Concentrated flavour review: Pink (ToB) 10 ml


Expiry date:12/2017

Base: 30 PG – 70 VG

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Devices: RX200 + SXK DDP coil 0,31 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) con cotone organico giapponese.

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Here we are still engaged in investigating among aromatic innovations of all kinds. Pink of Tob is definitely an Italian flavor enigmatic and difficult to interpret.

Pink tob

The manufacturer’s description seems to say more … but it will be just like that?

Fresh, powerful, lively, with notes of orange and cinnamon.

The sniff test actually moved a discreet feeling of “freshness.” A well-defined body, if we are “decided” (as described), represented by a late citrus scent enveloped by notes of cinnamon, but not only. The olfactory bottom of Pink is undoubtedly made up of anise notes and delicate vanilla, but strongly characterized. No coincidence that I would not talk about “notes of orange”, but a subtle hint of citrus. A note veiled enigmatic of spiciness.

As this note may seem enigmatic, easily emerge to mind associations that already can outline plausible interpretations of Pink. A potpourri, herbal tea, a scented candle. Smells good, no doubt. Highly confidential. A potpourri (or pot pourri) is a composition of flower petals, wood and dried fruits enriched with essential oils and spices used for landscaping and for the perfume of environments. Relaxing … but what will work on vape?


I wanted to opt for a single coil configuration, relying to a valid atomizer from dripping equipped with a top air ventilation system. From the first breath, the star anise notes show all their intrusiveness making vape particularly sensitive to temperature. Unfortunately, reducing the power does not seem to improve this aspect. An aspect inherent in the aroma. The combination of star anise, cinnamon, vanilla and citrus notes …, subject to a modest temperature is pleasant unfounded, but certainly not for a broad audience.

Without a doubt, the world of women will find more familiar with this aroma. Including cosmetics, perfumes and perfumers. Nevertheless, many women may not like a potpourri that the vape turns into … into a herbal tea without sugar. During all vape tests  I long dwelt, in the tasting, the need to understand whether it was indeed orange notes. The spicing is so distinctive as to easily cast doubt that in reality it is pink grapefruit. Mild acidic notes and the presence of star anise, bring out this doubt. Unfounded, unfortunately, this consideration is of little importance. Little value even for the purpose of our reviews. Pink is too easily assimilated to what was said. A potpourri scent that turns into a kind of herbal tea bitter when svapato. The herbaceous and floral notes take precedence over what should be, according to the description, the top note. Orange.


Having established that, I can – in the role of reviewer – they opine on the effectiveness of certain hints in the vast world of vape. Pink, when vaporized, it does not transfer any “freshness.” The aromatic persistence, contained, hides herbaceous bitter notes. Notes the first puffs dolciaste and elegant that inevitably turn because of aromatic tail features star anise. Commendable the acidity containment. Present, but well-measured. A more contrasted shot exalt the grassy notes, while a larger air will enhance the citrus notes.

To be honest there would be other emerging notes at vape. I’ve defined “herbaceous and floral scents.” The dried fennel seed is one of these. I do not exclude that someone may mistakenly perceive a licorice root. From experience I am confident that the main suspect is the star anise in combination with other ingredients. But what are we talking about? Best to stick and linger on the idea that you have created and faithfully imitated a perfumer for environments that do not have a true taste to the proposed description … let alone an appreciable yield aromatic. Maybe, if you were focused in creating a viable herbal tea, the result would have been more noticeable (still questionable), but better thought out. The tea effect seems to be a naive avoidable mistake fruit and good faith.

Dilution recommended: 10-13%.

Rates of maturation: 2/3 giorni.

ico 2

Pro: A good perfume for environments.

Cons: Not fresh and not very noticeable.