Cigar Club 18.7 – Review


Officine Svapo Cigar Club is a line of tobacco extracts dedicated to all cigar-loving vapers. After the release of the Cigar Club 13.5 aroma at the end of last year, awarded at the Vape Italian Tobacco Awards in 2020 as “Best all day tobacco” in the Organic E-liquid category, today the Lombard manufacturer presents the second aroma from this line, the Cigar Club 18.7 and hopes with a pinch of ambition to repeat the good success of the critics and the public of 13.5 aroma.

The aroma Cigar Club 18.7 is currently marketed in the 10 ml format in an amber glass bottle; Officine Svapo recommends a 10% dilution.


Below is the official description of the Cigar Club 18.7 provided to me by the manufacturer:

“I’m a Kentucky, but don’t just call me Kentucky.” Grown on a small plot of a noble family in central Italy, with an intense and intoxicating aroma. Aged in barrel with vanilla pods and treated with fine cognac. As unique as the character it is inspired by, dedicated to Churchill and his beloved passions, the new Cigar Club aroma is born.

The almost imperceptible alcoholic and vanilla notes give this tobacco a rough dry note that pervades the palate. It’s a Kentucky bouquet, but it’s more complex and rich. Safe and firm but at the same time gentle on the coils. “I’m a Kentucky, but don’t just call me Kentucky, call me 18.7”.

Vaniglia del Madagascar


In the case of the Cigar Club 18.7, the olfactory examination is very little or not at all indicative, as both from the aroma bottle and from that of the e-liquid mixed and ready to be vaped, the hints are so weak that it is impossible to trace a reliable identikit of the product. The only note that you can grasp, but let’s be clear it is a barely perceptible breath, and only if you smell it directly from the aroma bottle, is that of mixed leather manure typical of kentucky tobacco. Really too little to be able to draw useful information before the vape test.

Sigaro con calice di cognac


Devices: Ambition Mods Bishop MTL RTA 0.95 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) + Auguse Era Pro RTA 1.00 ohm (NiChrome 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

    Bishop RTA by Ambition Mods e The Vaping Gentlemen Club  Auguse Era Pro RTA colore nero

The devices adopted for this test are the Bishop by Ambition Mods created in collaboration with The Vaping Gentlemen Club and the new Auguse Era Pro RTA.

I start vaping Cigar Club 18.7 and immediately discover a very elegant and refined aroma, an unmistakable trademark for Officine Svapo products. The company from Milan has long accustomed us to creations with an aromatic tone that is always very discreet and with delicate nuances to be patiently grasped through a slow and measured vape. And from the very first puff, the Cigar Club 18.7 is proposed on my palate with exactly these basic characteristics.

When inhaled, the aroma is dry and rather penetrating, the alcoholic notes of cognac are well recognizable alongside a gentle kentucky (not at all smoky), in an ensemble with a somewhat rough effect on the palate. In the 18.7 Cigar Club cognac is entrusted with the task of giving thickness to the vape, strengthening a kentucky which, by its nature (kentucky from Central Italy) cannot be in the least comparable to the stronger Kentucky fire-cured that all vapers now have. learned about.

Vaniglia baccelli

The vape is medium dry with delicate alcoholic aromatic hints that do not stun the leather hints of kentucky tobacco, well recognizable especially in the central phases of the puff. So after the dry impact of the inhalation, the aromatic range opens in the heart of the vape and sharper tobacco perceptions and greater roundness of taste emerge on the palate. There is now more nobility and kindness in this 18.7 Cigar Club; the aroma has slight hints of sweetness, almost certainly attributable to the vanilla beans, but probably also to the cognac itself which, with the atoms in temperature, becomes more aromatic and enveloping.

The vanilla nuances are not directly recognizable, yet they have a slightly velvety effect to the blend, making the bouquet lovable and satisfying, especially in the final stages of the vape. On exhalation, a slight sensation of sweetness pervades my palate and the modest aromatic persistence after vaping makes the aroma ideal for long vaping sessions.


The second tested aroma by Officine Svapo’s Cigar Club line confirmed the manufacturer’s intention to aim with this line at an audience of users who love pure tobacco extracts but not necessarily in love with products with a strong aromatic load. Cigar Club 18.7 fully confirms this productive idea even if the Cigar Club 18.7 in my personal opinion seemed less surprising and refined than the previous Cigar Club 13.5. In any case, the quality of the work done by Officine Svapo’s flavourists remains undeniable; what makes the difference in this case is just a matter of personal taste.

And if you haven’t tried Officine Svapo’s creations yet, we can only recommend also THIS LINE OF SURPRISING AROMAS!

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 7-10 days

The Flavourist voto 3.5

Pro: Dry but gentle Kentucky extract, even on the coils

Cons: Aromatic facets less defined than the Cigar Club 13.5

OfficineSvapo logo2020

Name and Format: Cigar Club 18.7 (Officine Svapo) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: 018.CG1

Expiry Date: 01/2023