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Name e Format:  Perique linea V by Black Note (Vaporificio & Black Note) – concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Tesla stealth 40w + Vampire V2 1.00 omh (Kantal A1 28AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

After a long meeting in which we dedicated ourselves to the world of dark tobaccos, those “hard” and definitely decided to return to talk about the so-called clear tobaccos that have in their soul tastes and hints certainly less strong and tormented! So today we want to delight you with the “truffle” of the clear Perique of the line V by Black Note, which over the months you have learned to know and that we are about to conclude, in fact today we will talk about the seventh out of a total of eight flavors make up this line, born from the collaboration between Vaporificio & Black Note.

If you are wondering why we compared it to truffles, the answer is very simple: the Perique is often used as a condiment in the pipe tobaccos, a small “dusting” to make the taste more decisive. In addition to this the plant is grown in a very limited area of ​​Louisiana. The care to which the leaves are subjected is not the simplest: once collected you have to leave about two weeks to dry, at the end of the process everything is transferred into whiskey barrels, where pressed with oak logs remain to ferment for a year doing so we will have our finished product.

The aroma that comes to us in the now usual packaging: a 10 ml bottle, where the colors used for the labels recall a characteristic of the leaves of the tobaccos to which they are inspired, in fact in this case the bottle wrapped by a yellow label ocher which tends to recall the color of the Perique leaves slightly dried by the sun. Here is the name and recommended dilution percentage: we speak 10%, with a maturation time of about 5/10 days. The result after mixing and after 10 days of waiting, is a delicately faded liquid with a light yellow but at a definite time.

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This is the description given to us by the producers:

Tobacco with special character, is highly aromatic and a fruity flavour due to the particular process of drying and aging under pressure in whiskey barrels.

A description that introduces us perfectly to what will be our tests, and it was also what we expected from this aroma, a tobacco with a thousand facets, even fruity, that thanks to the aging process in the whiskey barrels captures the notes raising its aromatic level and making it really special.

10ml perique blacknote

So let’s pass to the olfactory test that will certainly test us, considering the complex aromatic structure we are going to try, immediately we feel a full and decisive aromatic richness coming from the bottle, the sensation that comes first on the stage is that fruity smell that turns to the sweet but at the same time dry due to the maturation in barrels that they saw pass, certainly the excellent whiskey. The most woody and less sweet part of the leaf arrives at a later time by combining the truly unique aromatic circle in the genus, balancing the cake with delicate vegetable sprinkles. These are the most prominent elements but the aroma is really too structured to be able to catch all the details.

After a complex but positive olfactory test, we want to see ourselves even more clearly and we pass to the vaporization test, well aware of being in front of a tobacco with a thousand faces. From the first puff the aromatic charge is really good, the thick and rich steam fills the palate up to almost saziarci, the first element to emerge is definitely the slightly sweet fruity note, a sweet that does not want to cover any of the vegetable notes of the leaf but tends to fill the empty spaces, making from shoulder to a good and tasty dried fruit, almost alcoholic that blends with precision in this rich and very structured aromatic range. In the central part of the breath we are faced with a gritty vegetal feeling, very woody and definitely dry that emerges even more contrasting with the slightly sweet taste that we found in the first part of the svapata, this interweaving makes the liquid really unique is as if the leaf left to age in the barrel does not want to step aside but gives us its aromatic range in perfect harmony with or perfumes assimilated during the treatment process. A unique and complex tobacco that requires a study and an important knowledge to be appreciated at its highest level but still suitable for anyone because sometimes delicately fruity but dry at the right point.

The Perique as mentioned is used in very small doses to make the mixtures more incisive, but here you can appreciate at the highest levels granting all its aromatic splendor made of a thousand shades and details that create a deliciously fruity alcoholic mix but at the same time dry and decided.

perique tobacco barrels750

The test also for this product has been carried out for several ml, the duration of the coils has been in line with the other aromas of the line with lighter tones, but the first decay of aroma we perceived around 10 ml that made necessary perform a new regeneration.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: 5/10 gg

ico 4

Pro: Aromatic structure really well calibrated and full of nuances ..

Cons: A period of knowledge is needed to better understand it.