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Name and format: Orange Mango Ice (Dr. Frost E-liquid) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml in a 60 ml bottle – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 5 060321 123142 (barcode number)

Expiry date: n.a.

Base: 30PG / 70VG

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Devices: Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W + Geekvape Peerless RDA single alien fused clapton coil 0.45 ohm (Ni80 26 awg x 2 + Ni80 32 awg) with cotone Native Wicks.

Created in Malaysia and manufactured in the UK, ladies and gentlemen, here is Dr. Frost Polar Ice Vapes, an entire line of fresh e-liquids particularly suitable for the summer season. Discovered and tasted during Vapitaly 2018, we decided to offer you the reviews of these six concentrated flavors, although the six recipes that we are going to discover are not entirely new to the vaper larger community. Dr. Frost e.liquids beat the path already widely tested for years, typical of the Malaysian tradition in the production of e-liquids for vaping, generally fruityand fresh e-liquids, or rather say frozen.

So why talk about the umpteenth liquids by Malaysia? Because the Malaysian productions in our opinion are always (or almost always) deserving of a certain degree of attention, if only because they are absolutely the liquids that best manage to transfer the sense of jovial freshness characteristic of this sector. Funny and jaunty.

The complete line of Dr. Frost provides, as we said before, six flavors: Orange Mango Ice, Grape Ice, Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Ice, Honeydew Blackcurrant and Cherry Ice.

Our tasting begins with Orange Mango Ice so officially presented:

Only Dr.Frost knows the recipe for this glacial blend of crisp tangerine and frozen mango. Prescribed for that ultimate white-out feeling.

dr frost orange mango ice

The bottle in my possession is a 60 ml chubby gorilla and contains 20 ml of flavoring, to which must be added 40 ml of vegetable glycerine (if you desire with nicotine). Little space for creativity has been left for the product label, very simple and straightforward: brand logo (a snowman among the ice with a cylinder and a stethoscope at the neck to testify that this is indeed a doctor) on a semitransparent colored background (a color for every flavor). Regarding product information, the label shows the name of the e-liquid, its content in ml and type (“concentrated aroma”), warning information, ingredients, warnings of use and manufacturer’s personal details. Complete the label a barcode identifying the production lot, and the usual symbols of danger and prohibition for children under 18 years.

On the smell Orange Mango Ice presents an intense and penetrating citrus scent that at times appears decidedly pungent and almost unreal. The aromatic load seems in fact a little excessive and this in a certain sense facilitates an un-natural perception of the whole aromatic complex. To soften the excess citrus comes a light tropical scent (with a little effort and a pinch of imagination reminds me of a delicate mango) that you can feel after repeated pressure on the bottle.

I trust in the vape test to subvert the smell impressions not exactly edifying, due to a rough perception that is a bit too “synthetic”.

Mango orange juice

I firmly cling to my sturdy Geekvape Aegis Legend, in my opinion the best mod on the market for constructive-price ratio, (those interested can take advantage of an interesting discount coupon) and after having dripped the first drops of Orange Mango Ice, I begin my tasting.

The puff is inaugurated with a fan of fresh overwhelming that literally penetrates my palate to reach my temples. Fresh if you vape at medium power, frozen almost beyond measure, if launched in full cloud at powers exceeding 80 watts, Orange Mango Ice is now a fun and joyful e-liquid. I vape him and it reminds me with great pleasure that we are in the summer. Bring of panache and carefree.

Under the icy blanket the aromatic mix that characterizes this liquid emerges without too much arrogance: citrus and mango. I speak deliberately and generically citrus for two simple reasons: the first because the manufacturer itself uses the term “orange” in the name of the liquid and the term “tangerine” in its official description, the second because not only in words but also in the facts of vape test, the aromatic perception of the citrus component remains quite anonymous and not clearly decipherable. I conclude that the manufacturer used aromatic molecules shared by different types of citrus fruit.

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To the citrus component is added in perfect and almost total fusion a delicate and velvety flavor of mango that binds very well to the most acidulous accents of the recipe. The sensation during the puff is that of a sweet and ripe mango, in reality it is only a skillful aromatic game studied with skill by the manufacturer to make the recipe more “attractive”: a handful of sucralose and a thin creamy veil amalgamate and give sweetness and body to the fruits that make up the bouquet.

ICE orangemango water

The result is appreciable and I would say very tasty. Orange Mango Ice is a juice, a fresh drink of those that especially in the hottest months of the year sprout like mushrooms on the shelves of our supermarkets. It could even be a flavored water like the one in the picture above. It is a product with a certain commercial impact, but not able to offer too many facets and nuances in the different phases of the vaping. Rather monotonous in every juncture, but yet so good for summer…

Suggested dilution: about 33% = add 40 ml of vegetable glycerine inside the bottle containing the aroma.

Steeping time: Immediately ready.

ico 3

Pro: Very tasty fruity summer recipe with an excellent citrus-mango blend.

Cons: E-liquid little faceted, not a tasting e-liquid.