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E-liquid review: Papio – Origins (Twelve Monkeys) 50ml received by the manufacturer PREVIEW

Batch: PAP042020718

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 65VG – 35PG

Expiry date: 02/2020

Devices: Rx200 + Druga dual coil 0,14 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Today we start a series of reviews dedicated to the new line launched by the renowned Canadian brand Twelve MonkeysThe Flavourist has been entrusted with this world premiere. This line will be available in these days (April 2018). A few days ago, as agreed with the manufacturer, we received the hotly anticipated Origins line by Twelve Monkeys. Time is short, so the next 5 reviews will be entirely dedicated to this brand and this exclusive preview.


Once again The Flavourist has the honor (but also the burden) to be decisive for the choices of our readers as well as of many international distributors.

We’re dealing with a line conceived for but not limited to the new vapers. A fascinating line, based on simple top notes with an exotic touch. Aromatic associations that are, perhaps, not entirely new, but surely inviting and re-interpreted by a brand that has accustomed us to elegant surprises, great quality and never ordinary tastes.

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Papio is described by the manufacturer as follows:

Heyo, it’s Papio! A juicy and vibrant pineapple for your all day vaping pleasure! Experience the bright and balanced notes that will keep you thinking of the sunny shores all day long.


The name Papio is inspired by the Papio Erxleben, a monkeys species included in the family Cercopithecidae and commonly known as baboons or Paviani. But certainly we are not interested in learning more about this theme now. The name of this e-liquid reminds us of the exotic nature that inspired Twelve Monkeys. The Origins line therefore intends to bring us back to the “origins” of taste. Simplicity? Maybe Papio is not exactly what we could expect in a pineapple e-liquid …

The Monkey Mix bottle contains 50ml of concentrated e-liquid with 0 nicotine. The vaper can add 10ml of base to obtain the desired nicotine gradation. You can optionally add 10ml of base with 0 nicotine or vape 50ml of concentrated e-liquid .

The packaging is of excellent quality. Perfect for dripping, but just as functional for RTA. Very practical to carry in your pocket. Not even a drop of product is wasted. The Origins line label is very pleasant: Modern, elegant and complete in the safety information, indicated in different languages. This product perfectly complies with the latest European standards. The graphics is sober, as you can see in the images, with beautiful labels that capture the light with a gold iridescent texture.


Let’s get to the heart of this highly anticipated review with the usual olfactory analysis of The Flavourist. The ripe scent of a juicy pineapple is released simply unscrewing the cap. With more attention, however, I perceive other fruity ingredients that can be framed as red fruits. Maybe strawberries. The assonance with macerated strawberries and an aura of vanilla emerge gracefully over a creamy and elegant background. I have the impression that some molecules shared with the coconut milk may have been used to further reinforce the fragrant, but still exotic timbre, of this recipe. The bouquet seems to become more and more complex, with a wink of sea water and very distinct floral notes.

I decide to entrust the Papio vaporization test to Druga by AugVape, a high quality dripping atom, particularly versatile and suitable for cloud chasing, but also for a flavour vaping at lower powers. An excellent and functional air control is able to unveil hidden and rare notes … of course if the recipe deserves it.

ananas sciroppata

Papio releases a pleasing vapor, even if the base is not particularly hard or intended for pure cloud chasing. A nice white and compact vapor. There is no doubt that the head note of Papio is a delicious and juicy pineapple, but the aromatic profile and the structure of this recipe hides much more details. A smart and pleasant alchemy of aromatic sophistications that characterize the idea of ​​a pineapple leading towards a hot humid exotic frameTwelve Monkeys has an extraordinary ability in evoking a setting through olfactory and aromatic inspirations. Something that goes far beyond the creation of a recipe, that’s the magic of the molecules calibrated with passion.

Fruity echoes, far beyond the simple aroma of pineapple and not easy to define, emerge from slow and deep puffs. The experience reminds us to strawberry, pear, apricot and coconut milk, but I want to make it abundantly clear, we’re talking about sections of molecules with a variegated fruity hints that recall these fruits, like molecular ingredients. Twelve Monkeys is a master in weaving a refined aromatic texture, creamy but well balanced. This e-liquid is able – if you give it the possibility – to accompany you along the exotic paths that characterize the image proposed by this skilled Canadian brand.

ananas forno

For this review I choose a lower wattage setting. This tasty fruity recipe deserves to be protected with temperature not exceeding 30w. At higher wattages the exotic timbre is compressed and the temperature of the steam inevitably becomes excessive for a fruity e-liquid. The distinctive sweetness, that undoubtedly exceeds that of the ripe fruit, is balanced by vague floral and sea water scents. An harmony that, together with a measured use of vanilla, puff after puff, releases a slightly fragrant and caramelized creamy base. It’s quite a baked pineapple, an ingredient that we well know as the main ingredient of several ethnic dessert recipes. Well hidden, light glazes of coconut milk, seem to resurface as additional note in this fascinating fruity recipe.

cremosi5 sito

Vaping it is a real pleasure and the acidity of the pineapple aroma,  the designated star of this creation, is well controlled. It is timidly perceptible at the first puff but then hides itself among the intense creamy construction and the never cloying aromatic persistence. The taste buds thank. So it easily triggers the desire for another puff … and then another. Then enjoy the pleasure of waiting. That’s how Papio manages to be a very elegant fruity all day, captivating in taste and smell. Much more than you would expect from a pineapple e-liquid! Twelve Monkeys knows well how to dare with elegance in a commercial scenario that is very attentive and demanding. It has the ability to create  innovative characterizations for the market and to reinterpret head notes that are in some way more real than reality itself: The natural smell of an ingredient tells a story, takes us to fantastic places where nature is not just “a fruit”, but also the vivid experience of a dream beyond the expectations of a vaping puff.

Twelve Monkeys wanted to create a dedicated line for – but not only – beginners. Rich in taste, but entertaining. Papio did not disappoint my expectations and presents itself to the market as a technically well-dosed product. An interesting and versatile recipe that hides many surprises and aromatic cues. It can be appreciated in dripping, but it is not difficult to imagine vaping it with tank atomizers. Just limit the power and enjoy it slowly!

Our next reviews will be dedicated to the brand new line Origins that has just been launched by Twelve Monkeys. Do not miss it and join us to discover the new vaping frontiers.

ico 4

Pro: Well beyond a pineapple e-liquid: An exotic all-day journey full of surprises.

Cons: A pineapple based recipe that reduces the value of the anans itself.