The premise I have to write down before talking about this concentrate is that Perique tobacco is the rarest and most defined quality ever (grown only in a small area south of New Orleans), and for this reason, I seriously doubt that at this moment there is a liquid or a concentrate extracted from genuine Perique leaves in the ecig industry.

This is important because you need to know that at the moment it’s not possible to compare any “synthetic” Perique with a “natural extract”.

This Perique created by Ecig is an excellent tobacco concentrate anyway even though it’s still a “synthetic”; it has aromatic details which remind us of the original one.

It’s a strong tobacco, dry but sweetening on the exhale, with woody aromatic notes on top, and more delicate dried fruits notes on base. Personally on the exhale I perceived the sweet taste left by barley water and it makes me think that while crafting this concentrate there might be some benzoin notes (also present in almond oil) used for this drink.

Recommended dilution: 4%

Steeping time: at least 5 days.

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