Nunchaku ensures excellent ergonomics although the overall weight of the kit (218 gr with battery) is not properly contained. Actually I would have expected a few grams less, but we must not forget that not always the construction quality goes hand in hand with the lightness of the product. Except for its weight slightly above average, the kit is easily held in hand and above all (being a tube) is easily transportable.


Let’s now take a look at the functions present on this mod. Uwell has tried to include within the circuit that regulates the Nuchaku the minimum for a current mod, providing it with the usual power mode (from 5 to 80 watts in 0.5 watt increments), the temperature control mode and the by-pass mode. The TC mode is however limited to the Nickel and Stainless Steel (SS) and also in this mode it is not possible to act on the watts (preset to 60W) but only on the temperature.

If on the one hand you have to take note of a somewhat limited function park, on the other hand within the 94.5 x 27.4 (at its widest point) cm of the Nuchaku, we will find respectable performances that will not disappoint at all the vaper. With any function you use it, this vape pen (because in the end it is a vape pen with interchangeable battery) behaves very well and with the right reactivity. The battery life is the only potential issue for the more than satisfactory performances of this kit. The coils for the tank supplied are designed for a range of power between 40 and 55 watts and in this sense it is understandable how a single 18650 battery can not makes miracles.

Even the decidedly old-fashioned screen can represent for many people a huge step backwards compared to what the market currently offers, but are we sure that it is such a macroscopic mistake of the manufacturer?

Nunchaku 18650


Absolute simplicity! This is what in my opinion Uwell has re-proposed in devising this mod. Rediscover the ease of approaching the circuit of a mod without having to go crazy among abstruse key combinations is a non-indifferent surplus that brought me back with pleasure a few years ago, thanks to the presence of this small screen reminiscent of the displays of some products that have made the history of vape. Remember the times when the electronic mod with the simple gesture of 3 clicks allowed access to the menu and its options? Well, it is an experience that you can relive with Nunchaku and it is not said that this is a minus for this product, indeed…


In this kit, the Nunchaku tube is combined with a tank atomizer: the Nunchaku tank. It is a 25.2 mm wide atomizer for a total height of 49.6 mm with top filling system thanks to a single and large slot, with a capacity of 5 ml. Inside the package, as seen at the beginning of the review, in addition to the usual replacement glass, there are two proprietary coils for this tank, a pre-installed 0.25 ohm (40-50 watts) and a second 0.4 ohm (45 -55 watts). The system adopted for inserting the coils inside the atomizer is the big news of this tank; it is a system called plug and pull that provides the housing of the coil simply by pressure thanks to the presence of appropriate o-rings. The Plug and pull system is functional, easy and effective, but perhaps it does not justify the growing tendency for manufacturers to insert in the kits, atomizers created ad hoc that do not add anything in terms of innovation and yield to those already existing on the market.

The Nunchaku tank is designed for vapers that want to approach the sub-ohm world with ease and security and from this point of view the atom performs well to its task, ensuring large clouds with moderate wattages. But it remains quite incomprehensible the choice to equip the atom with two coils similar in all respects from the power of vape, to the aromatic yield (discrete but not overwhelming), from the density of e-liquids that can be used to the amount of vapor produced.

Nunchaku tank


Uwell has made Nunchaku kit with a wink to the vaper audience, intrigued by the fascinating and eclectic world of the sub-ohm but still a beginner. For these people, Nuchaku is certainly an excellent choice to approach with quality and safety the practice of sub-ohm. A separate mention, however, should be made to the mod only, which in a typically rétro affluent, plunges into the past, in the long run governed by some historic electronic big-batteries, when the vape was just a mouth to lung vape. With this in mind, the Nunchaku tube combined with a suitable RTA MTL atomizer can really have an unsuspected value …

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Recommended to: skilled e hardcore vapers.