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Concentrated flavour review: Oaked Virginia (Vaporificio) 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 5190038

Expiry date: 09/2018

Base: 50 PG – 50 VG

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Devices: Therion bf dna75c + Speed revolution 0,70 ohm (Kantal A1 0,32 mm) with organic cotton.

Waited by many of our readers, not just Italians, today’s review returns to focus on the extraction of tobacco. Oaked Virginia is an aroma produced by Vaporificio. Italian brand now also known abroad for the care in cold extraction – by means of a maeration – of quality tobacco. Natural flavors of tobacco.

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The Vaporificio describes Oaked Virginia as follows:

Virginia aged in French oak barrels, to give the most beloved tobacco in the world, a greater balance and a smoky hint of toasted wood with a strong personality. Oaked Virginia is like a boy who has finally become a man.

That Virginia quality is the most loved tobacco variety in the world, personally, I have doubts. What is certain, however, and indisputable, is that the plantations of Virginia are the most widespread and that in the tobacco world, most of the products, but especially the mixtures, can not do without a certain amount of … Virginia tobacco. More than 60% of tobacco plantations are dedicated to growing the Virginia variety.

virginia leaf

Our most attentive readers already know why. One of the main reasons, rather than for aromatic qualities, is due to the appreciable combustion capacity of the famous Virginia. Thinking of a mixture of tobacco pipe, for example, here is that the presence of a given amount of Virginia tobacco, allows to balance the different humidity (also) in favor of better combustion. This characteristic of Virginia is certainly due to the genetics of the plant, but also to the care (and therefore to the drying processes) to which its leaves are subjected. Virginia is a tobacco with an excellent yield, in terms of quantity. Virginia does not throw anything … or almost.

cutting tobacco

Virginia itself is divided into two main varieties. Bright Virginia and Dark Virginia. Bright, more known and widespread, has a light color. The leaves are thin and the taste is sweet and delicate. The Dark Virginia now has a very low prevalence. Its leaves are brown, not too dark but intense. The taste of Dark Virginia is much more robust. Other varieties may refer to the cultivation of origin. In Italy, for example, a bright American is grown and a “bright traditional Italy” with a not very aromatic taste, but perfect to encourage the combustion of articulated pipe mixtures.

The drying process of Virginia, typical and traditional, is flue cured. A well-articulated method whose process lasts for years. In a cell, the frames are subjected to indirect heat from the fire in a forced ventilation environment. Thanks to these conditions the content of the sugars present in the leaves remains unaltered. A long and gradual process of humidification precedes the moment of extraction from the cell. So here is the Virginia flue cure process. Let us be content for the moment.


flue cured tobacco

By reacquiring the reins of this review, I proceed to a quick olfactory test. Just enough to tell you, as usual for this range of extracts, that the olfactory cues are not particularly significant. Which does not mean to say that they are completely absent. The olfactory profile of Virginia emerges faint and has a frame with warm, almost creamy accents. Unlike what you would expect, I do not perceive olfactory edges tending to acid. A note of subdued leather and vague woody assonances.


Without a doubt Oaked Virginia de Vaporificio is not a typical Virginia tobacco extract. It would be correct to say that it is not just a Virginia tobacco extract. In addition to the name “Oaked Virginia” which refers to the oak, the same description of the manufacturer reveals the distinctive habit of this aroma. As you have already read in fact, the producer tells us that this extraction took place through a maceration in French oak barrels. Actually, the Vaporificio talks about the “aging” of Virginia tobacco.

Proceeding with the vaporization test I can absolutely confirm that it is not just a Virginia aroma. On the contrary, the particularity introduced by the producer, this phase of aging in oak barrels, seems to have transformed the classic profile of the Virginia aroma. A profile only vaguely perceptible. The aspiration phase fails to communicate much. The puff appears dry and almost insipid. It is in the process of exhalation that creaminess, and woodiness envelop Virginia, typifying it and making it (thinking of a Virginia aroma) almost indistinguishable. How much vaping from me was diluted to 20% as recommended by the manufacturer. I do not think there is a way to strengthen Oaked Virginia. It is an aroma … not aromatic, or it would be more correct to speak of a very delicate and not very incisive aroma.

Oaked Virginia lends itself to a all day vape, slow and however meditative. It is not suitable for seeing that they consume large amounts of e-liquid. It deserves to be sieved … and not because it is an elegant aroma. A compulsive vaping would cause an increase in the temperature of the atomizer’s metals and this greatly flattens the taste of Oaked Virginia. The puffs must be slow, small. Maximum 3 in succession. Continuing in long sessions … the aroma of Oaked Virginia soon becomes elusive. On the threshold of banality.


Kentucky Tobacco JPG

Without a doubt, in obedience to what one would expect from a Virginia, very little, Oaked Virginia offers more valuable aromatic cues. But these are just as weak. It lacks that aromatic robustness that the imaginary would like to bring out from this aging (see description) adopted by the manufacturer to ennoble the extraction of Virginia. It is enough to allow ourselves, as usual for a vaper, a combination with a drink (alcoholic or not) to see the faint aroma that we tried to enjoy with slow and sporadic puffs fade away. Pleasant bites, be clear. Here … Oaked Virginia would be recommended to an audience of newbies … vape of tobacco extracts. Or to vaper very sensitive and attentive (a bit like us at The Flavourist).

Recommended dilution: 20%

Steeping time: as you like. Producer: 5/10 giorni.

ico 3

Pro: Delicate aroma. All day interesting.

Cons: Weak aging due to aging in oak barrels. It does not seem a particularly concentrated aroma.