Name e Format: Perique Supreme (Azhad’s Elixirs) – Concentrated aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: ITAEC2200000019

Nico: 1,5 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 12-2021

Devices: Eleaf iStick Rim 80W + Digiflavor Siren 2 GTA 24mm RTA single coil 1.1 ohm (Ni80 28 AWG 0,32mm) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

And then one day Azhad, while secretly was intent on stilling with his potions and his elixir, decided to create a new line of tobacco extracts called “Semplici”

What could have pushed the tobacco prophet, the father of seductive and complex mixtures, to return to the dawn of the extracted natural tobaccos (n.e.t.)?

It is what I will try to discover through this new journey, after a fairly long absence, in the Azhad cave, where I will make the acquaintance of the new “Semplici” line that Azhad, known as Andrea Colaianni, created for all the tobacco lovers.

Semplici is a line of eight shot aromas proposed within a 60 ml chubby gorilla, containing 20 ml of aroma to which a base will be added (if you desire with nicotine) to obtain a finished product of 60 ml in VPG 50/50. The label shows, in addition to the name of the product, the composition of the aroma, the personal details of the manufacturer, the batch number and the expiry date.

From the official website of the producer I report the official description of Perique Supreme:

Il perique nero della Luisiana infuso e macerato per espanderne la palette aromatica.

The perique black by Louisiana infused and macerated to expand its aromatic palette.

Perique is called the “Truffle of the Tobacco”, both because of the very long and laborious processing and fermentation process, and because it grows only in a restricted area south of New Orleans. It is used extremely sparingly in pipe mixes, as if it were a precious spice. The extraction of Perique tobacco, if well executed, is able to preserve all the precious characteristics of its leaf, releasing even at vaping an admirable intense and fruity taste.


The perfume of Perique Supreme at the opening of the bottle is unusually soft and delicate and has slight but still perceptible herbaceous and fruity hints. It is not the first perique tobacco extract that passes through my hands, and I can tell you that this Perique by Azhad seems to be softer and less pungent than many others tried in the past.

Now it only remains for me to test its qualities on vape.

For today’s vape test, I decided to use the undisputed quality of the 24 mm Siren 2 GTA made by Digiflavor. If this Perique has a very wide aromatic palette, then this atomizer will be able to enhance it, in the best possible way.


On vape, Perique Supreme shows a timbre of raw tobacco with some of the scents that evoke its typical “cure”. In inhalation damp tobacco notes are more noticeable, freed from the acidity typical of this tobacco that gives a traditionally bitter vape experience. Yet the unmistakable acidic note of Perique here is more composed, more refined or perhaps even more restrained. In the heart of the puff, nuances of fermented fruit, or rather I correct myself, of macerated and cooked fruit acquire vital lymph. In fact, I discover the aromatic assonances with apricots soaked in sugar and cooked to make a tasty jam. I seem to savor its taste: warm and well-sweetened apricots.

Precisely in the central phases of the vape, I realize that this Perique Supreme presents an inferior strength (intentionally) to that of a classic perique extract, which makes it incredibly more amiable, more usable, simpler. On the other hand, isn’t that what Azhad has proposed to do with this line?

During the expiration, the more properly perique tobacco nuances return to be exalted, in this circumstance, however, with more woody tones, enriched by a very slight bitter cocoa tail which, in an elusive way, for short moments also appears during the modest aromatic post vaping persistence .

Aromatically speaking, the Perique is a crossroads of unique and unrepeatable experiences. No other extracted tobacco is able to carry among its fumes scents of wood, cork, acidulous fruity alchemies and vibrant bitter touches. And although the “truffle of the tobacco” is devoid of dark and powerful notes, it remains for many vaper equally engaging in long sessions of vape.

The Perique Supreme by Azhad perhaps even more than other extracts of the same tobacco, because here the manufacturer managed to bring out the most of all-day tobacco abilities.

Perceiving the taste of tobacco in this extract is a particularly pleasant experience, which makes us taste the fragrance of tobacco in its purest dimension.

If a manufacturer is a master in making complex and well-known tobacco mixtures, why this manufacturer shouldn’t be in the extraction of “simple” tobaccos?

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: 4-5 days

Pro: Refined extraction of a true Louisiana Perique.

Cons: The characteristics of the perique are (deliberately) more veiled, perhaps a little too much.