Aroma Sense is a French brand with headquarters in south France and manufacturing facilities in Marseilles. The company is one of the few in France (and not only) self-producing the flavours used for the formulation of their own e-liquids.

I discovered this brand by chance some time ago and I decided to taste one of its flavour out of curiosity: Orion.

Orion is definitely a fruit creamy flavour ; the producer indicates these ingredients: custard, banana, apple and pear.

Banana is the first outstanding flavour of this aroma, followed by pear; apple remains in the background, maybe almost unperceived.

Orion is a very delicate flavour and the creamy component differs from what we are used to taste in other creamy e-liquids; here we don’t find intense notes of cream, vanilla, butter or others, here, by contrast, the creaminess is an intrinsic component of the three fruits of the mix. In conclusion, it’s a sort of ripe banana, pear and apple cream or purée.

On vaping, Orion gives almost the taste sensation of a delicious fruit shake or smoothie and the result, to my taste, is very savoury, natural and discreet. At every puff this aroma will surprise you with its sweetness and delicacy at the same time, without recourse to any flavour enhancers to increase the palatability.

Recommended dilution: 10%

Steeping time: at least 7-10 days

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