E-liquid review: Peanuts – Feevr (Savourea) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 1290301

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 06/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dual coil 0,42 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 ga) with japanese organic cotton.

Here we are to review a new product from the Feevr line of Savourea, Peanuts.

Peanuts … one of the most interesting and appreciated aromas adopted in recent years by producers in the world of whipping. Dried fruit, in general, is always captivating and lends itself to multiple mixes (all winning). Recipes that from fruits, creams, tobacco, etc. often frame real works of aromatic art. Other times instead … we understand!

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The box contains all the information required by the recent regulations, as well as having a fresh, colorful and inviting graphics, curated with a delicious … taste. Inside there are 3 Peanuts 10ml flasks. The PET flasks are perfect in every aspect. Additional safety requirements are presented to the consumer by browsing the adhesive label. There is a tactile warning pin of potential danger, useful to our blind visitor. Great tpd ready packaging.

peanuts savourea

Peanuts description by the manufacturer:

Avis aux amateurs de beurre de cacahuète, ce Peanuts feevr revisite votre pâte à tartiner sur une délicate pâtisserie.

Notice to peanut butter lovers, this peanut feevr recalls your cream spread with delicacy of pastry.

Peanuts looks at the olfactory look in a soft, but of a great character. The sharp notes of peanut butter are well-constructed and they are reminiscent of the smell, with great naturalness … the fruit, the coat covering and the shell. A very fragrant aroma of peanut from which unusual veils emerge, which also remind the almond. A way perhaps to further enrich the aromatic construction, strengthening the scent, ingeniously. Interesting.

I go to the test I’m curious, curious, both from the producer’s description and from this elegant dress perceived during olfactory examination. What a delicious aroma! The mouthpiece is velvety, but rich in that typical aroma of the aurora. The slightly woody notes, in fact, appear to be softly mitigated by a reminiscence of almond aroma. Assonance is almost entirely certain to me. A great job of Savourea.


It immediately appears to me that Peanuts is not exactly an e-liquid (the usual) with simple peanut butter – to the detriment of what he can immediately imagine his name. Though I have it, I have it. The aromatic characteristics that emerge, boiled after breath, perceiving every delicate Peanut nuance, make me think of a fine homemade peanut butter. But the creaminess of this e-liquid is very measured, almost elusive. I do not perceive the typical “fat notes” or burros that we usually recognize in this category of products. Peanuts is drier, more natural.


To the perceived, Peanuts looks like a cream (spreadable) of peanut … but why do you see me hugging the characteristics of a peanut butter? Simple … the vape has used us – especially in peanut butter interpretations – to find fat, butter, creamy notes of caramel. Enrichments that actually have little to do with a loyal peanut butter. A quality peanut butter and above all of America’s more Anglo-Saxon mold. Peanuts is a simpler, but elegant and well-structured dress with a peanut butter. In the description the producer wanted to express this concept by quoting the pastry world. A way perhaps to detach, aromatically speaking, from recipes that do not faithfully express the true taste of the typical (and perhaps homemade) peanut butter. But Peanuts is still an interpretation. One of the many reviews from The flavourist.

It is an elegant yet simple product that allows us to enjoy the intense aroma of peanut butter with some tiny gimmicks to make it more impact and make it like a spreadable cream. The sweetness of this recipe is particularly measured. Maybe too much. A peanut cream is a recipe other than peanut butter and tasting Peanuts this difference is obvious. Unfortunately, one of the features worshiped by vaper all over the world is aromatic persistence. The absence of great creaminess partly damages this product, but it exalts the most fragrant and woody notes. These woody notes, however, tend to dry their mouths. There is no tasting option to define head notes and tail notes. The great Peanuts is thus likely to appear monothematic and its perceptible spartition is too blunt, albeit qualitatively unobtrusive.

ico 3

Pro: Great aromatic adhesion to the natural peanut flavor.

Cons: The sweetness and the creaminess of the recipe are very limited and penalize the aromatic persistence of the recipe.