Name and Format: Pays (Blendfeel) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 19166600040001

Nico: 4 mg/ml

Declared Base: 48 PG / 48 VG / 4 H2O

Expiry date: 05/2021

Devices: Yihi SX Mini MX Class 75W TC + Smoemesto Kayfun Lite 24mm single coil 1.20 ohm (Kanthal A1 29AWG 0,28mm) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Today we resume our journey through the tobacco-extracted aromas by the Italian company Blendfeel, already awarded by The Flavourist at the International Vape E-liquid Award 2018. Among the many creations of this line, I want to remind the Kentucky Reserve aroma, awarded as “Best Italian Single Tobacco E-juice”, in our opinion an unmissable aroma for dark tobacco lovers.

Today, on the other hand, I will talk about the aroma Pays that falls into the so-called “tabalcol” category, tobacco extracts combined with various types of alcoholic distillate.

But we should move one step at a time and before starting, We remind you that the “Aroma di tabacco” line has a total of twenty-eight flavors in amber glass bottles containing 10 ml of pure tobacco extract in propylene glycol. Rich with information are vintage labels that recall old parchments and yellowed maps. Blendfeel as always proves exemplary in providing the buyer with 360 degrees clarity on what he is buying. Example to follow.

Blendfeel describes its Pays aroma in this way:

Lo storico territorio di Normandia di Pays d’Auge è l’area più rinomata di produzione del pregiato Calvados, una deliziosa acquavite di sidro di mele sottoposta a severi controlli di qualità. Viene qui impreziosito da un letto di Black Cavendish dove sprigiona tutte le sue tipiche note asprigne e dolci date dalla naturale fermentazione e dalla doppia distillazione.

The historic Normandy area of Pays d’Auge is the most renowned area for the Calvados production, a delicious apple cider brandy subjected to strict quality controls. Here it is embellished with a bed of Black Cavendish where it releases all its typical sour and sweet notes given by natural fermentation and double distillation.


The Pays smell examination reveals, beyond any doubt and with an incredible fidelity, the aromatic notes perceptible opening a Calvados bottle. The Calvados Pays D’auge is a double distillate of apple cider typical of the Lower Normandy region in France. Therefore when I open the bottle of Pays aroma, I perceive a pleasant alcoholic and liqueur-like bed pervaded by delicate shades of apple. The realism with which this aroma approaches the liquor to which it is inspired is absolute. But I find hard to catch clear tobacco cues in this so aromatic liqueur frame, although I must admit that it does not surprise me that much, considering that the tobacco indicated by the manufacturer is a Black Cavendish.

The Black Cavendish is notoriously not very prone to emerge with its unique distinctive traits, perfect instead usually to marry and merge very nicely with its “traveling friends”.

For today’s vape test I will rely on the latest creation from a manufacturer that needs no introduction: Smoemesto and its 24mm Kayfun Lite.


A light and soft tobacco base inaugurates the Pays vape, with sweet and aromatic scents typical of a good Black Cavendish. The tobacco cue is however limited to the first inhalation instants because soon it is melted and embraced to the absolute protagonist of this composition: the Calvados. After every puff, it seems evident that this time, in conceiving this “tobacco-alcohol” recipe, the manufacturer played on a “tone on tone” combination, marrying the famous French liqueur with a tobacco that was similar to its characteristics. A simple and winning love. Two hearts and a shack.

Thus to the graceful trace dictated by Black Cavendish, all the typical roundness of the French distillate is combined with greater aromatic presence. A sense of warmth pervades the puff, because Calvados is a warm, intense, deep brandy. Pleasant and pleasing even to the less accustomed palates in sipping liqueurs, cognac, brandy and so on.

In the heart of the puff, the taste buds receive and welcome the fruity nuances that characterize the liqueur, a shaded outline of green apples and perhaps to a lesser extent than pears, which smooth the alcoholic imprint, therefore never sharp and pungent. But Pays’s vaping is not weak indeed…

The palate constantly perceives a richness and roundness of taste associated with an undeniable sense of softness. A soft and persuasive puff. Enviable elegance.

The extraction work performed by Blendfeel to achieve such a result is commendable. The aromatic fidelity of Pays with a true Calvados, already widely perceived on the smell test, finds a full response even during the vape test. And It is not a trivial matter…

Pleasant are also the sensations in the queue when the tobacco nuances perceived during the inspiration, and still dormant in the large and enveloping body of the puff, return to be felt with a more vegetal and vaguely woody accent.

Pays is undoubtedly an extract of apple cyder brandy tobacco of great value and taste, perfect for short but intense tasting sessions. But perhaps a more recognizable presence of the tobacco component would have made this aroma more palatable, especially to purists of tobacco extracted with a capital T.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: ready to vape, suggested 2/3 days

Pro: Very elegant and rich “tobacco-alcohol”. Deeply harmonic and highly realistic.

Cons: Don’t expect too bold tobacco cues.