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E-liquid review: Pablo (Modus Vapors)  10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: none

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: none

Expiry date: none

Devices: Rx200 + DDP Typhon singlecoil 0,22 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Modus Vapors is a US brand represented and distributed in Europe by DGC Brands Limited ( We will review Pablo today. One of the two e-liquid provided by the manufacturer for our reviews.

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Pablo, as you may have noticed from the image of the product, is presented with the face … with the mask of a mysterious masked fighter, in use especially in the south of the Americas. The famous mexican “Luche Libre”.

The official description of Pablo leaves much less space to the mystery:

Pink Lemonade.

Modus   Pablo

Well yes! Today we are talking about an e-liquid to the taste of Pink Lemonade. I limited myself to translating it as “Pink Lemonade”, but I do not want you to think that it is pink grapefruit. No. Pink Lemonade is, in short, a lemonade with the addition of cranberry juice. The blueberry, in very low concentration and the presence of the acidity of the lemon, gives the drink a color … very intriguing pink. Looking at the packaging of this e-liquid … the link between masked wrestler, lemon, blueberry, the name Pablo and the color Pink is clear, true !?

pink lemonade

Pablo’s olfactory proof, in reality, would seem to bring down my description of Pink Lemonade. The perfume emanated by Pablo is clearly associated with a nice pink grapefruit juice! The mystery is baffled!

At the vape test, the citrus notes give a very tasty taste of grapefruit in an addictive mix with lemon and blueberries. A brief note on the color of this e-liquid: It’s yellow … and it’s called Pink Lemonade!


Lucha Mexico Netflix recensione 0

The acid content of its ingredients is copiously refined by a high sweetening, very pleasant within 30w. Going further … this balance is lost and the acid, and therefore warm, notes of Pablo prove to be very intrusive. Things that happen with fruity. At the right temperatures, albeit simpleton, Pablo seems to evoke a tasty lemonade, almost a sorbet!

blue demon

It would seem easy to make a perfect recipe of lemonade. Recall the taste in an e-liquid. Some will think that it is exclusively lemon, water and sugar (or honey). Yet its taste is characteristic and in the case of a “Pink Lemonade“, the balance of these fruity ingredients, according to the taste of those who prepare it, remains essential to appreciate the refreshing effect in the summer heat. It does not often happen to review fruity e-liquids. Lately it is difficult to find. Producers too often tend to insert “candy” or “gummy” flavors that distort the fruity concept. Not to mention the use of recipes not suitable for vaping or … made in a bad way. The simplicity of Pablo by Modus works. Do not tire and satisfy. Perhaps it would be too much to call it an “all day”, but it can be a good alternating liquid. Pablo … it’s a stroke of luck, nothing more.

ico 3


Pro: Good package. Good taste.

Cons: But at least… color it with Pink!